The Nation-State

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic


I live within the state.

I give life to the state

I pledge to the state.

I grow old and worn within the state.


You work and sweat for the state.

You pay for the state.

You pray for the state.

You make choices for the state.


We sing for the state.

We march for the state.

We fight for the state.

We weep for the state.


Together we give strength to the state.

We are the collective weakness of the state.

We construct our state.

We comprise our state.

You and I are in charge.




Submitted: July 02, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Rick Starbridge. All rights reserved.

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Tyrone Shoelaces

Rick, you must have been in a patriotic state of mind when you wrote this.

Sat, July 3rd, 2021 3:02pm


Dear Rick,

I enjoyed your poem. It has a tight structure and strong rythmn. I like way your ideas march in progression through the I, you, we to finalise in the declaration ‘You and I are in charge’.

I see you are open to read requests. I’d really like to read your thoughts on my latest poem, ‘For why this sudden rush of green ?’

It was good to read a poem about our place within our state/country and to read your reminder of our shared ownership where and how we live.

Sun, July 11th, 2021 9:13pm


Thank you for your comments.
I will read "For Why the Sudden Rush of Green."

Sun, July 11th, 2021 2:16pm

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