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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A collection of poems portraying how humanity drifted from everything it stood for and instead, is persistently trying to wrap the complexity of cosmos in its limited ability to comprehend things.

Chapter 1



You are depressed but that's no new

It's the budding generation, the voice of few

Days comes and goes with the phase of moon

And we feel vulnerable, struck by a cursed boon

Every ounce seems to have bloated pain

Until we discover it's ultimate gain.

We acclimate to the situations we face

Thinking that this is all our race.

Charades is like everyone's thing

Being your judge, like they are your king.

World doesn't hold a throne to sit

It's the vile idea of humanity creating this pit.

One doesn't need the Materialism baubles,

That leads to realize one's ideal morals.

Life's past is firm and future is eminent

Only present has the liberty to be diligent.

A warrior is not about perfection or flamboyancy

Give your best stroke and life will give the needed buoyancy

Stop the focus on your gloomy side

Look in the mirror who knows you may find a 

child who has yet not died.


Chapter 2








I grew weary witnessing the fetish,

With the heads being selfish and time being sluttish.

We all complain but things remains the same,

And somebody justifies it, without any shame.

We got to consider, everything comes with an expiry date

And it's upon our shoulder to shape the future's fate.

When we came, insanity was the Mother's bane

And there is an urgent need for minds to be sane.

Believe or not but retro is now orthodox,

having an effect that of twin paradox.

The society praises for the success that dies,

And condemn for the failure that survives.

Oh God! Our ancestors manifested the social disease,

And everybody feels the burden of the pressure that needs to release.

Our generation has extreme comfort and beguiling ease,

But one thing we are short of is PEACE.

Submitted: July 06, 2021

© Copyright 2021 kashyapaman28. All rights reserved.

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