Lost Stars

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

a personal project that started in march 29th 2020 but didn't get released until july 7th and for the story well let me release the chapters and find out for yourself


Lost Stars

Chapter 1

The story starts on a stormy night as a hooded figure wearing a large cloak walks into a traven with crooks scattered throughout the bar drinking and having a good time with music being played by musicians in the background the hooded figure sits at the bar as the bartender after finishing with someone he stands in front of the hooded figure as the hooded figure takes off his cloak revealing a purple haired teenager

Bartender : "So what can I get you kid?"

 A unique looking tail with a yellow hand comes out putting a picture on the table with a king on it as the Bartender grabs it looking at it

Bartender : "so King Loki huh what are you looking for information"

Before he can say anything, the Bartender goes to clean a glass behind the counter as a large drunk overweight man slams his hand on the counter 

Drunk man : Hey? I need a drink over here!" 

The Bartender : "looks at the drunk man shakes his head, I'll be there in a minute sir"

The Bartender pours the drunk man's drink as the drunk man stands up and walks over to the young teenager putting his arm on his shoulder and points behind the counter at the bunch of wanted posters he hiccups then says

Drunk man : "you,   that guy right there looks just like you"

He points a wanted poster with the name Godspeed Swift with a bounty of Thirty million rubies 

Drunk man : because if that's you, I could use the money, I'm a little strapped for Rubies right now

As the drunk man sits and yells at him, he looks bored and not interested in whatever he had to say, so he sits and drinks a non-alcoholic beverage the bartender placed for him and as he drinks it the drunk man grabs him by the throat but as he grabs him he punches him ten times at a blinding speed as green electrical energy comes out of his arm  ripping his cloak off revealing that he is Swift from the wanted poster as everyone in the bar notices him and begin staring

Swift : "anyone else wanna try their luck with the super fast guy with the freaky tail?"

Everyone in the bar stops staring and continues as normal

Swift : "geez like maybe I was asking you too"

The bartender walks back over to Swift

Bartender : "you're a load of trouble aren't you"

Swift : "depends on the occasion and time of the week"

Bartender sits down and hands him a drink

Bartender : "so what brings you out here your looking for King Loki right?"

Swift : "depends on what information you can give me?"

Bartender : "answering a question with a question huh? Alright so do you even know about the guy?"

Swift : "hardly, all I know is that he's another rich scumbag and got that way because he over taxes people in his kingdom"

Bartender : "the Terraria kingdom yeah that guy turned it into one hell of a shitshow recently got so bad even that guy as a bounty on his head none of my business kid, but I will leave that place where it is"

Swift : "well I need money and that king's bounty I'll have enough rupees to swim in them"

The bartender goes under the counter to get a napkin and when he gets up Swift isn't there



Submitted: July 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Slystudi0s. All rights reserved.

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