Love ages

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Hmmm I thought about the idea that love ages when I was playing Mario Kart and thought hmmm love is like human it can aged depending on the topic but then I said all love ages like a human your love grows or it decreases but I decided to write about how love grows when me and my cousin was up and I decided to talk about love a random topic and I got the idea for this poem so I wrote it

Love ages

Did you know that love ages

Love is human too

It starts out as butterflies 

With corny pick up lines 

And barely there touches of the fingertips

That incite forest fires that travel from the infection of my brain to the tips of my toes

It starts their toddler stage

With little bumps as defiance of society that says instead of covering your mouth with mines I should be in school

Or when you eat the last of my skittles 

Or when I’m getting on ur nerves by going on on about Harry Potter 

But it’s fun

 And it’s encouraging 

And it’s braved

And love has aged

We fill our nights with deep and meaningful conversations 

And we’re talking about life and what we want to be

I promise to be your wife

And you promise to be my husband

It’s the love of when it’s summer and the sun is beaming down and we’re riding bicycles not caring about the world and it’s until love age that we’re faced with difficult 

I no longer want to go to the same school with you 

I no longer want to major in psychology and solve the worlds problem

I wanna be a writer and go to school in New York 

30,000 miles from you

It’s not you that I want to get away from it’s just not where my heart is 

And so since our love has aged where faced with a decision to let go of our love and cherish the memories 

Or to fight for something that may or not prevail

I choose you but I don’t choose that school 

I choose you but I don’t choose to allow the distance to change my feelings for you

Because my love for you has aged

We’re adults Now

And we beat the odds!

And we kept the promises of each other

And made new ones

To love and to hold

Till death do us part and we made mini me’s and mini you’d

That only know one word mama

Even if your sitting right there it’s mama

And I’m writer I found and got rejected but I made it 

You did it 

Your solving the worlds problem one session at a time

My love for has age

It’s no longer a fire that you incite but instead a simmer 

And it’s twice as bad

We’re too old for all the activities of when we are young 

Our love has aged with us

And we’re steaming slow and long 

And we’re taking our time to enjoy tomorrow 

Our days our being numbered and my cancer is worse

But my love has aged along with me 

And I will always cherish me and you and mini versions that have grew into grown adults that has mini them 

I’m proud Of and so as I take my last hold me and joke about my rambling of Harry Potter and kiss me like only you can




Submitted: July 07, 2021

© Copyright 2021 niyyah. All rights reserved.

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