Does Anyone?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

There are days when you feel completely alone. Days when you're sure no one sees you. Days when you're certain no one will notice you leave. These are the days when you ask: Does Anyone See Me?

Does anyone care?

Does anyone feel?

Does anyone wonder,

Where I am when

I'm not there?


Does anyone notice?

Does anyone see?

Does anyone even

Know that I'm there?


Do they think of me?

Do they dream of me?

Do they speak of me?

Can anyone tell?

Can anyone hear me?


Am I not there?

Am I not here?

Am I not with you?


Can you see me?

Can you feel my touch?

Can you say

My name?

Do you know my


Do you know I'm


Do you even care?


Do you dare to even

Look at me?

Do you dare to even

See me?

Do you dare to bother?

Do you dare to look my way?


Would you like to know

What I could be thinking?

What I have to say?


Can I ask you to try?

Can I ask that you look?

Can I ask that you spare

Me a passing thought?


Could you look for me?

Ever seek me out?

Or look for me in

A crowd?

Could you ever try to

Know me?

Could you pass me by,

And spare me

Even a simple “hi”?


Would you dare to

Sink as low as me?

Would you care,

If I was no longer there?

Would you stop

Or pause?

And say, “Where has

That girl gone?”


Would you know me


Would you care for

Me then?

What would your


If I disappeared


Could you then wish,

That things had been

Different then?


Could I then be

In your dreams?

So tell me,

“Can I be your friend?”

Would you say


Would you let me



Could I say,


Can I say,

So long?

Can I dream that

Things hadn't gone so



That things had been


That you didn't pass me


That you spared me

A simple “hi”?

That I might be,

Someone you wish to



That, maybe,

Just, maybe,

You would want

To know


Submitted: July 05, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Kristen Blakey. All rights reserved.

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