Camping Night II A novel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

At Camp Youngwood, in the hot July summer of 1974, Tamara and her boyfriend, Charles, arrive at the place where several deaths happened. When they meet new campers, Maddie Holder, the new camp counsellor, wants everything to be back to normal, until the killer returns.
The sequel to Camping Night by Robert Helliger.

Table of Contents

Chapter One-Back to camp

Camp Youngwood Summer, 1974 July 1 _ Tamara arrived at the camp. 'It's going to be fine this summer', her Mom insiste... Read Chapter

Chapter Two-Maddie Holder

Maddie Holder, twernty-three, gazed at the campground. Edwin was dead . The killer was still on the loose. She hadn't foreseen the danger... Read Chapter

Chapter Three-Thurston

Thurston Anderson gazed at the campgrounds.  He smoked a cigarette.  The gristled, charred, burned out meat was a day's... Read Chapter

Chapter Four-The New Campers

_ Georgia Mayberry wrapped her arms her boyfriend's strong arms. She gasped with pleasure. Then, as she breathed in, and out, she saw... Read Chapter

Chapter Five-More deaths

_ The killer waited. He breathed. He wasn't going to be denied death.  The Sheriff cast an annoying gaze at the camp... Read Chapter

Chapter Six-Lunch

It was lunch time.  The campers felt a cold chill in the summer afternoon air.  The restrictions were hurting them.&nbs... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven-Other campers-Afternoon

Part II 'Come on baby. It's alright', Jeff said. He watched his girlfriend, as she squirmed.  'It's hot!', Jeanie s... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight-The woods

The camp was cold. By four o'clock, the rain started to fall.  Shadows formed across the cabins; the canoes; the boathouse; ... Read Chapter


Tamara and Charles, Deane, and Tate, left Camp Youngwood.  It wasn't good to go there.  Suddenly they heard the sound o... Read Chapter

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