a toast to mothers

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mother's have to go through a lot that we don't really talk about or thank them for. here's real life things that are very common occurrences for mothers. Here's to all the Mothers out there..

A Toast to Mothers


Here's to mothers- Who to worked hard to bring their children into the world

Here's to mothers- Who lost part of their brain when those kids were born

Here's to mothers - Who are nurse, maid and cook

Here's to mothers - Who cleaned up after their kids got in the crayons, the pantry, the toothpaste and the clean laundry

Here's to mothers - Who work hard all day and yet can never get anything done

Here's to mothers- Who go to work to get a break

Here's to mothers - Who have heard the question "why?" more times than they can count

Here's to mothers - Who have had strangers tell them their kid is too hot, followed 5 minutes later by another who tells them their child is too cold

Here's to mothers - Who put up with that person with a very different parenting style

Here's to mothers -Who put up with that person who has no kids and thinks they can do a better job then you

Here's to mothers - Who have to mediate between baby crazy grandmothers

Here's to mothers - Who have lost their cool

Here's to mothers - Who don't know what to do

Here's to mothers - Who do their best with what they've got

Here's to mothers- Who properly disciplines their children all the while looking over their shoulder to see if someone is calling child services

Here's to mothers - For having the only job that demands perfection

Here's to mothers - Who don't measure up

Here's to mothers- because you have one of the toughest jobs in the world, and you deserve a toast.

Submitted: July 09, 2021

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