"Paranormal Apocalypse season 7 episode 14" "HUNTED

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*Thunder roared the sky as rain started coming down pretty hard.* *A spider lied in its nest as a fly landed in the web the spider silently crawled down and started to feast on the unsuspected insect.* *Kramer started to cough. As he grabbed the loud speaker and yelled into it.*

“Ok Dexter it’s over. You tried to hit me with that pipe. But you did not get the job done because here I am alive and angry. I gave you chances but it is now crystal clear to me that we both cannot coexist which means one of u has to die.

We can’t stay and that goes for the entire group as well. Dexter its simple my group are coming for you. We are now hunting you all down and we will kill you all. And Dexter I did want you but now I want you dead most of all. *We go out there and we kill every last one of them and I want Dexter. I’m going to kill him and then after we will leave this place.” Kramer says.

“Why don’t we leave now? Why wait we can leave I mean screw Dexter he’s not worth the trouble anymore.” One of Kramer’s men says. “I mean he has a point if we are leaving after why even kill Dexter? I mean he is strong and smart he’s probably going to hunt us down as well.” Joseph says. “Well if you two don’t want to help then there is the door but once you leave we will hunt you down and kill you both if you want that?”

“Don’t Kramer come on you know mom wouldn’t want this.” “Don’t talk to me about our parents they didn’t last long when this started. I was left on my own I had no support from my cousin who lived in the white house. You were protected by the government everywhere you went you were protected now isn’t it ironic that now you are not protected and if I wanted to I could kill you and nobody would care?” Kramer says. “Ok fine we’ll do whatever you want. But just let me ask this. What after? Where are we going?” “Anywhere that’s not here.” Kramer says *as he picks up an AR-15 and checks to make sure it’s loaded.* “Now is the Time we kill Dexter.

*Dexter and the group make it to Tobin’s safe house in the woods. “We have about an hour before his men get here I have ammo we can use.* *Executer, Nessie and roman open the door and shut It.* *Dexter stares at Executer.* “I know that look what did I do this time?” “Kramer told me some things about you.” “Oh really? What did that sorry excuse for a piece of scum say?” “He told me something hilarious. He said you are a part of a club a club referred to as “The Four Gods of the Apocalypse?” “Aw crap I haven’t heard that in a while.”

“So it’s true?” Dexter asks. “Yes it’s true. I used to be a part. When the world ended I met up with a group of survivors. They knew something was up with me and they kept me alive they gave me a ring and said I was too important to die.

It didn’t make sense then and it still doesn’t I mean why me? But I took the protection and I moved out. Now there are three more as you know Kramer is one a guy named Ethan and Elizabeth who is in Canada. But it’s not a big deal.” “Well maybe as a god if we get you to her we can get protection?” “Dexter I don’t know.” “Look can you or can you not get us to Canada?” Dexter asks Tobin. “With the proper Helicopter I can. And Kramer has access to one.” “Well Executer what do you say? We can get a Helicopter and visit her it’s our best shot.”

 “Sigh I don’t like this idea but ok I am in.” “Good now all we need to do is Kill Kramer.” *Kramer and his men walk through the woods as the sound of twigs snap and Kramer yells again “Dexter you can run but soon we will find you.” *As a group of lunatics attack Kramer and his men. *Kramer opens fire and kills them.* “I am done with this Dexter we will find you.” *Dexter opens the shelf and the group take a bunch of ammo and some grenades. Jeremy takes a machine gun. And The Executer takes a machete and a semi-automatic pistol. Dexter grabs an assault Rifle and a hand gun. Along with some grenades.

*Nadine grabs a blunderbuss from the shelf and some ammo.* “Were ready for a war.” Dexter says. *The group exit the safe house and start to march in the opposite direction. *Nadine aims her Blunderbuss in front of her as she looks back at Dexter.* “I don’t like this at all we could be walking into a trap.” “Were not we are purposely walking in this direction to avoid Kramer but if we see any of them get ready to shoot.” My Pistol is ready for a fight.” Executer says as he aims his gun.”

“Good now we need to run into those pricks.” Jeremy says. Miles stops “Listen.” *The group stop. And can hear Kramer’s voice.* “Dexter when will you learn? The more you make us search for you the angrier we get. We’re going to kill you I mean there is nothing in the world stopping this. I can almost taste your blood I need you dead. And dead is what you will all be soon.” *Jeremy suddenly runs in Kramer’s direction.* “Jeremy stop.” Dexter says as Executer runs after him.*

“Hey asshole do you ever shut up?” Jeremy yells *as he starts shooting at Kramer and his men.* *Kramer’s men shoot back.*

*Executer starts shooting as well.* Soon Dexter and Nadine and the rest of the group show up and start shooting at Kramer and his men. *Nadine blasts about six men down with a single shot. As Jeremy gets a couple headshots. *Dexter throws several grenades towards Kramer and his men and the grenades blow up. *Smoke is everywhere.*

*Kramer runs at Dexter tackling him to the ground.* “Kramer starts to choke Dexter as Executer grabs ahold of Kramer and gets him off. Kramer punches Executer in the face and Executer falls to the ground Nessie uses her tail and whips Kramer as he falls to the ground Nessie takes a bit out of His leg.” *AWW Shit.* Kramer yells. As he starts loosing blood.”

“It’s over.” Dexter says aiming his gun at Kramer. As the remaining members of Kramer’s group stare at Dexter and the group they put their weapons down.  “No it’s not over yet.” Kramer yells as he stands up.” and urges Dexter to fight him.* the rain continues to pour* Dexter punches Kramer and kicks him. Kramer screams in pain as he punches Dexter back. Suddenly Kramer falls to his knees.”

“Your dying give it up now.” Dexter yells. “I know I am dying but I’m not giving up. Keep fighting me. “Kramer attempts to stand up. “Why are you doing this?” Dexter asks. “Because I hate you.” Kramer yells as he tries to punch Dexter but falls to the ground. “You can barely even stand give up already.”

“Never.” Kramer yells. *Nadine aims the blunderbuss at Kramer as he smiles.* “Do it. Shoot me it’s the only way I will die.” Kramer stands up and tries to punch Dexter.*

“This is the saddest shit ever.” Executer says as he looks at Nessie who has blood all over her mouth. She has her mouth opened ready for another bite. *Suddenly a gunshot goes off and Kramer falls to the ground. *Joseph walks out of the woods.*

*Nessie lunges at Kramer and starts attacking him. Nessie rips off his other leg as he starts to bleed out. *Joseph laughs.* *Joseph walks up to Kramer.* “Ha funny how you said to me that all my life I had protection and now I was the one who needed the protection. Well who needs it now?” *With that Joseph turns his back on Kramer and begins to walk away with the remaining members. “Don’t just leave me you traders.” Kramer yells.

*Executer gets Nessie away from Kramer as he screams in pain. *Dexter walks up to Kramer* “Well after all this it looks like it’s time for you to die. And the world will be better off for it. Kramer I am glad this ended now we are taking your helicopter and we are leaving you are done.” *Dexter walks towards Jeremy and Executer and looks over at Nadine and gives her a thumb’s up.*

*Nadine takes the Blunderbuss and shoots it at Kramer killing him.* *the group watch as Kramer dies.*

Submitted: July 12, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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