The Creature

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Third o'clock in the morning. The time of dark forces and the gate of hell itself. The main character of this story often wakes up around three in the morning. She gets the feeling that something very bad will happen. Sometimes he panics. At the same time, she always realizes that she is not only alone at home, even though she lives alone. The struggle of the dark forces with our world sometimes brings with it messages. It only depends on who understands them and how to decipher them. The gates of hell are open ...

Diary - Creature.


January 2015


I checked the time on my mobile. It was exactly half past two in the morning. I felt that I was not alone in the apartment. I lay motionless, wondering what to do. I was afraid. It seemed to me that in the darkness I was distinguishing a small creature standing under a window. I don't remember any more. I guess I fell asleep.


February 2015


I realized that my arms and legs were paralyzed. I was totally paralyzed. I couldn't move. My body didn't listen to me at all. My eyes felt the darkness in the room. I wanted to scream, but I couldn't. I had the feeling that someone was in the apartment and walking in the next room.


Marc 2015


I slept in Jovsa with ours. I woke up at night that a strong white light shone through the window into the room. I didn't get it, I got out of bed and, going through the other rooms, checked to see if everything was in order. Through all the windows i woke up suddenly for no reason. Immediately a white light shone into the house. I looked at the clock on the wall. They showed 2:50 p.m. I went out into the hall by the kitchen. Someone or something was behind my back. I turned slowly to see what or who it was. As I turned, the light suddenly added to the intensity. It was so strong that it blinded me ... and I didn't see anything anymore. I have no idea what happened next. I woke up in the morning. I couldn't remember anything. In the afternoon I noticed that I had something pricked in the back of my neck and it was quite painful. It set on fire for me in the evening. The next day I went to my district doctor. She said it was a needle prick. She prescribed me an ointment for that. It took me a week for the place to heal after the alleged needle that stabbed me.


February 2016


I woke up feeling horrified. I felt that someone was in the room. Upset, I was leveling my thoughts. I live alone, so it is not possible for anyone to be in my apartment. But I still felt like someone woke me up. Despite the darkness, I tried to look around the room. There was a rattling sound in the kitchen as an object fell to the ground, perhaps a spoon.


May 2016


Someone kicked the closet in my room. I jumped out of bed in shock. My heart was pounding so that I could hear nothing more than my own hum in my head. I looked at my cell phone. It was 3:10 p.m. morning. I didn't turn on the light, I walked through the whole apartment in the dark, but no one anywhere. I lay on the bed again, but I didn't sleep until morning.


August 2016


I slept with ours again. I woke up at night and realized that my bed was floating. She moved as if she were swimming on a small wave. I didn't get up, I just watched this strange phenomenon in amazement. The bed moved down, forward and up. And again and again. I was frightened and jumped into the middle of the room. I looked at the clock on the wall. It was shortly after three in the morning. The room was not completely dark, but so strange gloom that it was readable. I looked at the bed for a moment, but it didn't move. So I lay down after a while, but the whole process was repeated until the morning. In the morning, I turned on the radio in the kitchen and waited for news to check to see if there were any minor earthquakes or seismic earth movements at night. There was no report of this in the morning. In the afternoon I searched for some information on the internet, but in vain. They didn't find any earthquakes anywhere either earthquakes. To this day, I don't know what this nightly experience was supposed to mean.


September 2017


I couldn't get over and I didn't sleep anymore. I was totally paralyzed. I heard my own breath. I fought with my own body. I didn't know what time it was. I tried to scream, but I couldn't even whisper. Electricity flowed through my whole body and I just growled. I heard a rumble behind my back, footsteps, and a pounding around the apartment here and there ... the twitching of my whole body intensified. Suddenly I was able to sit on the bed. After a while, I stood up and looked at the alarm clock on my desk. It was half past two in the morning. I could still hear a kind of growl. I looked around and saw myself writhing on the bed in convulsions as if from paralyzing. I didn't understand it and I was scared. I looked at myself, at my arms and legs. I wore the same pajamas I had on the bed. I looked the same. Someone must have said my name in the hallway. And he began to repeat it. I turned and walked slowly after him. He could be heard, but I didn't see anyone. I also left the apartment and went down our stairs down the stairs. I kept following an unknown voice because I wanted to know who or what it was. I opened the front door and was blinded by a bright white light. I didn't see anything and I covered my eyes ...


I woke up in the morning and I was sick. My head shook and at times I felt sick until it fell off. I wrote everything down in a diary, which I called the Being. It took me two more days to recover from this nightly experience.


Years 2018, 2019, 2020. The diary contains about 200 such reports.


There was silence in the surgery, and the psychologist flipped through the diary from front to back with interest. Then he placed it on the table in front of him. The pretty forty-year-old looked at me through her narrow glasses, tapped her fingers on the table, and thought hard about something. She folded her glasses and placed them on the table. She straightened her long brown hair and began to think in a low voice: "Since you are over forty, you have been able to fight it for a very long time. It's ... like you're and are constantly being persecuted. The only mistake is that we both don't know who or what and for what reason. You have been steadily writing down every night horror since 2015. But I am convinced that it has lasted your whole life since childhood, you just did not realize it so much before. And you still haven't remembered much of it to this day. Well, I can think of one thing. Either it's all night paralysis or ..."


