Chapter 18: chapter 18

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

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March 15th


Despite the cold and the general desolate surroundings the squad had settled into the regime of early rising and gruelling training sessions without much resistance. With not much to do at night though the squad had managed to find a number of different ways to keep themselves amused as night fell. None more so than Liverpool goal keeper Aiden Cruz and Manchester City defender Zack Gandino, both of whom were a noted pair of practical jokers who seemed forever locked in mortal combat determined to out do one another with ever more ingenious pranks.


When Zack came back from a visit to the local store one day a few eye brows were raised in the dormitory when out of a bag he produced a small bottle of fabric dye.


‘Pink’ exclaimed Reno noticing the colour emblazoned on the packaging, ‘is this you declaring your affiliation to the LGBTQ movement?’


‘No man,’ replied Zack dismissively with a chuckle, ‘its for a prank, its to get back at Aiden for smearing false tanning cream into my expensive face moisturiser last year when were both at Everton, had to get my sister to put foundation on me for a week.’


‘Whatcha gonna do with it, dye his kit or something?’ Puzzled Reno.


‘Nooooooo,’ he replied smiling mischievously, ‘got a way better idea than that.’


After the days training had concluded the squad retired back to the dormitory to relax, unwind and bed down for the night.


Stopping momentarily by Ben’s bunk Reno noticed the young player texting furiously on his phone.


‘Watcha doing kid, reminding your mam to iron creases into your jeans?’


‘What? No, I’m trying to text a message but it keeps saying no signal,’ replied Ben irritably.


‘Is it a girl?’ trumpeted Reno adding, ‘let’s take a look then.’


‘No, fuck off Reno, you’ll just take the piss,’ replied Ben defensively.


Suddenly Reno lunged for Ben’s phone and snatched it quickly off him.

‘Fuck me!’ exclaimed Reno loudly, ‘Blimey mate, what did she look like before the fire?’


‘Let me have a look,’ sniggered Zack eagerly taking the phone from Reno, ‘oh yeah, that’s nasty, she could make a horse back away from an oat bin she could.’


‘Give it back!’ Yelled Ben, his cheeks glowing red with both embarrassment and anger.


With a laconic grin Zack sheepishly handed the phone back to Ben and guiltily mouthed an apology before sauntering away back on his own bunk.


As Ben, Zack and Reno settled back down the comparative calm amongst the squad was once again shattered when the dormitory door suddenly swung open revealing a soaking wet Aiden, fresh from the shower block, wearing only a towel and looking decidedly miffed.


‘Gandino!’ he bellowed as he marched angrily into the dormitory snarling, ‘where is that little fucker!’


‘What’s up mate,’ asked Zack innocently as he poked his head out from his bunk.


By now the rest of the squad, having been stirred from their nightly stupefaction, were congregating around Aiden chuckling and staring at his pink face, pink hair and the rivers of pink streaks that flowed from his shoulders down his torso and down his legs.


‘Cor, what ‘appened mate?’ asked Zack innocently trying his best to sound concerned.


‘You know bloody well what happened you prick, just look at me; I look like Iceland’s answer to the pink fucking panther! I can’t get it off you twat!’ seethed Aiden.


‘I don’t know what you’re talking about,’ protested Zack throwing his hands up in the air before bursting out laughing.


‘What the fuck did you put in my shampoo you twat!  It won’t wash off!’ Aiden fumed in consternation.


‘Was Peter Sellers pink then? Queried Tyler fatuously.


‘Not that pink panther Tyler you fucking idiot I meant the cartoon version!’


As Tyler shrugged his shoulders suddenly Reese and Warren began to sing.


‘Think of all the animals you've ever heard about like rhinoceroses and tigers, cats and mink. There are lots of funny animals in all this world but have you ever seen a panther that is pink?


A panther that is positively pink…’


Soon the entire squad playfully joined in with the comedic recital.


‘Well here he is, the pink panther, the rinky-dink panther, and it's as plain as your nose, that he's the one and only, truly original,
Panther-pink panther from head to toes!’


‘Ah fuck off the lot of ya,’ yelled Aiden as he angrily stormed out of the dormitory as the impromptu sing song reached its climax leaving behind a chorus of boisterous laughter.


Later that evening, when the squad had all finally retired to bed, the wind intensified tearing across the frigid landscape, shrieking at high volume and thudding angrily against the dormitory walls with mighty fists throughout the night. As Vincent drifted fitfully in and out of sleep he mulled over the enormity of the task ahead. He hoped all this Herculean effort was going to be worth it.





















Submitted: June 23, 2022

© Copyright 2022 RogueMoon. All rights reserved.


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