----> "BEWARE of THE SECRET UNDERGROUND CASTLE of 'ZELDA' ! " ------- Part 1 ! ----- (Find Dark Entrance #98 down into the ''ADVENTURE DUNGEON '' !) -----> Zelda's Secret UnderWorld: ELI & VAXX !

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

-------------- { ''BEWARE of THE SECRET UNDERGROUND CASTLE ! '' } -------Part 1 ! ________________ (Find the entrance down into The 'DUNGEON' ! ) ----------- ZELDA'S SECRET UNDERWORLD ! ------------ { DARK UNDERGROUND ZONE ! }

 "The Jackal: ZELDA - Dark Underground Castle Realm"




IMPORTANT NOTE: (One of my older stories. Written in 2011-2012.  ONE OF MY ONLY HORROR STORIES I EVER WROTE.  Highly edited and censored.  Recommended musical pairing while reading: 'Beats 4 da Streets' (Intro) - Aaliyah.  I think it goes quite well with it.)




Legends and tales tell of an evil elderly sorceress, named ZELDA LINKINDORF, who was banished from the town of Mascon in the winter of 1584 and vanished into the great forests nearby.  Of what became of her no one knows yet residents of the village started noticing townsmen, women and children disappearing from the village and gruesome, wicked sounds echoing in the forests in the darkest of night. 



One young woman said she saw a strange half-human, half-animal beast with a breast as of a woman, covered on the arms and legs with red fur and a bizarre head with long pointy ears.  Another villager said they witnessed a red visage that went up the side of a tree and vanished.

An evil book wrote by an underground cult of the witch was burned by the judges of the town vowing never again to utter her vile name or go into the surrounding forests.





300 years later - 1884.



Along a snowy pathway shimmering with effervescence, a young man, twenty years of age, named Vaxx, carries a glowing torch, leading another man, aged eighteen years, named Eli, through a night-black forest.  He steps onto a glistening-wet bridge, covered in crude insignia, near a gushing waterfall with sparkling foam at the base.



  Vaxx's handsome and chiseled masculine features show a youth of great strength whose work in a smithy has his torso and chest built with buff muscles, dominated by his strong hands.

His eyes were of a fiery midnight blue, flashing in the dark, piercing through the shadows of hell with uttermost fury.  He had thick, shiny black hair.  His fair complexion with tanned skin made him most desirable with all the young women.



  Yet, where did his true heart lie?




"Where are thee going, Vaxx?  We a'rt deep in the forest, now?" Eli asks.


  Vaxx glances longingly back at him and laughes coquettishly, as he whispers, "Eli we're safe now with each other far from the village's persecutions and fires."

Vaxx pulls Eli closer to him and nudges his cheek upon his.  An erotic, dark lust and forbidden desire rested within their flashing eyes as they gazed deep into each other's souls.



Eli had lovely, straight blonde hair, laid forth on his brow in a glittering combover style, and brown eyes with a masculine and astonishingly handsome complexion, surpassing even Vaxx's mesmerizing and rugged features. 



Vaxx mutters as he brings his tantalizing lips upon Eli's blushed cheek of sensual desire. 



Eli falters as Vaxx kisses him deeply and passionately. 






  "Eli....I love you..." Vaxx whispers, as he bends over, kissing  Eli.




Many hours later both were lying with their bodies glistening in the foam of a lustrous waterfall. 



"Vaxx...you're the most beautiful and sensual person Ive ever met.  I...I love you," Eli gently whispers, gazing longingly into Vaxx's sensual eyes of blue.



  They hold each other and get up to put back on their clothes when Vaxx points out, "Our clothing!  Where has it gone?"  Eli gasps as he searches frantically yet not finding a remanent of it. 



"Ay! Vaxx don't play games.  Where is't it?" Eli cries.


  Vaxx, shocked into disbelief, sputters out wildly, "I swear I don't know!  It was here upon this glowing limestone rock near the pool.  Oh God no! - What will we do, Eli?  We can't go back to the village like this!  Oh god!  What will the elders think of us?" 



Eli begins to cry.  Vaxx holds him, gently wiping away his glittering tears, saying, "Don't cry sweet Eli.  We'll find them."



Vaxx, carrying his toolbox, takes out another box of matches and again alights the torch in a flashing red glow, leading Eli forward through the terrifying darkness.  Further in they begin to see crude, vile wooden figures hanging from the trees. 



"My God! What is this?"  Vaxx cries, bringing his torch closer to one of the figures.

"Witchcraft!  I told you this forest was haunted by a witch,"  Eli says to Vaxx. 


"A witch?  That was only legend, Eli," Vaxx says.  Both young men turn to stare at the vicious looking figurines of wood hanging from the overgrown tree branches. 



 A brooling sense of dread and fear hung deep upon their minds within this lost forest of darkness. 


"Vaxx, Im frightened of this haunted forest.  I told thee before'and of this place.  The elders forbid entering here.  They... they say once thee enters the witch's forest you never find your way out.  It's cursed ground says the legends!"  Eli cries.


Vaxx stares at Eli and shakes his head as they continue treading forward slowly, dreadful furry black bats flapping and screeching noxiously above their sweaty heads. 



