"Paranormal Apocalypse season 7 episode 13 "RETRIBUTION COMES AT A COST"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Episode 13 The next 3 episodes are now Crucial to "Paranormal apocalypse."










“Well well well what should we do with Jeremy here? He proved he can’t be trusted and is a liability to us. We need to get rid of him. Kramer says to Joseph. “Look I agree we need too but there is a hoard outside that we need to deal with first before anything.

This hoard will kill us if we don’t act fast.” Joseph says. “I am ok with death. Death is our salvation and death will be our freedom. We are fine I hope cousin you have not forgotten about the real problem and that is Dexter we need to kill Dexter.

He challenged me to a fist fight. A fight to the death and I have accepted. We are going to fight.” “That’s great but there will be no fight nothing if we don’t take this hoard out don’t you understand?” “Understand what? Dexter is inside I am inside the hoard is outside so as far as I am concerned the fight will go on uninterrupted.” Kramer says.

“Man screw your fight I don’t want to die. I have plans for the future this won’t be my last day on earth with or without your help I am fighting this hoard.” “Cousin you will die alone but together you will rise. We kill Dexter first and then stop this Hoard.”

“Fine I guess but if anything bad happens we stop the fight and deal with the Hoard.” Joseph says. *Suddenly the cell door opens and Dexter along with Nadine run out of the cell along with Miles and Tom. “Well hello Dexter. I’m not sure how you escaped but I hope you are ready.” “For what?” Dexter says. “Our fight.” *Several guards aim their guns at Dexter. “For the love of god. There is a Hoard outside. We need to fight it.” Dexter says. “What is with you people? The Hoard is outside we are inside the fight is happening now.”

“Do I really have to kick your ass to knock some sense into you?” Dexter asks. “As if you can win. I won’t let you win.” Kramer says. “Ok fine if you really want to fight lets fight.” “Dexter really we need to worry about this Hoard first.” Nadine says. “Yeah I understand but this moron doesn’t get that.” Dexter says pointing at Kramer. “Enough talk.”

*Kramer runs at Dexter. Dexter trips Kramer and gets on top of him and starts punching him in the head. Kramer takes his thumb and hits Dexter in the eye. Dexter is temporarily blinded. *Kramer jumps on Dexter and starts punching him. *

*Nadine shoves Kramer off him.* “Your stupid.” *Kramer slaps Nadine.* *Dexter jumps on Kramer and begins punching him again.* *Kramer starts to cough up blood.* “Do it kill me.” *Dexter stops and stares at Kramer and gets off him.* “No we can’t fight yet we need to Take down the Hoard first. We need to kill the Hoard we need to work together all of us.” Dexter says to everyone in the room. *Dexter stares at Joseph.*

“You have to understand it’s our only chance to survive if we don’t fight together we will die here. And I won’t die here.” Dexter says. *Joseph shakes his head in agreement.* “Kramer he is right whether you want to admit it or not. We have better odds as a unit then alone. Give up this fight for now.” “Fine.” *Kramer takes out his gun and fires a bullet at Joseph.* *Joseph dodges.* “You Know what fine I’m done I am done with this all of this. I hope Dexter kills you. If he does not I will.” Joseph says and he starts to walk away.*

“We need you Joseph.” Dexter says. “Yeah well I’m not helping my idiot Cousin.” “Sigh I get it but we can’t have all this drama right know we need to work together.” “Dexter just stop some fights are worth Loosing.” *Joseph slams the door.* *Kramer approaches Jeremy.* “Fine if you want us to work together I want an apology. “An apology? Forget it.” “Jeremy please if he just wants an apology just do it make this a little easier. “Man screw Kramer I am not saying I’m sorry. You know what ok fine I am sorry. I am sorry that I didn’t kill you.” Jeremy says to Kramer. “Not smart.”

*Kramer grabs his gun and grabs a hold of Jeremy’s shirt and pushes Jeremy towards the exit. “What are you doing?” Dexter asks. “Something I should have done a while ago.” Kramer says. *as he opens the door and shoves Jeremy outside at the Hoard and slams the door shut.* “What did you do? You just killed Jeremy. You son of a bitch. *Dexter tackles Kramer to the ground Kramer tries to punch Dexter but Dexter grabs his head and slams it against the concrete floor several times. Dexter picks Kramer up and shoves him down the steps. Dexter runs down the steps and chases Kramer. He lands on top of Kramer and continues to punch him.

