Hello, White Mountain!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Mysterious creatures that appeared more than eleven years ago on White Mountain in Michalovce City on Slovakia - EU, cured many seriously ill people who suffered from incurable diseases. Their appearance resembled gelatin or tree resin. They got stuck in a forest on White Mountain after the explosion of their spaceship, which was built of natural materials. They also controlled the energy produced by the trees and used it to rebuild their alien ship so that they could return home. They are left with a legacy of the knowledge that we are not on top of being itself, as we humans think. After their departure from our forest, research began, for which the tree became the main object of research. But no one has yet discovered this natural technology or energy that could change and heal the whole world. The Rinagots have never returned, although to this day many seriously ill people are searching for these beings throughout the forest. But their search is in vain.

In the last century, there was an inexplicable collision of a strange object of triangular shape over White Mountain in Michalovce City, which could not be unambiguously identified. After its impact on the ground, a strong explosion occurred, which shattered the windows within a radius of 30 km. The year was 1978 and this shocking event took place in mid-May. Little did anyone know that in a small grove on the outskirts of the town of Michalovce, beings live in something similar to our people, but still with a different body structure. They flew from the sky, as claimed by the children, who at the time of the accident were standing in a nearby forest on a running track reserved for sports for the inhabitants of the city. There was no trace of their triangular vehicle, so these beings were forced to stay on our planet and live in the forest. They looked like living gelatin, only large round black eyes on their faces. They were strangely luminous and floated mostly at the height of the treetops. They seldom fell lower to the ground. There was nothing at all visible in their translucent bodies that resembled human bodies, neither the skeletal nor the vascular system. In essence, they were translucent and luminous like locust flies. Their height was at the level of seven-year-old children. Legends about these creatures have been circulating in our city and throughout the district for more than 40 years. There are none relevant knowledge of what they eat or drink. They were mostly seen hovering and glowing at night. They were difficult to find and observe during the day. Then they disappeared for a while and no one knows where. After about ten years, they reappeared and looked exactly the same as before. The inhabitants of the town, and especially the dwellings near the White Mountain, often went in the dark with their children to observe their magnificent luminous movement creations. However, no one dared to contact these gelatinous beings, nor did they themselves try to contact anyone. This first happened ten years ago, t. j. in 2010 in the winter of December. It is said that one winter evening, an older gentleman, who lives nearby in a residential area near White Mountain, was taking his dogs outside. His story was also published in a local newspaper and an interview with the gentleman was broadcast on regional television. A Michalover named Eugen stood in a meadow, where wooden imitations of life-size animals were. He leaned against the hippopotamus and watched his dachshund shuffle in the dark in the meadow, draining his energy with dog games. Out of nowhere, both dogs began to whine and spun in only one circle, as if they could not get out of it. Eugen was so fascinated by this remarkable theater that he did not even notice that four luminous beings were hovering over him. They looked like children levitating above the ground. At first, they only spun slowly as on a carousel directly above it at a height of about two meters. After a short while, they began to descend to Eugene. Luminous carousel of translucent beings he surrounded the older master and slowly rotated in a circle just inches above the ground. Their extraordinarily thin, fingerless gelatin feet never touched the ground, always just hovering above the ground. They stopped circling out of nowhere and fixed their big black eyes on Eugene. Panic seized him, but he couldn't move, so he remained motionless in the midst of these beings. Suddenly he heard voices in his mind.

"Do not worry! We are Rinabots. We will help you. We won't hurt you. Just calm down and come with us.”