 They begin hearing a low rumble or roar from a distance, while disturbing, vicious sounds echoed from far away in the blackness.


After two hours of walking in darkness almost absolute Eli catches a glimpse of a bizarre silhouette of a figure disappearing behind a pyramidal structure hidden deep within the limestone, located behind a great, foaming waterfall.


"Vaxx...", Eli whispers in terrifying fright, "I saw a shadowy figure disappear behind the waterfall." 



"The witch?" Vaxx responds, gazing around the area of the waterfall.




The area was almost completely pitch black. Vaxx moved his torch around examining their surroundings.

They were situated in an area located almost in the entrance to a cave, yet with one side still decorated with the snowy and shadowy glistening boughs of the great pine trees poking into the entrance. 



"Come hither Eli.  It's a structure in the rock wall," Vaxx whispers.  He traipses near the pyramidal structure and both stop in their tracks, enveloped by a deep sense of fear, yet curiosity as well. 



Eli whispers, "You remember the story of the cult of the Jackal from when we were little from the elders?"


Vaxx nods slowly looking straight at Eli, the torch alighting both their faces in a ghostly fashion.  "I think this witch that resides in this forest is related to the cult.  I wish we'd never come here, Vaxx." 



Vaxx gazes around at the stalagmites in the rock ceiling dripping water slowly downwards into pools below.



Suddenly, both men notice a strange red glow coming from near the pyramidal structure.  A wicked looking tree, gnarled and drooping low, near a large overhang of rock, exudes a strange substance similar in hue and feel to sticky-sweet  red blood. 



 Vaxx runs his hand along the substance recoiling in disgust.  Eli gasps, turning white, "My God, Vaxx.  I want to leave now."



Vaxx bears his torch and leans in closer to the tree, illuminating what appears to be runic, paganistic symbols carved into the tree's bark. 



Vaxx whispers, "Eli, look upon these symbols.  You took a history class once that explained strange symbols such as these.  What do they mean?" 



Eli moves forward into the light and examines them closely, running his hand over one of them.

"I don't know," Eli replies.  "I've never seen anything like it in my life.  My God what evil realm have we entered upon?" 




 Both men begin feeling an evil, ominous sense in the misty air.  The cursed tree upon which they have stumbled is called in the common tongue "Baxar", otherwise known as a demonic portal.


An otherwordly buzzing and ringing began to be felt and heard by both young men.  Eli covered his ears.  An odd, soft pink substance was shimmering upon the limestone near the waterfall.




They follow the rocky path, nearing the structure, and run under the roar of the waterfall.  The pyramidal structure was built into an ancient recess of the rock.  Only the fronting of the structure was visible built into the rock wall.

A red glowing orb set upon a pole of crystal lies directly in front of the structure.  Glowing graffiti covers the rocky walls in this area.



"Vaxx, look..." Eli says, pointing to the glowing orb casting a faint red illumination on the cavern's grotto.





Both men notice the structure has no windows, only a crude remanent of a door with bloody symbols etched onto the front.  Directly above the structure, carved into the limestone, is another very disturbing, gruesome symbol etched with a glowing blue substance. 


The glow-in-the-dark light of the darkness of the cavern grotto was deep and ominous at this point with the roar of the waterfall in the darkness behind them being all that they hear.




Vaxx slowly nears the structure and examines the crude door by torchlight.  Vaxx places his pointy ear upon the door, listening intently while Eli stands aloof, wide-eyed and alert, gazing around him in terrifying fright every few seconds. 



"Well, do you hear anything?" Eli whispers as Vaxx shakes his head. 


"Nothing, Eli.  What do you suppose this is?" Vaxx asks absently, deep in contemplation at the bizarre structure before them.


  Eli shakes his head in fright and hangs onto Vaxx's arm.  With one hand bearing the torch, he reaches down and notices bloody cherry blossoms adorning the limestone outside the door.



Vaxx gazes back at the door in terror and notices it is locked; sealed by a spell of symbols etched into the front. 


 It was a portal.  A portal leading to an unknown underground realm or place.  The witch's domain.  One would know it by the strange scent in the air.  The darkness was pervading the men's minds. 



A most strange, unknown scent was very evident in the moist air at this point and both men walk up the path of the dark, glistening limestone, behind the glowing red orb, and into a hidden grotto beyond.




Here stood a dark cavern with a strange, shimmering pink substance glistening on the stalagmites and stalactites. 



Eli suddenly screams in vicious horror, "Oh God!  What is that?!  What is that?!" 









As well, to each side, stood doorways ajar.  They were entrances that led deep into crooked and bizarre underground closets with glow-in-the-dark skeletons, covered in velvety glitter, hanging from their low ceilings.  Very bizarre outfits and flashing clothing hung from the metal grates and vents in the closets also. 


Shimmering glitter and fragrant steam puffed out of the pipes and vents that were built along the crooked low-ceiling and walls.  Mounds of velvety ice and neon glitter rested in the corners, shimmering pine trees peeping forth from them. 


Distant laughter, resembling children, echoes from deep beneath the closets, emanating from somewhere far beneath the industrial vents.











Submitted: July 04, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ZELDA VAXANDORF. All rights reserved.

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