Steadman Squirrel

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"It's almost time for the dance, Steadman!" Momma Squirrel says.

"Okay, Momma," Steadman replies.

Steadman stands in front of the mirror in his new, blue suit and shakes his hips while wiggling his fuzzy, brown tail on the soft red rug in his bedroom as he practices his moves for the school dance tonight.

Steadman goes into the kitchen where Grandma Squirrel is eating a big bowl of acorn stew. He sits next to her at the long wooden dinner table and puts his head down on it.

"What's the matter, Steadman?" Grandma Squirrel asks.

"The school dance is tonight, and I want to go on the dancefloor and dance. I'm scared I will dance badly and the other kids will make fun of me. Rema Rabbit will be there," Steadman responds.

"Believe in yourself, Steadman. You can do anything that you put your mind to do," Grandma Squirrel says.

Papa Squirrel runs into the kitchen, holding a soapy sponge as he chases Stewart, Steadman's filthy little brother, through the room, trying to get him cleaned. "Please take those dirty pajamas off and get in the tub like your brother, Steadman, did earlier," he begs.

A short while later, Steadman and Stewart, dressed in their matching blue suits, frolic out of their treehouse and down the oak tree.

"Slow down, Stewart, we can't get dirty," Steadman cautions.

They enter Freshy Forest, where they meet Rashawn Racoon and Rema Rabbit by the apple trees. Rashawn looks fantastic in his green suit, and Rema is beautiful in her long, pink dress. They all high paw each other as they walk by the cherry bushes and down the nature trail.

The children walk by Professor Ozello Owl, who is playing checkers against Dr. Billy Bobcat on a tree stump by Freshy River.

Professor Ozello Owl jumps Dr. Billy Bobcat's last red piece. "Give up, Billy! You will never beat me," he laughs.

"No matter how many times I lose, I will never give up on my goal of winning," Dr. Billy Bobcat responds.

The children arrive at Banana Nut Creek Elementary School's gymnasium. The gym floor is full of students talking and dancing.

Paxton Possum is on the big brown stage, flicking his banjo while his brother Pernell Possum hits the bongo drums, creating a delightful tune.

"Oink! Oink! Stewart, get off the basketball rim!" Principal Pandra Pig yells.

Steadman shakes his head, hoping his little brother will stop acting up.

Many of the students form a large circle, clapping and singing as each of them takes turns dancing in the center of it.

Rashawn gets into the circle and jumps up and down to the beat of the bongo drums.

Next, Rema enters it, hopping and smiling as the banjo's music makes her smile. "It's your turn, Steadman!" she exclaims.

Steadman's eyes grow wide, and his heart starts beating fast as he sees all the students staring at him. He sprints out of the gymnasium and runs to the school's baseball field.

His teacher, Mr. Dorian Dog, catches up to him. "Woof! Woof! Wait, Steadman! What's wrong?"

As tears pour down his furry face, Steadman turns to his teacher. "I want to dance, but I'm scared that everyone is going to make fun of me."

"Steadman, do not let fear stop you from achieving anything you want to achieve in your life. Believe in yourself and go after all your dreams and goals. You never know what you can do until you try," Mr. Dorian Dog replies.

Steadman thinks about what his teacher just said, and he goes back into the gymnasium and jumps into the center of the dance circle. He closes his eyes, shakes his hips, and wiggles his tail to the sweet music of the banjo and the bongo drum. Finally, he opens his eyes, and the other students are clapping as they cheer him on.

"Go, Steadman! Go, Steadman!" all the students shout.

Steadman smiles. "I did it. I faced my fears, and I accomplished my goal!"

The End



Submitted: July 01, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Jeffrey Roy Ford. All rights reserved.

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88 fingers

That was a good story. Great for kids.

Fri, July 2nd, 2021 3:36am


Thank you!

Sat, July 3rd, 2021 7:59am

J P Lundstrom

Cute story. I see someone suggests it would make a nice children's story. Is that what you intended?
Somethings to be aware of, whoever your target audience is:
1) Too many characters. In a story this short, you would ideally have just two, but I think you'd be safe with four: Steadman, Grandma, Rema and one more. Grandma can be the adult, offering food, baths and good advice. (In which case, Steadman would have to run all the way home.) Too many characters confuse the reader--we start to think we need to remember all of them!
2) A clear conflict. Steadman's lack of confidence should make itself known early in the story, when he's getting ready for the dance. That way, his triumph becomes more meaningful.
You've got the makings of a really good children's book. Keep at it!

Sat, July 10th, 2021 2:18am

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