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it is so weird how one can write or draw something that could be meaningful or important that could dissapear, erased so fast that you forget what you had originally put down,

i wish thats how life was, a memory or action that could be erased just as quick as it was thought of,

if we could erase feelings and shed tears before they were seen then no one would have seen how weak one person could be, maybe thats not a valid reason, possibly we want to forget the person who caused the pain and heart break in the first place we could just earse the person all together.

I am unsure of the reason why its not possible to change such events, i wish i could control those type of things, to see people and the extent of the world without pain or suffering,

its possible we are all asking the wrong questions asking for the wrong things to change,

maybe if it was a different world a better one with better people with a decent self control.

Submitted: July 12, 2021

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