Murders And Islands

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Flight 268 seemed like any other. It went through the safety checks, the crew got on, most of the passengers arrived. You would think that it was a normal flight but it had some very interesting differences from a normal flight.




The pilot was anxious. Flight 268 was already shaping up to be one of his worst flights. To start with, one of the passengers turned up around 20 minutes late. However, the pilot was not allowed to take off without him since he was extremely rich and none of the people above him wanted to anger him. The pilot especially hated these kinds of people. They were almost always extremely entitled and they were even more conceited. The pilot’s suspicions turned out to be well-founded.


The passenger acted as if it was normal to arrive so long after the flight was supposed to take off. He came in with more baggage than was allowed, but again he got away with going against protocol and posing a safety hazard. Then he delayed the flight even further by deciding to make a phone call and not allowing the flight to take off until he finished. The pilot had half a mind to kick him off the flight for being so rude and ignoring rules in such a way not even mentioning the fact that he was causing a hassle for the other passengers and on top of that, himself. Finally, the passenger finished the call and they took off from the airport. Still, the passenger would laugh quite loudly on purpose whenever a joke came on in the movie he was watching. After a substantial time of this happening, the man fell asleep and there was peace on the plane.


Now the Pilot was scared. Mere seconds ago, a person had come in and slaughtered all of the crew using his knife. The person had waited until all of the crew had gathered to talk to the pilot. Then he killed them quickly before they could make a sound. Now the man was standing behind him. The only reason why he believed that it was a man was that he seemed to have the right body shape to be a man. The person did not speak. He was well-built, and only small bits of leg and arm were showing behind his full black costume. Those parts showed fair skin, it was slightly sunburnt and completely unremarkable. A few strands were also loose from his head. It was a sort of brown that looked like milk chocolate. Overall he seemed like a pretty unremarkable person. He did not have any distinguishing features that the Pilot could see.,


Usually, the pilot would have pressed the alarm button to get help from others. Normally he would have done that. Normally he would have done a lot of other things. For example, normally he would have been keeping his eyes on where he was going. Of course, this was not a time for things to be normal. After all, this moment was not normal. For example, in normal times, he did not have a knife pressed against his throat. 


The pilot was now whimpering. Slowly he rotated his head back to the airspace in front of him. He knew it was vital for the safety of the passengers to pay attention. He also knew that if he crashed then there was a high chance he would die as well. He had already lost altitude and he did not intend to lose anymore. He tried to take the plane higher. At that moment, he felt a sharp pain in his chest. The man behind him turned around and quietly walked away. The pilot let out a hoarse scream. He knew it was no good. All the passengers were already gone and his crew had just been slaughtered in front of him. He tried to reach for the emergency alarm but it was just out of reach. It was just at his fingertips. It was just a small push…


The Pilot was unable able to reach it, so he settled for the next best thing. Emergency Auto-Pilot Landing. It was new technology and he did not trust it completely. However, it was certainly the best shot that he had. He let out another ear-splitting scream. He looked behind him for the person who had just stabbed him but he was already long gone.




Lance was never good at sleeping. His parents were so angry at him because he would wake up in the middle of the night. Of course, that is okay. What really ticked them off was that he would then wake them up. He had long since gotten over it and he had a proper night’s sleep from then on.


However, today was different. Flight 268 that Lance had just boarded did not allow him to sleep. It was constantly rocking and he was unable to go to bed. It felt that as he tried to close his eyelids an invisible hand started to push them open again. Later he realized that it was the most important thing that had ever happened to him. For what he saw next was truly life-changing.


He saw a shadowy figure, moving through the aisles without making a sound. He moved like an animal stalking its prey. Every move that he made was deliberate and measured. Lance wasn’t sure what to think of the figure. That was the moment when he saw a glint of light from something the figure was carrying. He looked again and he realized that it was a knife. A polished knife, glinting in the light of the moon. 


As Lance watched the figure moved into the pilot’s chamber. Lance noted in a dreamy state that brown hair tumbled from his hood. As the figure slipped into the pilot’s room, Lance drifted off to sleep. “Not worth even staying up for.” he thought. The pilot’s screams echoed as Lance drifted to sleep.




Joe didn’t like flights and flight 268 was no exception. His friend Robert loved flights, however. Some might think that it was hard for the two of them to get along because of how different they are but after all these years they were still friends. They had met many years ago in school. They continued their friendship from there. They did everything together this included things like going to the same college and working for the same company for a brief period. Later they had started to drift apart. While Robert was interested in science, Joe was captivated by photography. He loved everything about it. He loved how he could share how he saw things with the world. He also loved how something could be there forever stored away for the right moment.


