The Definition of Getaway

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The Pilgrims and Loggers were headed in opposite directions.

It was “getaway day” at Fitzgerald Field. The Pilgrims had won the third of four games, after two rain delays, and were poised for a sweep. They were three games ahead of the Suns, thanks to six straight wins. The Waves were 13-1/2 back in the Central, losers of nine straight. The Pilgrims were headed west to San Jose, the Waves south to New Orleans.

Win, lose. Up, down. West, south.

It was noon. Nary a soul on either team was playing with more than four hours’ sleep. They wanted to win, but mainly they wanted a break.

Carson Bodie, the Pilgrims’ outfielder, decided to take a break from shagging flies to chat with ex-teammate Stirling Guevara, catcher of the Waves.

“Damned if I ain’t getting too old for this,” Bodie said, smiling as he bumped fists with his Puerto Rican friend.

“No shit,” Guevara replied.

The friends chatted about how they both wanted to get out of town, even though Bodie lived about ten blocks away.

Bodie said, “You know, Stirling, if you and me was as smart as we think we are, we’d make a deal.”

“Don’t be thinking too hard, amigo.”

“No, no. All I’m saying is we could hustle to move things along.”


“Say, I talk with my guys, and you talk with your guys, and we agree that whoever scores first wins,” Bodie said. “I gotta go. See what you can do.”

They nodded.

The Waves put two on in the top of the first. The five hitter, Jersey Jensen, grounded into a double play.

On the first pitch of the bottom half, the Pilgrim shortstop, Alvedes DeLeon, hit a fly that hit the foul pole. Pilgrims 1, Waves 0.

Bodie said, “Easy money, boys.”

Submitted: July 01, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Monte Dutton. All rights reserved.

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