"What else do you mean?" I asked, but the psychologist just frowned and looked at the diary.


"Um, there is one method, but it is not widely used here. More precisely, it is a very long and difficult process until it is approved. And so ... I would first recommend a special group that works more or less in secret. If you don't like it, even though the people in the group have similar experiences to you, then I would start the process of handling a hypnosis application. Maybe we could learn a lot more than we think."


"Okay, I agree. And where does this group work?”


The psychologist ripped a piece of paper from a small notebook and wrote all the information on it: where the group was, the time of the meeting, how to contact u, etc. At the same time, she printed a page twice and handed it to me. "Please sign, if you agree. In our system, the group falls under the first level of classification. Nowhere can you talk about it or reveal what is happening there and what topics are being discussed there. If you start distributing these internal, classified matters in public, you will suffer the consequences.”


I looked at the paper and read the first paragraph.


"Degree of secrecy – first. The patient agrees to the terms and undertakes to comply with all the provisions required by this degree.”


I did not think about anything and I signed the paper twice. One was for me.


January 2020 It was quite warm outside, although it was January. I got out of the car and after a long journey - 115 kilometers - I had to stretch my back. A low building stood in front of me, and an elderly woman was entering the entrance. I took my personal belongings from the car and entered the building. I found myself in an empty hallway. There was a white door at the end of the hall, so I decided to do a survey. Suddenly the door opened and a low woman of about fifty came out.


"I heard footsteps, so I thought it would be you. Tell me your name from where you came from and the password you received at your last session with your psychologist. We are all waiting for you, so we haven't had a writer here yet.”


She smiled at me and waited for my reactions. I smiled at her too and started talking. I told her everything in the order she asked me to do.


"All right, let's go to the bottom. Behind the door is an employee to whom you hand over everything you have with you and your mobile phone. It is in the statutes of our system. Nothing said in our group may be recorded or distributed anywhere. We will return all your belongings to you at the end of the session.”


I did not object. An older man who looked more like a director, dressed in a dark suit, took all my things and put them in a box. The woman opened another door, and behind them I saw people sitting in a large circle on chairs. I counted them briefly, there were exactly twenty of them. I was twenty-first. One chair was empty, so it was clear that she was waiting for me. I sat on it and peripherally I noticed people quietly saying something about me. One woman, in her early twenties, leaned over and said, "I read your last stories. It never occurred to me to see you here among us. I'm glad you came, even though it's a lifelong ordeal for all of us."


I looked at her and asked,"What exactly is suffering? What's going on?”


The door opened again, and a woman in a white cloak came in, followed by another woman dressed in casual clothes for everyday life. The other was holding a piece of paper in her hands and they both sat down on chairs brought to them by a man in our group. There was silence. The woman in the white coat studied us all and her gaze stopped at me.


"Welcome, we will definitely learn much more today and we may move on with the whole thing. So, the last time we discussed …”


After my first session, which lasted two hours, I got in the car and stared blankly in front of me. I didn't know how much information I could absorb and I was shocked at what I found myself in. After a while, I started the car and set off. Along the way, voices were repeated in my head that had long conversations in our group. In the evening I sat down in a chair and I kept thinking about everything. When ten o'clock struck, I moved to bed. I didn't sleep, but I tried to calm down and get all the bad memories out of my head. But I didn't do very well. I finally fell asleep.


January 2020 I woke up again and suddenly for no reason. At least I thought so. I opened my eyes and the room was lit. Still in the gloom, I tried to find out where I was. After a while, my eyes began to focus. I recognized a ceiling. He was so weird silver-metal color. He shone a lot until it pulled my eyes. I lay motionless, staring ahead. What does that mean again? It was quiet, I heard absolutely no sound. Not the slightest rustle. I wanted to sit down, but I couldn't. I tried to sit up again and again. Eventually I realized that my arms and legs were tied. I was even strapped around my waist. I was lying on a table. Completely strapped. I started panicking. I wanted to call someone, but apparently there was no one in the room but me. I jerked, but in vain. It didn't make sense. I don't know how long I've been there and how I got there. Nothing happened for a long time, there was silence. I began to look around. To the left, the special translucent shelves were evenly spaced, one after the other, geometrically accurate. There were many strange items on those shelves. Things I've never seen before. I couldn't identify a single thing stored on the shelves. It was neither a cup nor any other things or tools that we humans know. A bunch of weird things. I looked to the right of the room. It pulsed as if she were translucent, changing all possible colors. Once the whole wall was purple, once green, once red ... I didn't understand what I was looking at, where I was and what it was all about. The silence was unbearable. I don't know how long I was strapped to the table, I had no idea about time. Something seemed to be happening behind my back. Some a little rumble, rather some mechanical buzzing. She was slowly approaching me from the back of the room. I could feel the little buzzing with tension as it approached me from the back. It was getting stronger and stronger ... I panicked. What is it?! What are you doing to me ?! I tore, but I couldn't even make a voice, I was still paralyzed by something, dumb. I could feel the buzzing quite close ... behind my back. I panicked more and more, I didn't understand the whole situation. I no longer noticed anything but the escalating buzzing in my head…


