life is upside down

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

life is a puzzle, but it can be exciting, happy, or sad, and grieving.

Life is never fair:

It turns upside down,

And shakes you side by side.

It isn’t what many stories state:

An evil that doesn't ever forgive,

And always drags you by your feet,

Through everything that hurts you: pains you, 

Like a needle in your side.

It takes away the precious moments,

And gives you the bad instead: taking away

The moments you love,

Until your time is up.

LIfe decides it: not you.

You are the shadow to your own


Life hurts you.

Life cuts you.

Life burns you.


Although, all the tiny moments,

Before you leave. 

The moments you spend with kin.

The moments you are sad,

Where family cheers you up.

The last breaths you take:

Are filled with memory

That makes you smile and laugh.

Your life gives you that last

Moment to spend

With your family,

Your friends.

You have time to make 




And then, at your last breath, 

Your family will be there.

And then life just gives up,

And leaves your body

And lifts your soul,

From your old body,

And into the 

Next world. 


Submitted: July 11, 2021

© Copyright 2021 authorforlife. All rights reserved.

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although kinda sad, but a really nice poem

Sun, July 11th, 2021 5:13pm


Thank you. I will, in the future, create happier poems.

Tue, July 13th, 2021 3:13pm

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