Joe was not approving of what Robert was currently doing with his life. He had become more and more crazed with his wealth. He had become the best in his field and became a millionaire. He was buying up land in England for no understandable reason and he was extremely haughty towards most people. Still, Robert was good company and was a good man. Joe still supported him and wanted him to have a good life. 


However each day he was getting worse and worse. Just today he had arrived extremely late for his flight. Then he had delayed the flight even further because he wanted to take a call. Even though Joe and Robert were drifting apart, Robert’s father Quinton could not be closer to Joe. He was a good man and he was always cheerful and fun to be around. He too was angry at how Robert was spending his time.


Quinton had lost his voice in an accident many years ago. Now he communicated ASL or American Sign Language. The problem was, Joe didn’t know ASL. Usually, Quinton traveled with a translator that Robert hired before he became the person he was today. The translator has taken leave, so now Quinton wrote his messages in Joe’s notebook. 


When will we land? Asked Quinton.

I believe it is just another hour to New York City. Answered Joe. Although he could hear, Quinton preferred reading to hearing.

Why exactly do I need to come on this trip? I’m not a scientist.


Joe sighed, this was an example of exactly how his friend had changed in the past few months. This new idea that Robert had come up with truly took Joe by surprise. He did not think that his friend would truly experiment on his father at a public display of science. Robert was Robert however. There was no changing his mind and there would be no talking any sense into him either. Once he made up his mind, there was no changing it. 


Joe was in the middle of formulating a good response when he found Quinton fall back with a thud against his seat. At first, he thought that something was wrong and he quickly panicked. When he looked though, he realized that Quinton had just fallen asleep and slumped back. He let out a deep breath and fell back into his seat with Quinton and drifted off to sleep.


Joe was half-asleep. He heard a scream. He moved slightly out of his seat. It was so far in the distance, surely it was not anyone here. He was not able to understand what was happening exactly. He decided it was not worth it to expend the energy of opening his eyelids for this scream that he did not even understand and slumped back down into his seat, making a soft noise. Just as he was drifting back into his dreams he heard another scream. This one was much closer and louder as well. There could be no doubt. Someone was in agony. 


He opened his eyelids with a start. He felt the seat belt around his waist tighten. He started forward but the seatbelt caught him and held him to his seat. He felt a sharp pain in his waist as the seat belt struggled to hold on to him as he fell. Just as he thought that he was going to fall, the plane seemed to right itself. The sudden jerk back to the proper course startled him. The notebook that he used to communicate with Quinton fell out of his hands and into the seats in front of him. It slid slowly down the seats. He tried to grab it with his hands and legs but it was just out of reach. It went down the aisles until it disappeared from his view. He let out a deep sigh


As he got up he glanced out the window. He let out a small yelp. He looked to Quinton to see his reaction. Meanwhile, Quinton was sleeping. Of course, trust Quinton to sleep through an ear-piercing scream that would have woken up someone a whole building away. Just as he thought about a scream, another one took place. “We’re heading straight for that island under us! What does that pilot think he’s doing?” Screeched a passenger located behind him. His ears were filled with the sounds of everyone screeching and yelling. Then suddenly, everything stopped and there was silence and for the first time since the plane had taken off, he felt calm.




Robert was extremely annoying, he knew that about himself. What he normally did in situations like what he was in now was he would act extremely arrogant and act like he didn’t care. Robert often showed a disregard for danger and his life. Many people found it disturbing and hard to believe. However, the truth was that Robert cared. Robert cared a lot about his life. However, Robert always tried to act like he was the bravest person in the world. He was not but it was comforting to pretend.


This time was different from any time when his life had been in danger before this, however. The main difference is that before there were always others there to save him if anything went wrong. This time there were no such people. He was on his own. So he kept quiet even when everyone was shouting around him. Maybe if they had not been shouting so loudly, they would have noticed as he fell back against the chair with a soft thud. It was almost like he had fallen asleep.




Maya was very comfortable when she was talking to the spirits. Much more comfortable than talking to normal people. She was often nervous around people when she was young. When she was young many things were different. For example, she had not believed in magic and spirits. Even now she did not believe in magic. She only believed in the way things were supposed to be. She could tell the way so people could prepare. She realized this only late in her life. However, this was her calling and she knew it. So she had dedicated her life and here she was.


