5 First Poems

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Writing poems is one of my hobbies and here are my 5 first poems about life.

  • Different Perspective
If it's about different personal perspective, 
Should I explain mine descriptive? 
What if you always resist? 
Although different views truly exist
I've been trying
Still, there's a lot of misunderstanding
It's like I always turn right
When you turn left and ask me for a fight
I have no place to speak up more
And it tires me, just like before
So, I decide to do my thing
Without your involving
No surprises
I don't want to do any surpasses
I just want to do my own thing that I'm keen on
Without you knowing what I'm working on
I'll work for myself
By myself
It takes much time
Just like writing this rhyme
You'll understand, someday, not now
I'll gladly let you know
  • Down To Earth
Back down to earth
Do your things in hidden
No need to be heard
No need to be sudden
Do your things privately
No need to be known
Do your things silently
No need to be shown
On the floor, leave your skin
Leave your inner pride
No need to be spin
Just enjoy your ride
You can still do your best
Even anonymously
If you feel tired, please take a rest
Just don't quit too early
  • 51st Page
Last night I dreamed of something interestingly
I was trapped in an empty house alone suddenly
Something magical took me somewhere
Seemed, it wanted to show me something there
Slowly, I started to walk on the second floor
It was so messy, no life sign anymore
A book was unfolded at 51st page
I started to read the mysterious message
It was written in a beautiful writing
It was perfectly interesting
I read it slowly
The more I read it, the more I was stunned silently
Reading the last message made me speechless
It was written that "no life that's flawless"
"Life is fully filled by imperfection"
"Our task is seeing the perfection in the imperfection"
  • How Are You? 
How are you? 
How are your days recently? 
Be the happier you
So I can be the happier me
Nothing's wrong
Everything was written before
Stay strong
Although I'm not there anymore
  • Imperfect Perfection
I adore all of your weakness
I'm in love with all of your minus
You're not flawless
But for me, you always have plus
Night comes leaving the noon
They say you're pathetic
Just like the night without the moon
But for me, you always be aesthetic
Let them judge you and me
Let them judge our imperfection
I just want you to be with me
For me, you're my perfection
Just like a flower without a bee
Just like water without 02
I can't live if you're not next to me
I can't live without you

Submitted: July 08, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ratihtrn. All rights reserved.

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