After these words, an unknown force seized him and slowly peeled him off the ground. When Eugene realized that he was hovering above the ground surrounded by the Rinabots, he was already about 15 meters above the ground. However, he was not afraid at all at that moment. He was in a strange agony, but at the same time he had a sense of security and peace he had never known before. He experienced it for the first time at the end of his life. The voices of beings echoed in his head, explaining everything about him. One voice told him to look under him and start breathing deeply. The treetops below him also began to glow, and at the same time a kind of strange glowing energy emanated from them upwards. Eugene hung in the air, and the Rinabots rotated around him very slowly. They approached him slowly and touched him with thin gelatinous hands. Eugen began to rotate slowly around his axis. Suddenly he felt a kind of warmth from under his feet. He looked down and was gradually flooded with luminous energy from the trees. Energy with him empowered and he found himself in a kind of energy field. This process took about five minutes. Gradually, the luminescent energy disappeared from the trees. It was absorbed by Eugene's body. He felt something amazing, even if he was born again. He felt the pulsation of that new energy from the trees in his body. He did not understand the meaning of the whole procedure, but it was very pleasant. Meanwhile, the Rinagots still managed to explain their origin to him. Their world is full of trees and greenery. They were born from the energy of trees, which on their planet, far and unknown to us, phosphoresce and their luminosity is visible up to great heights. Beings can process the energy produced by trees, live from it in all the worlds in outer space. Their technology is on a natural and energetic basis. They use materials that we humans cannot even imagine. They are made of energy and resin trees. The processing of these materials is also purely natural and based on the energy produced by the trees. The Rinabots flew to our planet Earth to study the energy usability of our trees and greenery. Their spaceship exploded when they could not recharge it with the energy of terrestrial trees. It has broken down into green and energetic dust, which is purely natural in nature. It took them some time to observe the biochemical processes of trees in our terrestrial climatic conditions. Apparently the chemical processes of their trees are a little different. The metabolism of Rinabots is also a little different from ours. Their main food is resin and drops of green leaves at morning braking. This keeps them in a very long life. In our calculation, the average Rinabot has lived for about three hundred years. At the end of his being, he begins to dry out, cling to the tree, and merge with it for two days. Thus the energy returns to the originator of the creature - the tree. Nature is a witch, she can do incredible things - she can also create miraculous beings who are connected to her whole being. They work with this natural renewable and infinite energy - they use it as well, and they constantly increase it. They use it for various purposes, such as building spaceships. The main material composition of such ships consists of greenery and resin from trees and are powered by accumulated natural tree energy. Eugen landed quietly slowly on the ground with a gleaming procession of Rinabots. Voices echoed in his head.

One of them told him, "Now go and do what you enjoy most."

Eugen didn't understand his statement as he was after a second heart attack and was devoured by throat cancer. Decades of heavy smoking have asked for their uncompromising toll, which is the worst disease of our modern age. He stood motionless, watching the Rinabots float above them to the treetops, where they shone like a swarm of locust flies. He felt reborn. It was as if this forest had created him again and given him new life. Two rattling dogs rushed out of the darkness and immediately jumped on their beloved master. Eugen lost track of time and tied the two dachshunds to the leashes and took home with them. It was a hard winter, though no snow yet, so he pounded on his jacket and added to the pace. All the way back, he wondered what all this meant and why it had happened to him. In addition, he had no witnesses to confirm this experience. For a moment, he doubted whether the whole thing really was a fact or a delusion under the influence of the powerful drugs he regularly took. It was perhaps shortly after midnight when he returned to his house. He decided to keep his incredible experience to himself because he did not want to look crazy in his IBV district in Michalovce. But his whole secret remained secret for only a short time. Only during his main daily activity, which was walking after examinations, as he was old and seriously ill. At the beginning of January 2011, Eugen went on regular inspections. He landed on cardiology on Monday morning. After several examinations, the doctor was very surprised and performed an ECG examination several times because he thought the device was failing. He also called for maintenance, but to his surprise, the whole ECG system was fine. Eugene's test showed perfect health results. The heart was fine without any changes and no longer showed signs of previous heart attacks.

The doctor called out to the whole surgery: “This is unbelievable! You have a healthy heart like an eighteen-year-old! You have been miraculously healed!”

