The Golfers A novel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sports  |  House: Booksie Classic

Markie Daniels is the next American golf sensation who has to deal with all kinds of problems to deal with. But, as she hits the pro tour, she meets Ralf Hass, who thinks she is there to make up the numbers, until her success changes his mind.
The new novel by Robert Helliger.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

_ This book is PG for mild sex references, mild coarse language, adult themes. PART ONE Page 1. ... Read Chapter

Chapter One-You're a golfer?

It was a Saturday morning at Blachwood Heights Golf Course in New York. Markie was looking at the "No Women players" sign. She looked at ... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

___ The sign read: The Thyler Kane Tea Rooms.  Markie smiled as she saw Roger.  'Am I early?', Roger asked her... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

__ 'Roger'. 'Yes'. 'It's your wife on the line'. 'You have a wife?'. 'Ex-wife', Roger stated. 'Oh, I see'. 'I... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

_ 'The pro tour is not financially viable for women', Roger said. 'Don't think...'. 'Markie. Pay is messed up'. 'Is it?',... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

'New York is full of celebrities. You don't live like a sports star unless famous', Martha Grimes said. She looked at Thelma Kormer. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

_ 'New Yorkers are different from Chicago people. Some are rich; some are middle class; some are poor, and live in the boroughs', Mar... Read Chapter


The meal was delicious.  'Tomorrow you're going to the Burchwald Invitational in New York, Markie. $750,000. Good pay day', Roge... Read Chapter

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