The 7 sins of man

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A story using poetry to tell a tale about betrayal, love, death, and revenge using the deadly 7 sins as inspiration for each chapter.

Two houses of bitter enemy dwell in a city that is kissed by the sea
A hatred that is rooted beyond their knowledge to see
The sorrow thy own action brings
Their son and daughter at the first moment met was enough
To cage their hearts in a prison of love without a key
That agony will bring
Before they could speak of the joy their own eyes hath found
Their friends crushed their dreams
When they found they love their enemy
They curse their hearts for its treachery
Oh, sweet Ana, we play both the victim and villain in this game of hearts
We cage our hearts against this venomous love but nothing tasted so
Sweet as your name upon my lips
In moments my joyful heart is empty with sorrow
Then I must repeat your name until my heart is full with so much joy that it would break
Ana! My dear sweet Ana
Let lose the dove that we cage and kill the wicked beast that keeps us at bay
You fill me with disgust that you injected your venomous poison into my veins
I hate thee and yet with every fiber of my being I also love ye with all of my heart
This makes the same amount of sense as a legless chair
Like a court jester, I play the fool
This must be some kind of jest from God that finds it humorous to see me in all of my despair
Oh Lord, find another fool to be your jester
I was in heaven until you plucked me up and dropped me into hell
Surely this is hell to love someone who only speaks in serpent-like
Tongue to thine own ears
I asked for the rose and got the thorns; the rose is her heart and the thorns
Are the words that keep it from being mine
I met my Romeo and that tale ended in a tragedy
I dare not put a dagger into my own bosom
to slay a ghostly creature that moans out Antonio’s name
Have I done some ill toward God and been cursed to love a man that surely despised me
Like all of his kind that hateth my family
Love is like a rose if one is not careful it can prick thee
One must travel lightly in the matter of the heart or one is doom to swallow
loves poisonous pill being ever consumed under its control
Like a puppet, I am controlled by the puppeteer, Antonio
To move to his sweet music
I curse thee Antonio for your mischievous eyes and a devilish smile
Surely you have won the hearts of maidens with that grin alone
You didn’t win my heart, you stole it like a cunning thief
You robbed me of a treasure that belongs to a just man
A good man and not a foul creature of your house
Did someone slipped me a love potion
Did it take effect at the moment our eyes met
No! That is madness
This is madness to love someone where there is no hope of having them
I envy the birds flight and freedom
If I could sprout wings to fly and the freedom to love
I would mend our hearts as one
The tragedy of their quarrel kills their own moral to do the right thing and what was just
Love can mend the bridge that hate hath burned but pride and shame can poison
Thine own eyes to see not the truth but believed in a lie
Nothing poisons the body more than pride being a slave to thine own mind
The tragedy of Antonio and Ana is a tale of woe
They could have the fruit that loves brought but pride and shame poisoned it
And now they are the ones to blame
The truth behind our many lies that we tied behind
Our disguise in our illusion of grace and not to feel
The bitter pill of our own disgrace to justify our
Evil with a false sense of righteousness
When you are alive one can deny the truth with a lie
But when you die and if you are wise then the veil will
Be lifted from your eyes
Be gone death, I can feel your icy fingers down my spine
To steal the jewel of this life that is divine is mine
This city would crumble and die without me
Like the churches without their god to show them the way to paradise
No man deserved life more than I for I am the wisest of them all
It was my cunningness that saved my house in this city
Of Messana with riches that they never saw before
I am a great father for I put clothes on their back and food in their belly
Their ever needs were met with the coins my mind has brought
I gave jobs to the people to feed their family and pride in their soul
Give me more time for I am too great to die
Take another from this World for it would suffer a great loss
If I fall helplessly into your dark embrace to surrender to your poisonous kiss
This city would know no more joy but just great sorrow
Be quiet for fools has the biggest mouth and the poorest eyes
You speak of delusions with false truth and see only thine own glory
Riches of kings is just as divine as the poorest of man when I come to dine
For when I come to call and you fall to your maker
Naked as you were born same as all that came before
Riches one cannot bring but the treasure of love
Without that treasure, one is truly poor
You see your children as clay to be shaped to your liking and plucking
Foods from starving people’s mouth and placing it in their fat belly
Tossing the old and helpless out of their home in the coldest and darkest of night
To feel your purse a little heavier from your might
The worst of your crime would make Caesar envy with pride
You took your dear son for a ride and divided his love from his friend with a lie
Spoke into his ear with a wormwood tongue that poison all he held dear
Lead him to believe his most trusted friend was a spy to pry his house
To the ditches so he could be the riches
The woe of his greed that caused two houses to bleed with torment
The seed that bears little fruit for the anguish that the years will bring
If love and kindness was his guide then he wouldn’t deny the riches
