The Creeping Shadows of Death A novel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

New York, 1931
During the Great Depression, as Americans are losing their jobs, Carter Bloom, a young man in his twenties, inherits an old Civil War house from the 1860's, during President Abraham Lincoln's time, before his assassination in 1865. As he works hard on the house, he finds out that strange things are happening, causing his sanity to fray.
The new horror novel by Robert Helliger.

Table of Contents

Chapter One-1865

_ Prologue The news of President Abraham Lincoln's assassination caused shudders in The White House; the sun didn't rise for a ... Read Chapter

Chapter One

PART ONE-1931 Page 2. ... Read Chapter

Chapter One-Carter Bloom

This book is PG rated for horror violence, sex references, supernatural themes, adult themes New York, 1931   The Great ... Read Chapter

Chapter Two-The Cold

_ Carter waited. The cold was freezing.  He saw old, burned, pieces of wood.  'I'm getting more wood, Kara'. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Three-The wood fire

The wood fire was placed in the grille.  The kindling would burn tonight.  Carter would light it by five o'clock in the... Read Chapter

Chapter Four-The Girl in the photo

_ The girl in the photo entranced Carter.  He glanced at her, and shivered.  She wore a queer looking 1910's grey h... Read Chapter

Chapter Five-The Afternoon

Part 2 Carter worked in the afternoon, after lunch.  He shivered, as if the swirling, southerly, winds were hit the windows.... Read Chapter

Epilogue-The Evening

_ Carter was eating dinner with Kara.  'Is she going to be fine now?', she asked him. 'Yes. She was ill because of the f... Read Chapter

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