A new and handsome face enters the class and catches everyone's attention. And then there is her who has a curious and friendly personality. She can't hold back and thinks of making the new guy her friend but she isn't aware about his secrets. Who is he? Where is he from? Why is he so attractive? Does he have any family? Does he have a friend? Will he be my friend?
Will she be able to find the answers of her questions? Maybe yes or maybe no... She is on a journey that is going to be dicey from now on.

Table of Contents

First Encounter

First encounter of the leads...
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He Saved Me

Next day we all arrived at school on time and soon our teachers started their lectures on various subjects. The weather was getting cold ... Read Chapter

I met a new mate..

Christian and I made out of the dead end safely, Away from the darkness. We found a convenient store nearby and decided to rest a little.... Read Chapter

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