Some Questions to the Creator

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Some Questions to the Creator

“Why don’t you give yourself another chance?” She said.

“Regarding what?” He curiously asked.

“You know what.”

“We were talking about so many things; I don’t know which specific one you are pointing here.”

“Not every girl is your ex, things like that happens, just move on; give yourself a chance.”

“Chance? How I should give myself a chance?”

“You’ll make someone very happy one day, just don’t stop trying, talk to someone, you have so many things to share; you have changed since your last break up; I am sure your future wife wouldn’t be able to get bored for a single minute.”

“Future wife?” He laughed a bit and then continued, “So, aren’t we ‘Talking’?”

“Yes we are, but we are very good friends.”

“Ok. So you have given the answer by yourself then.”

“What answer?”

“Answer to this question – ‘Why don’t I give myself a chance?’”

“Don’t say like that, I always want you to be successful in your life, one day you will achieve all the glory you deserve; all the things you want to get, you will get; I pray for that every day.”

“You know there was a famous novel called ‘Devdas,’ written by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay?”

“Yeah, I know the name from the film ‘Devdas’, I have watched the film.”

“Yes, the film was based on that book, so you are familiar with the characters.”

“Yes, a little, I watched that movie long ago.”

“Ok. So, Devdas was the main character, his childhood-love was Paro, they both loved each other, but due to some circumstances she married an old rich person and Devdas couldn’t bare the pain so he became alcoholic.”

“Yes, yes, I remember the basic plot.”

“Do you remember there was another character called Chandramukhi?”

“Yes, I liked that character.”

“Yes, whenever Devdas used to become too much sad he chose to go to her. She was perfect, they used to spend so much time together, they used to play cards, talk about their lives, and to make Devdas’s mind calm Chandramukhi used to sing.”

“Yes. I remember these also.”

“I always thought, why the character was behaving like that, there was a perfect girl in front of him, they were both lonely and sad, they were making each other complete, couldn’t they see that? I always thought they would have become a great couple. But, I didn’t understand why, they didn’t even put a little effort on that. Devdas could live his rest of the life in arms of Chandramukhi, if he would give a second chance to himself.”

“Is it about us?”

“What do you think?”

“I think that you are using these metaphors to make your point.”

“And the point is?”

“I don’t like this topic, just changed the topic.”

“What about shayeri?”

“Ok. I love shayeri.”

“It’s from Ghlaib: 

Toda kuch iss tarah se tallukh

Us ne Ghlaib.

Ki sari umar apna,

Kasoor dhunta raha.”

[Translation: In such a way she broke the relation ‘Ghlaib’, all my life I searched for my fault.]

“Still thinking about your ex?”

“Nope, it wasn’t about her.”

“Then? Is it about me, By any chance?”

“What do you think?”

“If it is about me, then I would like to tell you again, I am not going anywhere, I am here and will be here, but as very good friend, as one of your best friend, but you know there are so many differences, we are different people, you will find some….”

“Did I say that I need someone? What if I just need a best friend, who stays forever, in all phases of my life, when I will achieve my dreams, I need someone to understand why those are important, so that I can hold her hand and celebrate my success; I need someone, if I failed to achieve something, so that I can place my head on her shoulder and cry; I need someone to share all my secrets. For all these, you are there for me, right? ”

“Of course, I am here, but what if…”

“No if, no but. Just stay, when that ‘if’ will come, we’ll see, what we can do about that.”

“Ok. What you have written today?”

“It’s something about you, you should read it.”

“I am like an ancient King/Queen and you are like my court poet/author, whenever you write, you write about me.”

“At least for putting that much effort, I should be rewarded.”

“And what would be that reward?”

“Stay, just stay, until I become a famous author; you are my inspiration, if you will go, my writing will be gone with you.”

“So, you just need me for the writing, that’s it?”

“Nope, I need you, in all my joys and sorrows; and I also want to be the person with whom you will share all of yours happiness and tears. Although, I’ll try my best to stop the tears. You have to see the world with me; you have to stay with me in all my journeys.”

The conversation was continued; these were not their regular topic of discussion. From music to movies, from cultural festival to weather and climate, they usually discussed about so many topics that sometimes they didn’t even use to realize how 3-4 hours passed all of a sudden. They had so many things in their list to do together in the future. I think they were perfect for each other, but I was not the creator of their story, I was just the observer. I don’t know how that story ended.  The creator was someone else and I have some questions to the creator of that story.

  1. Did they manage to see the whole world together, as they planned?
  2. Did he become a writer and his best-selling books were filled with her stories?
  3. Did they were together in all the joys and sorrows of each other?

If yes, than ok, that’s what I also, would’ve written for them, but, if the answer is no, then here comes my next question.  Why?  Was that because, you were poor creator? I think, if you were a good creator, you would arrange for them to stay with each other. And if you didn’t want the ending like that, then, at least you should have created him like Devdas, at least, he would have the chance, to die in front of his beloved Paro’s place.









Submitted: July 03, 2021

© Copyright 2021 IamSarthak. All rights reserved.

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