Maya wanted to know why she had to board this flight. The spirits had instructed her to get on board this flight. When she had asked them why exactly they wanted this, they had not answered. Now she tried again to ask the spirits why she was needed. She prepared the necessary things for the ritual. She let the spirits take control of her and she chanted in a language. She did not understand what she was saying. She allowed the spirits to guide her mouth and show her what to say.


Her chant ended without any result. She knew to be patient. Sometimes things did not work out as she wanted them to. However, she knew if she kept on trying then she could achieve anything she wanted to. She decided that it was best to wait till tomorrow and then try again to see if things were different. She fell asleep and fell back into her chair.


Maya woke up with a jolt. She had heard a scream in her subconscious. There it was again. A scream. It was louder and it was even more ear-splitting. As she woke up her fortune-telling equipment fell out of her lap. She grabbed it quickly and hugged it to her chest. She felt the fear of the other passengers. It looked like her fortune would have to wait for tomorrow.




Frank had a terrible moment of panic as he shot upright in his seat. He looked around and realized what was happening. A plane was crashing. Even worse, he was on it. He quickly gathered his nerves and calmed himself for the crash-landing. 


They quickly gathered all that they could find on the plane. They ran out with tents, sleeping bags, radios, and many other things. They thought they had gotten everything. They forgot many things as they went back to their makeshift meeting place. The most important thing that they forgot was letting out blood in a slow sound like a wet person dripping on the floor. They did not notice the blood on the carpet as they left the plane.




The plane had been supposed to land in a substantial body of water. However, the water was shallow and the plane had gone further than expected. They had landed inside of a marsh and they had jumped out and tried to remain as clean as possible. Most of the people were quite lucky and remained clean.


Quinton however was not so lucky. He slipped while getting out. Joe had gone back to help him and had gotten a significant amount of dirt on himself. Quinton had lost a shoe in the process. Thankfully, he had gotten Quinton out and that was what mattered. 


In all the confusion Joe had not even noticed that Robert, his best friend had disappeared. When he finally noticed that he was gone he tried to remember when he had seen him. He was shocked to realize that he had not seen him since when he got on the flight with him. He had scrambled back to the flight to see if his friend was in the meeting place nearby. When he was there he asked if anyone had seen his friend. The answers were repetitive and extremely similar.



“Haven’t seen him.”

“If he’s on the island he would have come here.”


Joe was troubled by the answers. He was sure that his friend had gotten onto the flight. However, he had not seen him since. 


Fueled by panic, Joe ran back to the plane. The mud splashed all over his shoes and started to get on his skin. It felt like a shower that was too cold. Joe didn’t care about that now though. As he got closer to the plane the mud started to get redder and redder. He then heard a small sound, just like a faucet that had nearly been shut down with just a small drip coming out.


As he walked near the plane he covered his mouth. He felt true horror. It was worse than the feelings that the horror movies tried to invoke. The slow drip-drip continued. With a gasp, he finally put the pieces together and understood why he felt that terrible feeling in his gut. The thing that was slowly dripping down from the plane was blood. Fresh blood.




Maya had seen her fair share of troubled men. She had seen people wanting cures for incurable diseases for their loved ones. She had seen others begging her for rewards to please others. This man that burst into the meeting place was different from all of those men, however. This man did not want something from her. He was not asking for something impossible. He simply was scared and needed to inform the other people gathered on the makeshift island.


Maya had been trying to check her fortune using the equipment she had kept safe during the plane crash. She was interrupted by a splash and noises she could not describe coming from the direction of the site of the plane crash. A man emerged, covered in mud that seemed to be slightly red for some reason.


“Someone has killed Robert!” the man exclaimed in a frightened tone.

“Who?” replied someone behind her.


The crowd echoed that man’s thoughts. She too had no idea who Robert was. He could have been any of the men who had boarded the plane. There wasn’t enough time for introductions when they had boarded the flight. However, the fact that someone murdered another person was still troubling.


The man recounted his experience finding the man named Robert lying dead in the plane. The crowd murmured with fear and confusion as he delivered this news. Out of the crowd stepped a man. 


“My name is Aaron Crelt. Robert was my colleague and I am sorry that he died. He was a good man. I will find the person responsible for this terrible deed.”