*When suddenly the staircase creeks and collapses. *Smoke suddenly blinds the room and Dexter and Kramer have fallen more than twenty feet below. *Dexter.*Nadine screams. *Jeremy meanwhile kicks and trips Lunatics as he dodges and tries desperately to survive the Hoard and find somewhere safe. When smoke hits Jeremy runs in it and roman grabs his hand and tells him to follow him. Soon Jeremy is lead to an abandoned SUV in the woods. Where Executer greets him. “I never thought I’d be so happy to see you.” Jeremy says. *As Executer takes a knife and cuts the zip tie off Jeremy’s hands.* “Who are you?”

“I am Roman Maximus.” Thanks for the smoke grenade. How about you?” “I am Tobin I am a piolet.” “Really? Helicopter? “Helicopters and airplanes I can fly them all.” “That’s good news we need you.” Jeremy says. “Your friends are in trouble.” “I know. That Hoard needs to be killed.” “No I mean Kramer every second they are trapped is bad news. Kramer is a madman. He killed my entire group a few months ago. He killed them all except my girlfriend and my brother he had his taxidermist take them away.”

“What?” Jeremy says. “Kramer Kills people for sport. He will kill all your people for fun and anyone who causes him the most trouble he will kill and then have his taxidermist make him into something. I have seen it before.” Tobin says. “That’s sick now I really wish I killed this monster.” “You had a chance?” “Yeah last night but it didn’t go so well.” “You had a chance to kill Kramer. I am sorry that is awful you should have killed him.”

“Hey I tried what have you been doing just hiding in the woods?” Jeremy says. “I have been watching. I have weapons. I have a base when your people are being hunted for sport. find me I will save you.”

“Thanks sorry.” “It’s ok heat of the moment I’m sorry I snapped too.” Tobin says. “This is cute but how are we going to kill this Hoard? Executer says. *Smoke clears as Dexter stares at his foot. He sprained his ankle. The room was pitch black.* “Ha Ha This is too good.” Kramer says as his voice echo’s the room. “Where are you?” Dexter yells. “Where am I? I am next to you or behind you or in front of you or besides you. I am everywhere.

*Suddenly the lights turn on and Dexter is staring at a Guillotine. “Now Dexter you are in no condition to fight me.” *Kramer approaches his Guillotine and opens the heat metal part. Now get inside.* “No.” Dexter says. *Kramer grabs a pipe and hits Dexter with it. *Dexter screams in agony as Kramer hits him in the back several times and once against his ankle.* *Dexter falls to the ground in pain.* *Kramer picks up Dexter and locks his head in place inside of the Guillotine.*

“I had this installed a while ago pretty glad I did. Although the decision was a Bit of a head roller. My men thought it was stupid.” “But what’s not stupid is my blade. *Kramer takes a sheet off the blade that was now dangling above Dexter’s head.*

“Do it kill me because if you don’t I will kill you.” Dexter yells. “No you don’t get to rush this. I will kill you it will happen but now I am talking and you will shut the hell up and listen. I am Kramer I was a doctor before the shit and now I am An Apocalyptic God.” I bet you didn’t know this. Well now you do Dexter there are 4 Gods in the Apocalypse. Four who have rings that look like this one.” *Kramer shows Dexter his ring. “Fine I give tell me who are the other so called apocalyptic gods? “Ok. Well Me. There’s a guy named Ethen who lives in the New York area.

He is the second. Elizabeth Marshall is the third and Steve also known as The Executer is the fourth. “That’s right the man you knew was a God. But Not anymore he is dead and you are about to be dead Next. *Kramer tugs the rope and the blade comes crashing down but stops halfway through.* “What happened?” “No my blade malfunctioned. Kramer said. Dexter managed to get free of the metal head part and ran over to Kramer and tackled him to the ground and grabbed his pipe. Dexter started to hit him with it over and over again.

*Executer along with Roman turned on the SUV and started to drive towards the Hoard and honked the horn several times and Executer blasted the radio. The Hoard started to chase the car. As Executer and Roman drove as fast as they could away from the jail.* *Jeremy waited a few minutes and ran and opened up the Jail. As Nadine ran over to him and said Dexter and Kramer both fell. Jeremy ran outside and opened up a hatch that led to the basement where Dexter was and He grabbed the pipe and told Dexter to leave. *Dexter started to walk away and slammed the door shut.

As he regrouped with Nadine and the rest in the woods.* Jeremy introduced Tobin to the group. “Hi I am a Helicopter piolet.”

 *Kramer moved his hand and tried to stand up on his feet.* a couple of his men approached. “A car drove away and the Hoard followed after them.” “Good the time for games has ended. I want Dexter and his people hunted down and Murdered. I want Dexter’s Body after brought to the taxidermist. We are killing for sport today!” Kramer said as he fell to the ground in pain. “Dexter has nobody to blame but himself now.”

Submitted: July 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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