The Apprentice

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

It's time to learn the truth, it's time for young Caius to begin his journey towards his destiny.

What the hell was she talking about? How can anyone just make fire enough to instantly heat the stove so its ready to cook?

"Focus child" I could hear her voice in my head. Yeah right, focus, focus on what? I just want the damned thing to get hot enough to cook, I'm starving. This is no good, I'm just going to grab some firewood and light a fire.

Crack! Why am I on the floor? Why does my head hurt? 

"I told you to focus you great lump" The old woman was cackling.

That damned stick of hers, I swear one of these days I'm going to take that stick, saw it into little pieces and spread them all over the furthest reaches of Issitoria!

Suddenly I began to feel hot, images swirled in my mind of steam rising, from where? I couldn't say but it was getting hotter. I felt a little weak on my legs, slowly I began to lose my strength, then with a thud I was on the ground, exhausted, sweat pouring from me like I had completed the most strenuous job out on the farm.


"Good child, you rest now. You are learning quite quickly, not that I thought you wouldn't" cackled the old woman.

I looked up, she was stood, cooking! How? There had been no fire started to cook? "W-w-what?"

"You just rest and we will talk more after breakfast"

I couldn't move, didn't have the energy. I just lay there, those sausages smell good already, maybe I will just close my eyes a little and.......There was a loud crack of thunder, rain poured down soaking me all the way to the bone. Wait? Rain? I was? Maybe I am dreaming? 

Suddenly, a loud shrieking scream filled the air followed by another crack of thunder and another scream. I ran towards the sound, through the wet grass in the field that I knew very well. Towards the large wall at the end that housed the psychotic bull we keep to stud the cows. How has someone got in there? We purposely keep that pen built high to stop people getting in.

I scurried up the side, climbing as quickly as I could, I had to help whoever was in there, that bull was just pure rage and power. As I reached the top there were two figures in the dark, one lying on the floor, the other moving slowly towards them. The one on the ground moved looked to raise an arm, a light began to emerge, they were holding a stick, the light was coming from the end of it getting brighter and brighter, I can see the persons face now and, no! It Can't be! Mum! My mother, lying there, looking in terrible pain. I looked over and as the light got brighter I could begin to make out the second figure. It was Savirei Gelzuth, my mother was saved! 

As the light from my mothers stick grew brighter, I felt a tremendous pressure building around the place, like the air was being pushed inwards. Suddenly Savirei raised his hand, a pulsating burst of lightening shot right across to my mother, I felt in complete shock as the bolt struck with a tremendous clap of thunder straight into my mothers chest, I was numb. I fell from the wall into the pen. The force of the lightening strike had sent the stick that my mother was holding hurtling towards me at lightening pace.  It landed on the ground next to me, as I looked back to where my mother lay there suddenly came a deafening silence as all the light vanished. 

She just lay there, not moving, Savirei just standing over her. Then it hit me, a wave of anger, he had just killed her, my mother, murdered by the so called saviour of all humans! I dragged myself off the ground, picked up the stick next to me, it was a lot heavier than I had imagined. Good, the heavier the better, I am going to split Savirei's skull wide open! 

I charged at him, stick raised high, intent on dealing as much damage as humanly possible. Then Savirei turned, looked me square in the eye, smiled "There you are!" came a booming voice then something thin and silvery came flying towards me, I twisted my neck to avoid the flight of the object but it caught me on the cheek and a searing pain came through as if whatever it was had been left in a smiths forge.

Blinding light, I can't see, huge crashes of thunder again. As I opened my eyes my grandma was standing over me, concern written all over her face. "He is quicker than I remember" she said in a surprisingly serious tone.

I rolled to my right to get to my feet, then I saw blood dripping to the floor next to me, I touched my face and winced as the pain from the open wound on my cheek flooded through my body. How? What was going on? It was only a dream?

"No child" That serious voice again, it made me very nervous.

Wait? Can she really hear my thoughts? I opened my mouth to ask.

"Yes, yes I can. Come, get to your seat here, eat and we shall talk"

We both sat at the table, fresh tea brewed and sausages and fresh bread on the table with some tomatoes from the garden out back. On another occasion this would be my most enjoyable part of the day.

"So, I have told you of our great destiny, but now" she placed her stick and that grimoire on the table "Is time for you to take over and continue our duty"

We sat there as she thumbed through the vast book, then she stopped, looked me in the eye and sighed. "Such a young age, you are about to learn some horrible truths. I need you to stay calm, focused and not let your emotions run you, this you must promise me"

"I promise" I whispered back.

In a hazy bright light we found ourselves outside, this was different though, the farm looked very different. We walked around to the back where there was a great stone table set out, it was shaped like a star, surrounded by people. There was at least thirty people either stood or sat around the table, they all suddenly turned to us. One young man with blond hair and powerfully built stood, raised a sword and in a big, booming voice called "Raynor, welcome, time to take your place, Caius, your real life begins now young apprentice"

Submitted: July 07, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Jonathon Asur-Robinson. All rights reserved.

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