Frank was disturbed by the news that there was a murder on the island. He had experienced his fair share of horrific things when he looked for new stories. The public just loved to read about terrible things happening to misfortune people. However, this was significantly different from all those stories. In those stories, he was far away and in a safe spot. He was simply a reporter looking for a new story. Now he was in the action and he was in danger.


Just as Aaron offered his help, another man stepped up. Frank recognized him. He was a reporter for a rival newspaper. He was a good man. Frank believed his name was Lance. The man gave a nervous stutter and walked up in front of the crowd of 7 people. Frank now remembered him more clearly. Lance was often nervous. He loved writing but when he was asked to speak he often became lightheaded. It was unfortunate but it did not stop him in interviews with others. 


“I saw a figure walk into the pilot’s office right before he was killed.” stuttered Lance “I was half-asleep but I am almost certain he was there.”


There was a collective look of surprise on the faces of the crowd except for the fortune-teller who simply smiled as if she was all-knowing, and Aaron who held back a look of extreme surprise. Things were getting much more interesting around the island.




Joe had heard of Aaron before. He was also an extremely skilled scientist. He was Robert’s colleague. However, Robert was often rude to him more than others. Before Robert had changed however he had said that Aaron had been a good man. Joe trusted Robert so he accepted Aaron’s help. Lance provided some useful information such as the hair color. However, almost everyone on the island had brown hair including Joe himself.


They would need to be vigilant if they were to catch the criminal and get out of there alive. He had quickly narrowed the list down to 3 suspects. The first was a countess of England. Her name was Grace Destler and her land was being bought up by Robert for unknown purposes. She had some sort of a connection with Robert and could want to get back at him. Robert had often been rude to her and since they were both mini-celebrities. They met a lot. Robert used every chance he could to take her down a notch as she did not work for her fortune as he did. Although it was a little extreme Joe had no idea what Robert was doing exactly with the land.


The next suspect was her sister Grace. She was the owner of the local bookstore and the land surrounding it had recently been bought up by Robert. She had expressed her fear to reporters on more than one occasion and she could have done it simply out of fear. She was afraid for good reason. Robert would often shut down stores just because they were not as good as he expected. 


Finally, there was Matthew Bacharat. He was a rival of Roberts and Robert was buying up his stocks slowly. Also, his parents died at a young age because Robert’s parents didn’t give them the surgery they needed because they could not pay. It was a long day and Joe needed to go to sleep.




Quinton had not approved of what his son did. He did terrible things and was often rude. He believed that he had changed quite a lot from the person he had raised as a young man. That person was very polite and courteous. He believed that person was still in there somewhere. That was why he still cared for his son. He wanted to find who had killed his son and punish them. He wished he could have his son back.


He needed to find out who killed his son. He felt sorrow pouring down upon him like a rainy day when he had forgotten to pack his umbrella. His son was still his son. He cared for him and that was why he wanted to help Joe to root out the criminal. However, he was not sure what exactly he could do to help him.  That was when he heard the scream. 




Lance had just gone to sleep when he was re-awakened. His first instinct was to curl back into a ball and go back to sleep. However, that was quickly ruled out as an option. Especially when there was a figure on his bed with a knife pointed at his throat.


“Don’t make a sound.” whispered the figure above him.


With a start, Lance realized this was the figure who was on the flight. He was the person everyone was hunting. The man, that was what Lance realized that now, touched the knife lightly to his skin. At that moment Lance realized who the man was. He realized which member of the camp he was.


At that moment the knife was released from his throat. Before Lance could say a word though, it came straight back down and stabbed him in the chest. For a moment, he was too stunned to make a noise. The figure jumped out from the bed and ran back into the forest leaving the secret of who he was with a dying man. Lance screamed.




Frank needed a walk in the woods. So Frank took that walk. He had been shocked after Lance’s death. Before that, it had just been Robert. It could have very well been an isolated event because they hated him. Now the killer seemed to be on a rampage. He was quite scared that he may be the next victim. After all, everyone was. That was when he found something that would change his life forever. It was something in the ground.


As he bent down he noticed that it was a track of footprints. He followed them and they led to Lance’s tent. This was something new. He had to tell Aaron and Joe to help them to keep everyone safe. Currently, no one was.




Joe knew that he would have to work harder than before if we were to find out who killed his dear friend Robert. Normally he would have asked Aaron for help. He was better at being a detective than Joe could be. However, he had left to look for clues at Lances’ house. When he went there to ask for his help, however. He was not able to find him there. He figured he had wandered into the woods.


