Don't Come Knocking

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

On a hot humid night in early July

I decided to take a short walk after dinner

Along the beautiful Toronto waterfront

To admire the wide variety of boats

That were docked in the marina

At the foot of Bay Street

There were houseboats, sailboats & powerboats

I squealed with giddy excitement after

Spotting a sleek, sexy white cigarette boat

That was docked at the end of the jetty

I noticed that the silver-grey tarp covering it

Was still tied down and in place

The boat left untouched, yet for another week

My mind drifts to my bucket list

Having always desired to experience the thrill

Of riding shotgun on a cigarette boat

Across Lake Ontario at high speed

A Caribbean man on board the cuddy cruiser

Parked next to the cigarette boat watches me

I wave to him & he waves back

"She is a beauty, isn't she?" he asks

As he points to 'my dream boat'

"She is ... do you know the owner?"

He informs me the owner rarely visits

We exchange names as we chat & Steve

Provides his telephone number so

We can stay in touch

Three days later my cellphone vibrates

It's a text message from Steve

Inviting me to come to the marina

On Friday night for a few drinks on his boat

With no other plans on my calendar

I agreed to his invitation without hesitation

It was just a few minutes after seven

When I arrived at the marina's gate

A security guard asked for my identification

Requesting confirmation of who I was visiting

Prior to allowing me access

As I walked towards Steve's cuddy cruiser

Other boaters along the jetty give me a wave

Upon arriving at Steve's slip, he

Extends his arm out to assist me

As I climb aboard, onto his boat

He greets me warmly with a hug

Along with a kiss on my cheek

I notice he has soft jazz playing quietly

As he invites me to take a seat & relax

He offers me a glass of sparkling white wine

After placing a charcuterie board

Filled with crackers, cheese and grapes

On the small table beside me

Our conversation flows easily

It covered many different topics

Before we knew it

The sun was beginning to set

Both of us acknowledging how quickly

Our time together had passed

As I began to gather my belongings

He quietly asks me

Would you like to stay with me tonight?

When we wake up tomorrow

I'll make you breakfast & take you home

He stands up, taking my hand in his

Giving me a wink and a lil squeeze

I return the squeeze in agreement

As he leads me down below deck

He showed me where the toilet is

Outlining to me how it works

In case I need to use it during the night

The forward cabin was outfitted

With red silk sheets and

Black accent pillows, shaped like hearts

This was gonna be a first for me

Sleeping overnight on a boat like this

My clothes, they were left neatly piled in a corner

B'cuz there's no better way

To sleep comfortably in between silk sheets

Than naked

As I laid there, taking in the moment

I noted that there wasn't even the

Slightest bit of a breeze, just dead calm

Wondering to myself if that's why boaters

Hang out their sign before retiring

For the night that says

If you see this boat rocking

Don't come knocking!

Submitted: July 01, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Elizabeth 'Wild' Roberts. All rights reserved.

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