50 shades of vomiting-pink

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Writing and Reviewing!

she looked around the room once more and thought: "oh, what a vomiting-pink..."

Lanterns lightened up the streets of New York, 100 workers were walking towards their homes. A loving wife or husband, family, waited for someone. A dog, a cat, or any pet waited for the other. But who was not expected by someone, those wasted their evenings in the pubs and bars. Alcohol gives a false feeling of wholeness and happiness, that were so needed by the deserted souls of its inhibition. Jessica was one of those. Her parents placed a big expectation on her. More precisely, on her continuing the line of hereditary lawyers. But it isn't what she wanted. She doesn't even know what she likes, after all, her whole childhood, she was told who she must be. And after their death, she started to slowly get down to the bottom. Firstly, to pay off debts, she took a mortgage. Then, her house was taken, and after that she ranted a small room in a dormitory, and somehow lived there, working as a cashier in a supermarket. And one evening she goes drinking in the local bar, to talk to the barman(who was annoyed by her) about how bad is her life. And today was one of those evenings. Even worse, it was St. Valentine's Day. How Jessica wanted to vomit by just looking at these smiley couples, flowers s and hearts. So the barman had to listen to twice times more life complaints. But she was cut off by the sound of the front door opening. On the doorstep appeared a Japanese in pink. She caught Jessica's attention. When she took a seat, she ordered a Strawberry Mimosa. Not knowing why, but she wanted to start a conversation with an unexpected guest.

— Hiiiiii, where are you from?

— And you? — Calmly asked the guest.

— I'm local.

— I'm from Japan.

— The name's Jessica, and you are...?

— I'm Hinata. —Answered calmly

Usually, Hinata didn't respond to attempts of starting a conversation with her, especially with people like Jessica. But something just attracted her to this woman. That's how they started a conversation, and the barman could finally rest from all complaints.

They talked about everything: from their impression on New York to their personal lives.

— Listen *ic* Jess, have you ever tried with a woman?

Already drunk asked Hinata. Mischievous twinkles played in her eyes.

— N *ic* No...

Suddenly romantic music started to play in the bar, all the couples went dancing, and how much Jessica begged to turn off this sh*t, the barman didn't listen. This is karma. But once she sat on the chair, she felt that someone pulled her closer. There was an awkward silence.

— Hina...

And they merged in a passionate kiss.

Jess was in utter shock.

After they broke it, she heard a sweet whisper on the ear.

— Just to experiment, okay?~

All of a sudden, she was pulled along the streets of New York. Various lights, signboards, and billboards created a blurry image in the girl's drunk mind. They moved in an unknown direction. Here they came to a multi-storey building. They started to go up the stairs. When they emerged to the flat, undressing, Jess could describe the view with only one word.

"Oh f*ck"

The room of brunette(Hinata) was filled with all kinds of pink sex toys: from strap-on dildos to various vibrators. The room was in all shades of pink: sheets, table, and even glass in windows were pink!

"Oh wow..." But she couldn't think about it long, because she was already naked and above her was a nude Hinata. Suddenly, a Japanese turned her over on one side and whispered:

— Don't be afraid, just relax.

Then, she put her finger through the girl's anus, which was moistened in lubricant. At that moment, Jessica felt a sharp pain and grimaced.

But the longer the finger was inside, the more she got used to it. Soon, she didn't feel the pain slowly nodded, giving a sign to her partner that she can move further. Then Hinata put through a second finger. It was as painful as earlier, but she got used too. Then she put through the third finger, when Jessica go used to it, she began to move them inside her.

— Don't be afraid, the pain will go away soon, just trust me.

— O-okay...

Moving and increasing the pace, she began to feel turned on. Suddenly, Hinata let go of her companion and went to the nightstand with sex toys. There she took out a panties-strap-on dildo with a built-in stimulator and put a looking-like-dick vibrator on it, she put them(panties) on. She went very close to her partner. Air was filled with infinite passion.

Jessica stared, feeling a wave of hazard. She looked forward to Hinata's next moves. Then a Japanese lightly turned on the vibrator I began to put through. It was accompanied by loud moans of pain, then the pleasure of her friend.

— Aaaahhh!

After, she began to increase the pace. And it was again accompanied by Jessica's moans.

— Faster, faster!

She slapped her butt.

— Moan like the dirtiest slut ever! And then I may spare you!

— Aaaaahhhh!!

Hinata began again, increasing the pace.

Moaning like mad, they finally had a sweet orgasm. A Japanese took off the panties and collapsed on the bed with an American.—

And how? Did you like it? But Jessica didn't want to answer. She liked it, but her subconscious, raised on prince and princess with a happy ever after, didn't expect this. She looked around the room and thought:

"Oh, what a vomiting-pink..."


Submitted: July 10, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Asterix. All rights reserved.

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88 fingers

Well, you didn't hold anything back. You got right into it.
Good story, but maybe more conversation at the bar to build up to their leaving together.

Sat, July 10th, 2021 9:39pm

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