Eugen was also taken aback and did not believe what he heard. All heart problems were gone. He no longer has to take heart medication. How is that even possible ?! On that day, he telephoned his entire family and relatives to tell them this miracle. But it was still nothing compared to what awaited him on Tuesday morning for an oncological examination. And that was the biggest shock. They found no or minimal evidence of laryngeal cancer in Eugene. Nothing at all. The results were at the level of a healthy bachelor. They also did not find microscopic particles that would confirm the presence of cancer cells. Eugen was suddenly as healthy as a fish. He felt right for eighteen years. No drugs, no infusions ... nothing at all. He had to start living to the fullest. Just how is that possible and to whom or what does he owe it?! He thought. Yet the gelatinous inhabitants of the White Mountain. Exactly those who took him to the ground to explore new energy. And as it was confirmed, their research was very successful. After very long years since they got stuck in the forest on the outskirts of Michalovce, they were finally able to fully extract and process the tree energy for various purposes. They also needed it to build a spaceship so that they could return to their homeland - a self-creating planet. Everything on their planet is natural, nothing artificial, they can use natural conditions perfectly, but without destroying nature itself. And they found some of that nature here on White Mountain, and they finally understood how it worked. They even tried and tested the first man - Eugene - how this energy can be extracted, processed and used from trees. This attempt was unexpected and it is very likely that they perceived Eugene's disease, so they picked it up and contacted him. Some time after this event, Eugen finally decided not to keep the experience with the alien entity to himself and to go to market with his skin. It was a risk for him, but also a hope for new medical horizons of unprecedented style. Basically, nothing happened in the first half of the year. Neither fish nor crayfish. At the beginning of July, when the heat was really hot, one couple accidentally decided to take a walk through the White Mountain. Outraged by their encounter with the mysterious creatures, they decided to tell the regional media, who described their story as follows: A pair of young people, 21-year-old Simon and 19-year-old Erika, were walking through a forest in White Mountain and when they were about halfway through their walk , something shone above their heads in the treetops. It was about half past ten in the evening, the sky was overcast and dark. It looked like it was about to rain. Therefore, the lights were penetrating, very intense. They both stood still, watching them float here and there. Out of nowhere, the lights began to fall to the ground and slowly approached these young people in love. They surrounded them and slowly rotated around them. They were luminous creatures of childlike stature with thin and translucent arms and legs. They looked like gelatin backlit by white light. They did nothing else for a long time, only circled around both of them and with big black eyes watched. Suddenly, one Rinabot touched their shoulders and immediately they both detached from the ground. Then slowly all three hovered up over the treetops. Rinabot had gelatin fingers attached to their shoulders all the time, apparently making them float. Simon and Erika were shocked, they didn't know what that meant and they were afraid to make some wrong move that might cost them their lives. The other three Rinabots soon followed. When everyone was over the trees and looking at the world from a bird's eye view, Simon and Erika realized they were in friendly hands. One Rinabot still kept them weightless, and the other three slowly rotated around them. After a while, phosphorescent energy began to rise toward them, rising from the tops of the trees and approaching their feet. It eventually spread all around. They all remained as if hanging in the air in a glowing nebula. The gelatinous beings made the energy from the trees pass through their bodies. Simon and Erika absorbed it with every bit of their body. After the end of this illuminating procedure, the Rinabots slowly fell to the ground with two frightened people. Immediately, they returned silently to the height of the treetops. The case has also been published in several newspapers and on television. The shocked couple in love could not explain at all why he had become the object of interest of these beings. He didn't understand it until the winter of early December. Erika was in a second state unexpectedly. Because according to medical examinations, they could not have children, the effort paid off for them out of nowhere. An infertile couple was suddenly expecting their first dream child. Such a notion ended their story in the media. However, this also unleashed the madness around this whole incredible affair. White Mountain began to be visited not only by people from the surrounding area, but also from other countries. They were mostly terminally ill with an accompaniment of healthy people, but also curious people who were healthy but it was a sensation. Journalists, cameramen from some televisions or just adventurous youtubers often went there. For the next year, the Rinabots really treated everyone with their energy-tree method. Most cases occurred in White Mountain in the hot summer. However, the Rinabots were not available every day or night. They moved over the trees still to other parts of the mountain. Many people have not even been cured, as the Rinabots sometimes did not even appear for a long time. During the day it was very difficult to find and recognize them in heights. As their gelatinous bodies were translucent, they became literally invisible during the white day. It wasn't until it got dark that they were much more likely to see them somewhere by the phosphorescent color of their bodies. At the end of the summer, it was very common that they could not