Camping Night A novel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

At Camp Youngwood, thirteen year old Tamara Pryce arrives for the summer, unaware that a killer is on the loose.
The new novel by Robert Helliger.

Table of Contents

Chapter One-Camping Night

This book is PG for mild horror themes, some violence, some coarse language, sex references, adult themes Tamara Pryce arrived at Cam... Read Chapter

Chapter Two-First Love

Tamara was with Charles Norton. She kissed him. 'I was imagining you were away', she said. Charles stopped. 'I was never aw... Read Chapter

Chapter Three-Exploring the camp

'Let's go exploring', Tamara said. Charles noddded. As they did so, both of the teenagers saw Edwin Keen, the Head Camp Counsello... Read Chapter

Chapter Four-Death of a camper

__ Margot Schaeffer, fourteen,  hurried away from the cabins. Shivering, she felt someone was watching her; someone who looked t... Read Chapter

Chapter Five-Tragedy

__ 'It's a tragedy', Sheriff Earl Hass said. 'Who was he?', Edwin asked him.  'Thomas James Kendall, Jr. He was a twelve... Read Chapter

Chapter Six-Friends

Margot met Tamara and Charles.  'It's strained', Margot said.  'The Sheriff is shocked', Charles said. 'Yes. Beside... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven-And the time between...

__ 'Caleb', Sherene said. 'Yes'. 'Something is wrong. I'm cold'. 'Are you? Here's a blanket. God, the weather is dropping... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight-Lunch time

Edwin waited.  'As you all know death is here at Camp Youngwood. The Sheriff has taken the dead camper away to be buried in the ... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine-Afternoon

Clementine Rosey stood the babbling brook. She was thinking about the time she came here; she was insistent on finding a boyfriend. In ... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten-Death again

Mara Kerr shivered.  She looked around, as if she was thinking about death. The campgrounds were nearby to the East-South-East o... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven-Dark evening

__ 'The storm is rather intense', Tamara said. 'Yes, it is', Charles smiled. 'Are you shivering? Get a blanket from the parlo... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve-Night time musings

__ The West German girl, Helga Roegert, was asleep. She yawned, as she dreamed.  As she did so, shadows hovered above he... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen-Morning

Morning arrived.  And the campers were hungry.  It was going to be a long, hot, day. Page 13.   ... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen-The Campground

Part Two 'You don't think the killer will return?', Tamara asked Charles.  'I don't know. He is not here', Charles answered,... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen-A study in murder

'Mom'. 'Yes, Mai'. 'What are you doing?', Mai asked her. 'Making sure you're ready for camp. It's rather early in the season.... Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen-Falling into the abyss

_ Margot waited. 'Charles. Tamara'. She was alone. She looked at the dark cabins.  For awhile, she was eager to ... Read Chapter

Chapter Seventeen-What is wrong?...

_ Edwin waited. He smoked a cigarette. He saw someone watching him.  'Excuse me, but this is private property'. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Eighteen-Afterwards-Epilogue

Tamara was leaving Camp Youngwood with Charles.  Other campers did the same. The darkness of the death had ruined everything... Read Chapter

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I love your "Quick Dips" Rob73 - such a refreshing change from some of the endless tomes you find on Booksie, and much more tantalising. Much appreciated as I am SO busy launching Basque this week. More please!

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