a relaxed gaze

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"I don't feel the same way about you anymore." 

The sentence persists repeatedly in slips and falls and looking back. Here the mountains suppress, tame my regret;

pulling it close to the earth and away from me. It doesn't matter, does it? The last time we came here it was the sky

that caught my eye, its expanse of blue, its mystery soaring relentlessly outward. Today, however, it's the mist pressing

down on the green, a laughter of clouds dancing toward oblivion that startles me. We have spent many mornings here

listening to the silence between garbled notes from birds in flock. I don't know. I don't remember. I have even sat here

before. Yes, alone and pondered my life. Its ups and downs revolving above the peaks then lifted in a sudden twist of

cloud. Then gone. Nothing remained but my breath quivering out of my mouth, then receding inward filling my lungs

with promise. Today shallow breaths stir from my breast.  I hold myself like once you held me. But it is not the same.

My fingers hesitsate then clutch at my shawl. You never did that, your palms always pressed against me, your fingers

indefinable from your hands. Perhaps I should cut my hair. Feeling it against my face reminds me of things, of you, of

yesterday.  Smelling the shower we took together, the breakfasts in bed, the evening stroll. As I watch today unfold, the

familiar things stolen and replaced with anonymity, I can't help but feel a settling inside. My weight gradually reaching

my feet, my bum. I feel relaxed, hopeful. Wait.

"I don't feel the same way about you..."

Submitted: July 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Jonathan Guglielmelli. All rights reserved.

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