Dr. Vague

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Scientific research is such a freely available, common resource, and cornerstone constituent for the continuation of the perfect, prosperous, and safe human life, just like air and water are. Any obstacle, deviation, or pollution -from whatever reason and in any form- thrown into its path, is nothing but creating misery to mankind.

"Perhaps then, the consensus of choice does have other implications", says one member.

The secretary, with a deep voice, smiles while slowly explaining to a few puzzled faces: "If this is about that old, very much fading and wrong notion, relating Dr. Vague's father with the Neo-Nazis, and his grandfather with one Freemasonry cult, then we all..."

The chairman raises his hand and interrupts promptly with a grimace, "I must emphasize that we don't, ever, need to confirm that they are just baseless false thoughts and irresponsible rumors, and that they are considered obsolete". "I am sure I have your kind attention, appreciation and full agreement" he adds firmly while opening his arms widely. Everyone agrees with a high "yes" and repeated nodding.

Tearing apart a small piece of paper, after staring at it, the Deputy Chairman points at other members and says: "And, for our new friends, two points need to be emphasized. What we all have managed to spend for charities over there leaves no doubts whatsoever. This has already been broadcast and published repeatedly by every means across the globe, echoing great satisfaction with the results of our conjoint research". "True", the Chairman responds. His deputy continues: "The second issue is that: the last, and almost forgotten, mishap was immediately dealt with and explained to all concerned parties as failure of local decedent technicians to comply fully with the instructions of Dr. Vague and his pioneering scientific team of experts; all proven with solid evidence".

"Yes, absolutely. I'm sure we all know that it is more than guaranteed that everything implies continuing with experimentations in that island" says an old member.

Holding both thumbs up, and with a big smile he adds, "Our scientific team's guidelines are even made part of many curriculums in eminent universities, and policies in some major health institutes".

"Yes! A huge global success of our efforts" says the chairman happily.

One new member adds, nodding his head, "We contributed by making them available both in paper as well as electronic books. Your shares of copies have already been shipped as previously agreed".

Members confirm receipt of their allocated copies, while having a short coffee break and sharing a large cake in the middle of the table.

The third member then says maliciously afterward, pointing at a file put inside a box beside the eaten cake: "It leaves no doubts and no trace whatsoever; more so when it gets fed to fire. So, honorable gentlemen, please allow me to re-emphasize that we must be rest assured that all those previous trivial consequences, or rather minor accepted scientific side effects, have, definitely and permanently, vanished after overwhelming multidisciplinary studies and reports relating that virus to some aberrant natural, temporary and short-lived changes". Then adds, "This is just to remind our new members".

"In this context I must add that Dr. Vague's fingerprints, as well as his teams', however, were there at the start of this ongoing research, supported and brought forward by anonymous others. We all know he is now retired and has very restricted and confined mobility due to some sever mental illness. So, without the slightest hesitation, we will announce, in the usual way, our last comprehensive report and hope for, or rather believe in, the best. In addition to our serious individual commitments, our immediate as well as outside collaborates do trust us, and are confident of our unique scientific and beneficial leadership, enough for them to be very loyal", responds the chairman with a low, almost whispering voice, looking at the faces, one after another.

Seconds later, the secretary says: "Honorable gentlemen, here and now, we conclude all previous reports by rephrasing our highest recommendations, stating that the implementation of the instructions of scientific institutions of the mentioned parties has led to conducting this current, delicate and highly valuable research, on the right land where the necessary plant, animal and micro-organic species are available. Optimum conditions without doubt".

The chairman, pounding on the table with his fist, raises his head and adds with a brief smile: "Case closed!".

Everyone claps hands for a few seconds.

"Let's always keep in mind those important remarks from our allies in the international health committee, and its sub-committees, that the deteriorating social conditions in that region of the island, with any untoward subsequent probabilities, are put in the hands and responsibilities of the local authorities", says the second member.

After some past experiments on germs and viruses to direct them against malaria and for other pharmaceutical beneficial purposes, scientists started regretting, silently, some new results. They never knew that among them existed fingers that picked up their work, manipulated it, and started changing tracks, limiting experimentations to certain groups, hoping, and aiming to be able later to direct their "controlled results" to wherever and whoever they want.

And, what goes around comes around.

Those microscopic, tiny viruses proved to be otherwise. They resisted human control, and started passing through barriers and borders, to jump even across continents with astonishing ease and speed. (Ebola), then (Zika), were triggered, as was (AIDS) much earlier. The tip of an iceberg.

And, as has always happened, the silent animals continue to be blamed.


Submitted: July 04, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Faris M O T. All rights reserved.

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very intriguing scientific read. I like how you say quite a lot in few words

Thu, July 22nd, 2021 10:10am


Many thanks for sharing your opinion with me. A precious guide from you to someone like me.

Sat, July 31st, 2021 1:54am

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