"Paranormal Apocalypse season 7 episode 12 "JEREMY VS KRAMER VS THE HOARD"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Episode 12 hope you enjoy. this was a fun one to write.









“Kramer vs Dexter Vs the Hoard”


“Happy death day. Dexter ha-ha as if you have a choice. Death is near. Since you’re going to die let me tell you a secret. “Hope-Ridge well everyone there is dead and gone. My men plowed through them they didn’t put up much of a fight though.

It’s well almost like they wanted to die. It seems to me that they all gave up. Their leader left them hopeless their leader just gave up on them.

At least that is probably went through their minds at the time of their deaths. Very sad I know. But you chose to come after Kathleen you gunned her down and trapped yourself with us. You Dexter have no one to blame for all this but yourself.

*Kramer says smiling in the dark while holding up a match for light and holding it to Dexter’s face behind the jail cell.* “And now we are going to kill you. Your people aren’t just going to watch but they will participate.

And if they refuse then they may meet the same grim fate as you.” “Now I want to make sure we have no bad energy between us so if you want to say something say it now.” Kramer says. “You’re people. You I am going to kill you you’re people can choose to fight or go away either way you think this is the end of me but it’s not I can guarantee that.

If you even think for a second that you are going to continue this you are sadly mistaken. My people won’t let you execute me my people are loyal were are all loyal.

There is no loyalty with your group your group fears you. It’s a hard pill to take but it is true. You have your group so scared about whatever it is you do that they will do whatever it takes to please you.

Joseph saw that fear he gave in. I right away saw this and I chose to ignore it and you can’t stand that. It makes you mad that you cannot control me with fear. In fact I feel like in a way you are afraid of me.” Dexter says. “Oh so I am afraid of the great Dexter? Me? What a joke I am not afraid of you I have killed far more people than you.” “Or have you made others do your dirty work like you are trying to make my group? I bet if we fought one on one I would kick your ass you wouldn’t stand a chance.” Dexter says.

“A fight is that what you really want?” “Yes one to the death like what the Vikings used to do. Well what do you say Kramer? Are we on or are you going to kill me the coward’s way out and prove to me that you are and always will be nothing but a coward of a man.?” “Shut up. I Kramer am No Coward. If you really want to fight me then I will accept your conditions. We will fight to the death and I promise you when I have my hands over your throat and you are grasping for air I won’t let up I will make sure it’s lights out for you.”

*Kramer says as he blows the match out.* Dexter you will die.” *Kramer opens up the cell door and shuts It.* *Immediately Jeremy punches Kramer in the face.* *Kramer falls to the ground as Jeremy drives his knee into Kramer’s head over and over again.* *Jeremy punches Kramer in the head again and again. Jeremy grabs ahold of Kramer’s shirt and makes Kramer look up at Jeremy.*

“This is a warning we will kill you.” Jeremy shoves Kramer down the steps. A couple armed guards run at the door and start to open fire at Jeremy who ducks and breaks into a room nearby. *The guards check on Kramer.* “Kill Jeremy I want his body at the gallows by 8 am sharp.

I will bathe in his blood.” Kramer yells as he stands up and starts to limp my foot is killing me. Son of a bitch. Kramer shouts as he grabs one of the guards gun’s and starts to shoot at the wall in anger and frustration. Jeremy lock picks a drawer and grabs a gun from it and aims it at the door as another guard opens the door and Jeremy shoots and kills the guard and grabs his machine gun.

“I’m killing Kramer.” Jeremy says as he starts to walk out of the hallway opening fire at the guards. The guards dodge and start to shoot back but Jeremy shoots at them first killing several guards and injuring one. He approaches the injured guard and yells “Where is Kramer.”