His foulest action caused the deepest pain between Antonio and Ana
The selfishness of his action was justified in his eyes but never could see
Godly kindness matter not behind a devilish plot
When he died God sent him where it was hot for his crimes
Antonio's brother and Ana's sister
Were envious of their freedom
That spawns jealousy In their hearts
Where a seed of hate hath been planted
A tree of misfortune will sprout
Like the devil imps, they plotted in their father ear
That they should too be wed
Oh, dear Ana, you are more lovely than a rose
A rose beauty fade at its decade
But your beauty grows more intoxicating with time like wine
I grow drunk with your love with each thought of you
Damn my pride and its chains that bind me from you
If only I wasn’t a fool to be enslaved to this family pride
I would march to my father quarter and tell him of my love for you
You are the one that I wish to marry and not this harpy he is binding me to
Nay, she is no harpy, only a kind, and loving lady but being shackled
To someone, ye bear no love to is a harpy just the same
How can anyone settle for a wildflower over a rose
A life without a rose is a life without the sun
To shine with its beauty that we would be lost without it
I am bound to be a fool to this pride for life
To live in this nightmare where I am aching for your touch
And never feeling your lovely head upon my breast
That held my breaking heart that yearns for your sweet love
On Morrow eve I shall be wed to a man that feels me with dread
If I had any courage to fight against my pride
I would demand my father to let me married you instead
What is pride just to justify our cowardice reasoning
Not to let our heart win out to the reasoning of our mind
My heartbeat out a sweet lullaby that my only happiness lies with you
But my mind slay those thoughts like a wicked beast
That my father knows best and I must honor his wishes
Even if those wishes is to drink a vial of poison
That what it would be if I married anyone besides you, my Antonio
I would surely die to be wed to that viper of a man
He has everybody fool but there is something of a serpent-like quality about him
The way he walks nay slither to people
To bewitch them to bite into that forbidden fruit
If only women had the power like a man and not be own like cattle
I would surely live with great happiness but atlas
By Morrow eve I shall be slain with my own word
I do…..with great woe I do
As their hearts yearn for another with great sadness they both were wed
In time they learned to care for their spouses but never really love them
How can they give them their heart when it no longer belongs to them
Soon the victims of this poor tragedy were blessed with a baby
A lovely girl to Antonio and a mischievous little boy for the darling Ana
With great love, they named them Antonio and Ana
Gino grew very slothful to his marriage with Ana
He often dreamt of freedom that she hath stolen from him
Done being shackled to a woman he had grown to hate
By morrow noon freedom shall be his and Ana her grave
His plot was that of the darkest of nature
A man in black as dark as his very own soul
Ambushing his dear wife but to his cleverness
Did not see that Antonio would try to ruin his plan
But hath he known the horror that would take place he could’ve been faster
Sadly, he did not
My dear Ana don’t go and soar with the angels
You are more precious to me than all the angels in heaven
I would fear my tears will soak the life out of me
If I would lose you, awake my love and live
Close your wounds that worm of a villain hath mark upon you
I can’t live without you for it’d be far easier than a flower
Live without the tenderness of the sun
Let my tears be the death of me for my heart will cease to beat
If my eyes cannot bear your beauty for a moment
My eyes sting with tears and my heart felt like it hath been
Pierced by a thousand daggers at the sight of your agony
Only joy should touch your face and it was my damn pride that doom you to this fate
If a man was I and not a coward of a dog I would’ve surrendered my soul to you
I am the villain to blame for your pain and should be the one slain
Mercury feet should I have to save you from this tragedy
This is truly a tragedy for this world to lose just light as you
For it will be forever in darkness
Should not have let my pride silent my tongue of words that my heart wish to sing
I love you, I love you, I love you
Slander, not thy self with thine own tongue for I too shared the blame
I murdered my own heart for the sake of my pride and tears are all that I gain
The pain I felt by that wicked blade equals not the wound from my heart
To hear you speak words of love to me brought so much joy to me
That even the fire of hell could not inflict enough pain to kill that joy
My heart that I thought was once dead is now beaming with life
Love has the power to heal many wounds like our dear Christ
But sadly not all for I can hear the angels singing
Come home lovely Ana the Lord hath a place for you by his side
Kiss me quickly my love before I leave this place
I need to feel your tender kiss for a moment or forever live in limbo
I love you so much that I couldn’t go to heaven without having one embrace from you
Live truly and meet me on the other side for it wouldn’t be heaven without you
Antonio and Ana shared one passionate kiss before she grew cold and lifeless
In the shadow stood the vile Gino outraged from what he saw
Took his blade and struck down his foe with murderous intent
In his cleverness plotted wisely that Antonio killed his wife and slew him for his crime
His crime lay in the shadow for no one but the Lord to see
