"Paranormal Apocalypse season 7 Episode 11 "IN REMEMBRANCE"

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Episode 11. hope you enjoy! :)












“Well I’m very sorry to hear this and I’m sorry for what is about to happen.” Kramer says. “What?” Jeremy says *as Kramer picks up his gun and aims it pulls the trigger.*

 “Nessie shit ahh something needs to be done and done fast. Jeremy is just going to give up? He’s giving up on us when we need him. We need everyone if we even want to stand a chance with Kramer. I have to find him I have to speak with him.

I know he said he’d kill me if I got involved but there’s no way I’m going to sit back and watch him destroy everything we have done. Screw that. *Executer opens up the cabin door the same cabin he killed Kathleen in ad exited the door and ran into a group of people.*

 “Uh hello?” Executer says. “Hello sir my name is Roman Maximus” And we are a small group of individuals to search for people to help. We heard a young lady named Kathleen lives here and is in trouble she needs supplies.

We have a camp near bye. Can you bring her out?” “Uh” *Executer points to a grave nearby that reads “R.I.P KATHLEEN.” “Oh we are too late. Theme’s the breaks we’ll be on our way. See you.” “Wait Roman I could use some help if you wouldn’t mind?” “Hmm we usually don’t do business with strangers we just met but maybe just this once follow us.” *Executer opens the door for Nessie who crawls out of the cabin and they follow Roman and his group.*

*Church bells ring.* *the bullet hits one of Kramer’s men who had just opened the door up to check on them.* the guard dies. “You killed your own guy. Jeremy says. “Yeah well consider yourself lucky it wasn’t you or Joseph. Now *Kramer stands up and flips the table over “Jeremy you will be Executing Dexter tomorrow and you will do it. I will kill everybody if you don’t. “We had a deal.” Joseph says. “You agreed everyone stays alive.” “Yeah well deals were made to be broken this is the apocalypse Mr. president what are you going to do sue me? I’d like to see you try.” “We had a deal. A deal damnit does your word mean nothing?”

“Good grief you people are all so stupid don’t you get it yet? This isn’t us protecting you this is us owning you all. We are in charge we allow you to wake up we allow you to breath we allow you to live we can and will take all that away if you fight us. We are in charge and you and your people are not. Maybe you used to be but not anymore and once you understand that then maybe you will be better off but until then I suggest you stand down Joseph.” Kramer says. “Fine I stand down.” Joseph says. “Coward.” Jeremy says. “Choose your fights.” Joseph says. “Sometimes you have to fight for a better world and you’re on the wrong side.” Jeremy says to Joseph.

 “Are we quite threw yet? Because I have to go tell Dexter the good news.” Kramer says. *The cell door opens up and Kramer enters the jail cell. “Hello Dexter. Good news your death date has been granted tomorrow morning 8 am sharp you will be brought out to the gallows. But don’t fret you will see Nadine and Jeremy one final time after all they are the ones who will be killing you.”

“What? No they can’t you can’t make them. I’m fine if I have to die they will kill you. You will not get away with any of this but keep Nadine and Jeremy out of this.”

 “You know I like the idea Nadine and Jeremy killing you will be great after all you three survived together for a while friends to the end you know. Have a good night.” *Kramer slams the cell door leaving Dexter alone.* *Executer and Nessie arrive at a nearby camp. “Nice place you have here.” Executer says as he looks at all seventy tents. “Yep 90 acres and seventy tents for my men and supplies.

I also am aware that you are in trouble and Kramer is haunting you and your friends.” How did you know?” Kramer has been a thorn in my side for so very long. He attempted to kill my group before but unfortunately for him we were stronger and we actually made him retreat and leave us alone. If you want us to interfere on your behalf then I am sorry we cannot at this time. I don’t want another fight. However if its weapons you need we can give you weapons.”

 “I appreciate it I really do but I have to ask is there a reason why you can’t help us out? I mean you said it yourself you made Kramer retreat. I did it’s true but Kramer is a madman we can’t haven’t seen each other in years and we like it that way.

 However we can offer any weapons you can think of. “Grenades? Yes. I need a sniper riffle. “We got it.” *Roman snaps his finger as a man approaches Executer and hands him a bag with ammo and grenades and a sniper riffle.* “This is perfect because Kramer has no idea I am alive. He set us up and a hoard attacked us but we managed to survive but I hid and my friend went back to the jail. So I’m a spy.” Executer says. “Hmm that actually gives me an idea and this changes everything.

Executer if that is your real name?” “Steve.” Executer said as he shook Roman’s hand. And this is Nessie.* “So are you going to tell me what’s with the sudden change of heart?

*Jeremy that night crept out of his room and had a radio in his hand he made his way down the halls silently until he came across Dexter’s cell. Nobody was around as Jeremy opened the door and said “Dexter it’s me Jeremy.”

“Jeremy I’m glad to see you. What is this I hear about you and Nadine killing me?” It’s not happening here is a radio I know Executer is alive he may be our only chance I need you to radio him now tell him that Kramer is going to assassinate you tomorrow and he needs to get ready to be here.”

 “What exactly can he do?” “I don’t know something that’s why we’re radioing him with this warning. “Executer come in this is Dexter over?” *Executer stress at the radio surprised he answers “This is Executer over?” *Roman was listening.* “Kramer is going to assassinate me in the morning Jeremy just told me he needs you here near the jail scoping the place out. The assassination is taking place outside. We need your help.”

 “I’ll be there.” Executer says back into the radio. *Well then shit we have one chance at this and one chance only.” Roman says. “What do you mean? Get in the car I’ll explain on the way.” Roman says.

*Executer gets in the car leaving Nessie at their camp.* *Roman puts the key in the ignition and drives off.* “what are we doing?” Executer asks. *Roman and Executer drive down the Cobble stoned roads* Ok you said a hoard attacked you well we are bringing a hoard to Kramer’s house.

Kramer thinks he is going to kill your friend tomorrow but instead he will be quite surprised when a hoard shows up.*

“A hoard? But won’t that kill the others in my group?. “Your friends will be ok this may be our only chance. Roman says as they start to approach town. “Head for the theater there’s a hoard around it.” Executer says. *Kramer smiles in his room it’s almost SHOWTIME.” He says as he stares at himself in the mirror.

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