be seen for weeks. And why was that? This was explained by the pilot of a private small helicopter, who occasionally flew over White Mountain. Above the trees he saw a small translucent gelatinous triangle spinning slowly at its own axis. So ... and it was clear what the Rinabots are preparing. They began to put their spaceship together to return home. The triangle rotated at a certain height above the treetops right in the middle of the mountain. Maybe the gelatin creatures did it on purpose so that it was as invisible as possible while it was still small. They were aware that a larger object could no longer be hidden. A research center was also established in the city, which undertook to study the effects of tree energy and its versatility. Initially, five scientists worked in it. One of them was commissioned to work in the field. At the end of the summer, at the entrance to the White Mountain, a large wooden sign was placed: Welcome! This mountain welcomes all the sick and the desperate. But everyone knew it wouldn't be long before the Rinabots left the forest and never returned. Then it will be up to the scientists, they will have to solve the mystery and reveal the principles of healing energy. They will have to discover how the energy of trees can be used for all of humanity. In that year, it was common for people strapped to a wheelchair to be healed in White Mountain. They entered the forest in a cart, and when they were lucky enough to find the Rinabots, they returned on their own two feet. Miracles were happening here that people had never experienced before. The biggest case was still the most famous - named Eugen. Today, this older man enjoys the health he had shortly after his eighteenth birthday. And the number of people like him kept growing. A pilgrimage site of the sick and helpless was created. A field scientist once approached the pilot of a mini-helicopter as he wanted to approach a gelatin alien spaceship. Even so, the pilot agreed to take him to her. One early evening in September, helicopters soared over White Mountain and approached the rotating triangle. They watched the creation of the Rinabots for about ten minutes. The triangle was for the most part translucent from about tree resin. Luminous energy flowed through it, reaching the triangle from the trees. This phenomenon was seen only at dusk, preferably in the dark. What the scientist and the pilot saw was wonderful. Plus, they didn't understand how he could float all the time. The material of the ship was made of resin and green, probably leaf pulp, which was hardened in it. It looked like a gelatinous triangle sprinkled with crushed grass or tree leaves. This was, in fact, proof to all mankind that biotechnology could be created using living tree growth to produce a product, including a ship, and to obtain the energy that would power it. The spaceship triangle was getting bigger every day. On those first days, he was the size of a baby cereal bowl. Gradually it looked more like the pointed roof of a wooden pavilion. And finally, it was huge. Millions of lights streamed in it, and green crumbs pulsed around it around its perimeter. It was beautiful and incomprehensible at the same time. This can be made from trees and their energies. Unbelievable! He floated without any noise. Absolutely nothing was heard. A special translucent resin triangle with green veins inside. No one knew what planet the Rinabots had flown from. It was not possible to talk to them. Only they talked into people's minds, but it was not possible to talk to them just like that or answer them with our words. The principle of discussion was only on their side. They addressed the mind of the man they wanted to help. But they never revealed their secret tree energy to anyone or where they came from. These resin-gelatinous beings, who never touched the ground with their thin feet, had the gift of healing anyone. When their thin fingers touched a person, they immediately cured him of the most serious diseases. They were able to convert the luminescent energy radiating from the treetops into invigorating energy flowing through their fingers into the bodies of sick patients. Therefore, everyone loved and confessed them. Various T-shirts with their pictures and their space triangle began to appear on store shelves ... Plastic toys began to be sold - figures with their likenesses for children. Rinabots, miracle healers from another planet and no one even knows from which. At the end of September, the huge translucent triangle stopped rotating around its own axis. People who were desperately looking for Rinabots noticed this. On Sunday afternoon, people from the area and also from other regions began to gather there. In the evening, it was possible to hear different languages. English, Polish, Hungarian. A lot of people were breaking through each other, and everyone was wondering what was going to happen. People began to group mainly in the meadow, where they are wooden imitations of animals. It is actually a kind of wooden zoo. Around nine o'clock in the evening, a gelatinous luminous triangle lit up over the meadow. A greenish light flooded the entire meadow. Even the people themselves looked as if millions of locust flies were sitting on them. Everything glowed. It was a really beautiful scenery and everyone was outraged by it. But no one has seen the Rinabots yet. After a long time, Rinabots finally appeared among the trees low above the ground. Their translucent bodies were also illuminated by flowing resin energy. Their big black eyes watched the people around them. Four Rinabots rose above the heads of their admirers, and only one of them remained hanging in the air among the people. He slowly began to swim through the air among the people. The children reached out to him and wanted to touch him at all costs. Adults sometimes did it. They felt strange, as if they had touched some kind of gelatinous resin. Rinabot stopped and hung in the air directly in front of a scientist who was commissioned to carry out field work. With large black eyes, he looked