Assorted Tales

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

These are a collection of Micro-Fiction



 ‘What is being’? asked the student to Socrates.

Socrates replied: ‘Being is a desire body full of luck and hopeful expectation. Being is the will to power. Being is appropriation of meaning. Being is a catharsis of affirmation and negation.’


I do not agree with Buddha’s statement that desire is the root cause of all evil.

I strengthen my desire with the desire for fame, desire for love, desire for money and desire for prosperity.

I ask Buddha, is desire the root of cause of all evil. My answer is an affirmative no.

The Killing

He performed the gruesome murder by cutting the neck. The prey’s body trembled neckless and after a few moments lay lifeless. Blood started profusely coming out. The irony of the killing is that it was a chicken that was slain.


After a long hiatus my wife said to me to stop buying everyday lotteries but to focus on only bumper lotteries as they carry a mega prize. I became happy with her because after a long time she agreed to my buying of lotteries. Yes, I need to win a lottery to marry my daughter and also educate her. It is said in the Bible that if two people agree on a thing, then it will be accomplished.


Today me and my wife went to have the second doze of Covid vaccine. It was raining profusely. The whole place was crowded and I enjoyed watching people tinkering with their cell phones. I was given the token number 32 and it took me a long time to get injected. I am happy that I was finally vaccinated.


I was on my flight to Surabaya my workplace and in the airport at Bangalore I got drunk and I was arrested by the police. The metal in my finger got displaced when a tussle between me and the police took place. I missed the flight and phoned up my boss who booked me another ticket. I came back to Cochin and my wife and sister took me to the hospital to treat me hand. I was given an injection and I backed out. Morning when I woke up, I realized that I was in a mental asylum. Yes, that is a cruel and mean thing to do. I lost my job and my reputation. I feel so sorry that I was not able to maintain loyalty to my boss.


Submitted: July 10, 2021

© Copyright 2021 anand bose. All rights reserved.

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