The Emo Goth Society for Girls A novel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

In 1991, Tracey Polk, a thirteen year old teenage emo goth, has trouble with her abusive mother, Violet Polk, in Seattle, where the grunge music scene is happening. As a result, she attends a school for Young Ladies, which is strict in their codes...and behavior.
The new Young Adult novel by Robert Helliger.

Table of Contents

Chapter One-Tracey Polk

This book is PG-13 for some violence, sex references, drug references, coarse language, adult themes Seattle, March 3, 1991 My na... Read Chapter

Chapter Two-I don't give a damn

Today Mom was hit. I saw Dad had been drinking all night.  'I hate the Yankees', he said. I was playing my vinyl record ... Read Chapter

Chapter Three-Headaches

_ The woman, Mrs. Primrose, stood near me in a black, leather chair.  'It is my girls who are ladies...not emos...and g... Read Chapter

Chapter Four-The School

- 'Tracey'. 'Yes, Mrs. Primrose', I said.  'You are to be weeded off alchohol'. 'Off it'. 'Until you're sober'. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Five-The Bad Girls

I was in the hallway. Seven girls watched me. 'So, who are you?'. 'Tracey Polk', I said. 'You're not one of us'. 'I d... Read Chapter

Chapter Six-Incident

_ The girl was falling.  'I asked her. 'Yes. I am clumsy. Gina Barclay', she answered. 'Tracey Polk. I'm new here', ... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven-Gina

'You're an emo goth', Gina said. 'Yes', I said. 'A lot of girls are B-A-D'. 'And'. 'And, they kick, hiss, swear, drink, d... Read Chapter


The girls were smoking cigarettes.  The fiery embers scorched the fingers. I was happy to be there, as I was talking to Gina... Read Chapter

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