He needed to interview his suspects. Trace and Grace both agreed to come in for an interview to understand whether or not they had committed the crime. Matthew however was nowhere to be found. He would need to look for him later if he was to understand what he had been doing and also to find out if he had committed the crime.


Trace and Grace came in together. They seemed sad. Joe could not exactly say he was surprised. Everyone in the camp had a change of mood ever since Lance had been murdered. It was no longer just an isolated case. Now the people on the island knew that they were at a high risk of dying especially with a killer among them. No one was as trusting anymore and it was for good reason.


“So,” Joe said with a sigh, “You know why you’re here.”

“Yes, we do,” answered Grace “We would never kill Robert. Although it may have seemed like we hated each other, we were good friends.”

“Is that so?” asked Joe

“Yes,” Trace spoke with a sigh “Although Robert is not my favorite person, my sister believes he is a good man. He has started on his renovation of our city and I believe that he has good intentions.”

“Renovations?” asked Joe in surprise

“Yes we gave him partial ownership of the land and he would renovate it,” answered Grace “Our city was in dire need of a renovation and Robert helped us with it.”

“Is that why he was buying the land?” asked Joe

“He wasn’t buying it, but yes. That was why he was buying up the land.”


At first, Joe did not believe their story. After thorough interrogation, however, he realized that they were telling the truth. That was when Frank came to him with important information.




Matthew thought that it was best to have a good stroll if he was to calm his nerves. He knew that people suspected him of committing the crime. He simply could not have that. He could not do it. He was good friends with Robert. If he was to prove his innocence then he was going to have to find the real killer. 


He decided to walk to Lances’ house to search for clues. When he got there however he found something else. At the back of the tent was the shadowy figure who Lance had described. Matthew realized there was no way that he could fight him. He ran back only to feel a sharp pain through his back. He tried to scream but he was not able to get the noise out. Instead came a gurgling sound that sounded like a waterfall.


“Can’t have Robert’s Business Partner searching for clues can we?” asked the figure in a soothing voice as if he was trying to lull him into a false sense of security.


Wait, he knew that voice. He recognized it. The criminal was-. At that moment a man died.




Maya was expecting Joe to walk into her room. Many people would ask her if she had heard it from the divine spirits. The reality was that she heard his footsteps before he walked in.


She had long ago trained herself to understand how a person was feeling based on their footsteps. It was very useful to understand what a client wanted. This man’s footsteps were slow and methodical. 


“Well, what do you need help with?” asked Maya in a bored voice.

“I need answers,” replied Joe “I need to know who killed my friend.”

“That I cannot give you,” Maya replied slowly “I can give you a clue, however.”


The person you seek is someone you know

You would never suspect them

This person deceives

This person lays in wait for the next time someone learns too much

Joe jolted out of his seat as if a thought occurred to him. 

“Thank you for your help!” he exclaimed to Maya as he dashed out a doorway. Another satisfied customer.




Aaron was not expecting Joe to handcuff him when he came to ask him a question. The handcuffs were low-grade and probably came from the emergency locker supply on the flight.


He was not expecting things to end this fast. He tried to struggle free but Matthew who had come to push a struggling Aaron along pushed him forward. 

“Why did you do it?” asked Joe in a soft voice.

They had come to his tent.

He seemed to barely be hiding back tears. 

“You would never understand,” Aaron replied in a sullen voice then walked away.

“Try,” replied Joe.

“Robert was always the best in his field. Even though I was number 2 everyone ignored me. They treated me like I was some low-ranking scientist. All because I hung around with Robert. We would work on the same thing and then when he got the answer first everyone would act as if I was worthless. I realized the only way to become the best would be to kill him. When I realized Lance had seen me, I couldn’t allow him to remember anything else about me. Matthew was snooping around and you were supposed to be the next target.”


Matthew didn’t know why he said all that. He had never opened up like this to anyone before. 


“I understand but you must go to prison. These acts were terrible.” Joe seemed sad.




The funeral was sad. It was the third funeral he had attended in the past week. It had been Matthew’s. They managed to get the radio on the plane working. They called for help and it had come. They had come back to their homes. 


In Robert’s will, he had left most of his wealth to Joe. He had then decided to use it to help charities and other organizations. With the money that Robert had left he decided to pursue his lifelong dream of making a movie. Production had just started. It was about the mystery that he had just solved. He had just settled on a name.


Murders On Islands




Submitted: July 05, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Cha It An Ya. All rights reserved.

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