Creature Diary. Last page. For years, I've been wondering why I wake up for no apparent reason around three in the morning. Why can't I even move, I'm paralyzed and I feel like I'm not alone in the apartment. The further I got, the more I was interested, because it made my life miserable. It was, and in fact still is, terrible suffering. Doctors have their own explanations for this. The church has also had information about this hour for centuries. According to them, it's the devil's hour. The third hour in the morning - a hellish gate opens, through which the worst evil from hell passes to our world. There will be something to it, because it is still the third hour in the class at our Greek Catholic Church. Never otherwise. And so on ... an explanation and everyone really has a lot of opinions on this phenomenon. But they had one explanation for me and in the office at my psychologist.


March 2020 I was waiting for my psychologist in the surgery. I already understood several things that had happened in my life. In a secret group, we have come to a certain conclusion, which I must not talk about anywhere. It falls under the first degree of secrecy. The door opened and my psychologist entered. She sat quietly at the table.


"Good day. So today we will take the following steps and everything as we have agreed. Please tell me at least an excerpt from a session in the group I referred you to.”

I explained briefly, about five minutes later, about how it went. When she listened to me, she sometimes turned the pages in my diary - Creature. When there was silence, I didn't have time to ask anything. Out of nowhere, the door opened and an older man in a suit entered. He was a smaller gray man with suspicious eyes. He glared at me, but he didn't even torture. The psychologist took over the situation and began to determine the direction of the conversation.


"Don't worry, we have agreed in secrecy with people who are engaged in similar things and are exploring everything they can, what they have the means to do. We are interested in your diary. And also people from this secret realm. We would like to examine your diary in detail with the combined efforts and knowledge we have so far about these things. Since you were already in the group and what we expected was confirmed, we want to continue our research. Of course, no one will see anything written in your diary anywhere. We need to figure out at least what something or someone - which is unlikely to be a person - wants to tell us. Let's say it's a being from another dimension or directly from space. We have dealt with such cases many times, but this one is specific - it leaves us links. We record the diary under the name as you called it - Being. Our colleague, whom I will not name and is sitting next to me, will make sure that your diary comes under state protection and secrecy to a certain degree.”


I did not even squint and glared at the psychologist. Suddenly this little gentleman spoke, but only a few sentences came out.


"It's really a pile of scraps and links. We believe that they will contain many predictions for the future that will help eliminate and avert bad things in this world. We'll do everything we can to decipher it. We may also find many explanations for unknown things and phenomena from the past. Thank you for your cooperation and willingness to share your records, which you have been accumulating for years, even though you did not understand them. Now is the time to decipher at least the basic references that may save the world one day.”


As he finished, the psychologist handed me another piece of paper regarding my agreement to“ borrow ”the diary and another level of secrecy. When the session was over, we all disappeared from the surgery without a word and we each went our separate ways.


Present - March 28, 2020


At the moment we are all sitting at home as there is quarantine. The Covid-19 virus is killing Europe and the world. No one knows how it will all go on. New quarantine measures and orders are constantly being issued.


The past.


An entry in my Creature diary. 16. 2. 2015 I woke up slowly, but I couldn't move again. I was paralyzed as always. I felt the presence of something or someone near me. The paralysis escalated, and I lost consciousness. In my "dream" I stood in front of a big screen in a dark room. Suddenly the screen changed and squares appeared. In each square there was a movie or rather a news. I looked around, but I was completely alone. I shouted, “What is it? What am I even looking at and why ?!”


But I didn't get an answer. So I looked better at these smaller square images. There were perhaps more than 200 of them. In one, forests in Australia were burning. Next, the glaciers were melting. Oil spilled into the sea, causing polluted bodies of water, the death of fish ... I went to the top of this mega screen. Europe, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia ... everywhere they show people in hospitals. And at the bottom of these little pictures ran numbers - the numbers of people infected, dead and those who had already recovered ... I don't remember exactly the description that ran quickly at the bottom, but sometimes some initials and a big number 19 appeared! For a very long time, I walked one square at a time, trying to make sense of what it meant to me. I was shown various disasters, wars, epidemics… I woke up in the morning broken and when I sat down at the table, the events I had seen on the big screen still appeared before my eyes. I took the Creature Diary again. I wrote down everything I remembered in detail, as best I could. I also understood what it all meant.



It was news from the future.




(The characters in the story have no names and are only very briefly described - due to secrecy)


Original title: The Creature

Author: © Brandon McYntire

Publisher: Branko Mateja

Cover production: © Branko Mateja

Cover photo:

Format: PDF

Number of pages: 16

Edition: First

ISBN: 978-80-99996-22-0


Submitted: July 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Brandon McYntire. All rights reserved.

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