*He points the gun at him.* “He ran out back.” *Jeremy shoots and kills the guard and makes his way outside of the jail and towards the backyard. *Jeremy could smell a fire and he approached the backyard and saw a fire pit. *Kramer! Show yourself.” Jeremy yelled out. *Hands suddenly grabbed Jeremy from behind as Jeremy and Kramer fought over the gun in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

*Jeremy kicked Kramer in his injured leg as he backed off. *Jeremy aimed the gun at Kramer and took a shot but missed.* *Kramer had escaped in the dark. Jeremy could only look around in the pitch black darkness outside. Kramer suddenly tackles Jeremy to the ground who drops his gun and Kramer has both hands around Jeremy’s neck and his face is inches from the fire as Kramer is yelling and groaning.* “This is the Rivera theater. The hoard should be here.  Executer says.

As a loud growling sound can be heard and Executer and Roman walk around the building. *Roman smiles* “We found us a hoard.” He says laughing. “We’ll shit looks like we did now we need to get it to follow us.” “That we do brother and that we will.” *Nadine runs down the jail hallway away from the sound of gun fire and runs into a room and runs right into Miles and Tom. She hugs them and says “I’m glad to see you. We need to get away from here.” “We will. We need to free Dexter.” “What about Joseph?” Nadine says. “No he got us into this mess we don’t need him. Screw him.” Miles says.

*Jeremy’s face is closer and closer to getting set on fire as he gasps for air but in one swift miracle motion he kicks Kramer in the injured foot and punches him in the face and kicks him in the head and Jeremy tackles Kramer to the ground and starts to punch him. Kramer coughs. “Enough of this.”

“I am Kramer I don’t die.” “Yes you do.” Jeremy yells. As he grabs his pistol and aims it at Kramer. *A gun shot goes off and the bullet knocks the gun out of Jeremy’s hand. *Jeremy and Kramer watch as Joseph slowly walks towards them.* “Jeremy enough I can’t allow you to kill Kramer. You see there is something you do not know.” *Kramer smiles and coughs.”

 *Jeremy looks over at Kramer and back at Joseph and what is that?” “Kramer is family. He is my cousin.”

“So that’s it that’s why you had no problem selling us out to him. Your both related maybe I should just kill both of you right here and now.” Jeremy says. “You could but you have no chance there are armed guards watching us right know there all around in the woods watching if I snap my figure you are dead.

Now Jeremy I’m sorry it came to this man I really am I am going to need you to get on your knees and put your hands behind your back. And it’s not me suggesting it it’s me telling you to do it or else.”

“You know you’re an even bigger piece of shit then Kramer is and I didn’t think it was possible.” “Why thank you for that.” Joseph says. *Joseph walks over to Kramer and offers him a hand.* “All that talk about you saying “What about our deal was a lie.” Jeremy says to Joseph. “Pretty good right?” “Traitor.” Jeremy says as one guard puts handcuffs around his wrist. “Now.” Nadine says as she along with Miles and Tom run to Dexter’s cell.

*Nadine opens it and runs to Dexter. Miles unlocks the cell door and Dexter steps out. *Dexter hugs and kisses Nadine.* “I’m so happy to see you I thought I was never going to see you again.” Dexter said crying. Nadine broke out in tears as well I felt the same way.” *as they hug.*

*an arrow strikes at the jail as Kramer and Joseph look up *A loud truck was driving down the highway and Roman was screaming out the window “Hey Jackals” “WHOOOO.” Executer stares at him and laughs as the Hoard was chasing after.

The truck drove down passed the jail and Executer cut the lights off fast and him and Roman exited the vehicle and hid in the dark. “Kramer and Joseph suddenly heard and saw the hoard coming after them they had no time to react. *Jeremy was forced inside. Kramer’s men ran inside and the last guard left the door open for Joseph and Kramer.

Kramer slammed the door shut. “Roman started shooting at the jail as Executer told him to stop. Executer looked over and froze as a man approached “I don’t mean to interrupt my name is Tobin. And I am a piolet.” *Executer smiled as Roman started to laugh.*

*the hoard began to surround the jail.* *Kramer looked out a window and shouted. This hoard has us prisoners.” *Kramer turns around and grabs his radio and speaks into it in a calm voice. “There is a hoard surrounding us we will most likely die here tonight and I am ok with that because death will be our salvation. And freedom will be DEATH.”

Submitted: July 05, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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