directly into the scientist's face. He began to speak directly to him. The whole process took about five minutes. Then Rinabot touched the scientist's forehead with his translucent thin fingers. It was as if he were transmitting some information to a scientist's head by tactile transmission. Then he detached his resin fingers from his forehead and swam through the air again, moving on until he reached the very center of the meadow. And there he stood in the air and looked up. The other Rinabots slowly rose from above the heads of the people, and he soared up to them. All four then grabbed their translucent hands over people's heads. They fixed their black eyes on the people behind them and together they began to spin like a carousel. They rotated slowly around, and their bodies began to receive luminescent energy from the trees. Green fluorescent energy from the trees began to be transmitted to them from all directions, and the beings became more and more bright. Rotating slowly, they rose up to the lit triangle. You could see them approaching the very center, where all the pulsating greenish energy was concentrated in the triangle. People in the meadow, and even those under the trees, under which they had not seen so much, only a strong flashing green glow, lost their speech. There was a grave silence. The Rinabots were slowly out of sight and eventually merged with their space resin ship. The triangle lit up so intensely at that moment that the people remained blinded. Then, suddenly, the strong glow dimmed so that this whole huge triangle could be seen in all its glory. The lights in his green veins pulsed to its center, and the triangle rotated silently around its axis. A moment later the wind began to blow in the meadow from above and gradually intensified to such an extent that people had to kneel or even lie down on the ground. The Rinabots and their spaceship soon flew to great heights, where only a very small green flashing light could be seen. The spacecraft made of natural materials disappeared from view in a short time and finally left the Earth's magnetic field. Military radars and aircraft did not detect any movement or body near White Mountain. This spaceship was invisible to our technology. People stayed in the meadow for about an hour after the spaceship took off. When it became clear to them that the Rinabots would never return over White Mountain, they slowly began to leave. There are many videos about this event, as many people filmed it all on their mobile phones. To this day, the Rinabots have not returned to the area of ??the White Mountain near Michalovce. Nevertheless, many people suffering from severe and incurable diseases visit White Mountain because they hope that miraculous healers and fitters from another planet will appear. After dark, they just walk around looking for small translucent creatures in the treetops. There are also records that people who sat in the meadow to see the departure of the Rinabots miraculously healed in the following months and gained a life force they never dreamed of. The mere presence of a spaceship made of natural materials, which illuminated all the curious people beneath it with its greenish miraculous energy from the trees, caused them to be cured of all diseases. Although exactly ten years have passed since the departure of the Rinabots, those who think they will find their salvation in the treetops still roam up the night. They hope that the small translucent beings will fly to them and bring them to the heights to heal them with energy from the trees. However, after the departure of the Rinabots, none was ever confirmed a case of encountering this alien species, although sometimes someone even made up a story about how they encountered them. But for the most part, it was just the desire of a desperate man to suffer from a disease and to convince himself that the meeting had taken place. To date, the Scientific Institute in Košice has not issued any rumors, report, report or announcement of this encounter with extraterrestrial civilization. Research has been conducted in secret for many years. The name of the scientist contacted by one of the Rinagots with the touch of his thin fingers is still unknown. Everything looks as if they have made no progress in research on the Rinagots. The media never reported the solution to the mystery and other details. An unnamed magazine published an article entitled "Hello, White Mountain!" The events that took place on Bílá hora near Michalovce are an example of us stepping forward with the wrong foot. Our developed technologies, which destroy the environment, can be replaced by other environmentally friendly technologies. For example, those that could be created from our trees. If the Rinagots were able to build an alien ship on resin and deciduous trees from trees and their energies basis, we are amazed at what nature can do. And we thought we were on top of being. Mysterious alien beings born of trees and probably of tree resin on another unknown planet flew a great distance to us in their translucent greenish luminous ship. This ship was powered by natural tree energy. And to this day we have not been able to discover this energy and no longer process, control and use it for the whole world, as we had hoped. If we could discover and use this luminous energy for the benefit of everything, and especially for healing purposes, by then our planet Earth would need neither doctors nor hospitals. We could cure all the diseases on earth of all the diseases on earth. For us, our main object for many years to come will be an ordinary deciduous or coniferous tree.

The End


Original title: Hello, White Mountain!

Author: © Brandon McYntire

Publisher: Branko Mateja

Format: PDF

Cover image: www.pixabay.com/Fotoworkshop4You

Cover production: © Branko Mateja

Edition: first

Michalovce City, Slovakia, EU, 2021.

ISBN: 978-80-99996-21-3



Submitted: July 03, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Brandon McYntire. All rights reserved.

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