Antonio and Ana the moment they let their love be known soon lay slain
The love they should had on earth they now shared in heaven
Gino father Luciano gluttony was his motto
Spoke nightly of his misguided wisdom to his unfortunate son
Gino path would have been an enlightened one
But in his youth, his father corrupted his sense and reasoning
With selfish and foolish ideas
Papa, we have more than we will ever need to sustain a king life
We could be heroes and slay the demons that lie in our people belly
We have our own Garden of Eden and in that salvation
We can give them, and be much loved by the angels in heaven
God will bless us with this great deed
By letting us have the glory of standing by him in the valley of milk and honey
We can be the shepherd that leads the flock to salvation
It is the job of the rich and powerful to take care of
The poor and the weak to show them the road to heaven
It is a marriage between us with the poor
That they provide us with wealth and from us to them their daily bread
Let us say when we die and see the Lord that we did not fill our pocket with gold
but filled the poor with must needed hope and satisfied their hunger with Christians love
Luciano Mancini
You are a whelp and take after your foolish mother
Those ideas that we should be a slave to those weak simpletons
They cling to us like we are gods worshiping us from afar
They know that we are their betters when they stared at our feet and eat our crumbs
We are blessed and entitled by the lord to eat more than our share
To have riches, exotic foods, and a roomy home is not a sin
It was given to us by God for being his favorites
God loves those who help themselves and not those beggars
Whining about their belly and too lazy to fill it
Remember you are not their slave but they are yours
Enough of this foolish talk it makes my ears bleed with shame
That a Mancini would serve the cattle that will fill our belly
Nightly talks like this corrupted Gino’s mind and soul like a disease
Invading the body of a victim of the plague forever damming it
A child path to heaven is balanced on a thin rope
And is easily cut by a sharp tongue that can send them to hell
The road to the pearly gate was his goal but now the gates of hell
Is where his soul will depart for his misdeeds
Gino lusted for an innocent girl with the beauty
That put angels in heaven to shame
Quickly plotted a way for this child to give herself
Fully to him and have all his desires fulfilled
Allowing his desire that burned hotter than hell
To control him and destroy a girl virtue for a meaningless night of passion
Sienna my dear can I have a word with you about your father
He went and gambled more money than his pocket could hold
The shame he hath brought thee and your lovely mother
But there is a glimmer of hope in this dark deed
I could cure this ill wound that your father hath made
But all great deed must be rewarded in its own treasure
The treasure that I seek is just a small one and won’t be missed
We all must make sacrifices and your time is now
This offer is one time only and if don’t wish for your father
To swing from the gallows of his own stupidity open up and embrace my offer
You can let loose your childish clothes and embrace me as a woman or
Let your father who sacrificed for you many times suffer from your selfishness
The choice is yours to give what the devil is due or let your father burn in his fire
Should I let my virtue be slain by this villain to save my blessed father
He is a foolish man but I do love him so and to lose this precious gift is shameful
Without it, no man of worth would dare love me and will look at me as a harlot
If I do surrender to this foul deed then I must live a life as a hermitess
If anyone would find out about this forbidden fruit that I have taken a bite out of
Heaven couldn’t clean the taint from the shame that my sin hath brought me
The solitude I must bear for my father sake and make this shame drown
In my tears so this act be blinded to all but God in heaven
What can a child do but cast away their innocent and become the harlot of the devil
The dark deed was done and a child innocent lost
The devil slither away with the prize he hath won and
Leaving Sienna to soak in her own tears
When she found the shame she embraced was in vain
She couldn’t subdue the betrayal of her lost innocent by her foolishness
Unable to bear it no longer place a dagger in her wounded heart
The beauty was laid to rest by the savage beast
That engulfed her soul and slain her virtue
Gino power grew and so did his lust for young beauty that became his downfall
A young maiden with fiery hair seduced the wicked Gino for an affair
She looked innocent as an angel and spoke to him like the devil
He planned to have his way with this nymph to satisfy his hunger
But her needs was not that of lust
In her eyes that she hide lies burning hate for his coming fate
Come my dear and sit on my bed so I can drink my wine from your lips
You could make Venus herself unraveled and be jealous of your beauty
You are making me burn with so much passion that I must have you now
Don’t deny me this just reward of the treasure that you hoard within
Many men are unworthy of this gift but only I may hold this gem
You are blessed that I allowed you to lay with a god among men
No man can equal the beauty and power that I am about to bestow on you
Come and unveil my most deserve prize
Let my eyes feast upon your sacred treasure and I will take you to heaven
I will take your gift of wine and give you your reward
Your wine had the oddest taste and filled me with daggers
My insides feel like a battle rages on in agony and may you burn in hell for your foul deed
You sent me to hell when you killed my father and I am sending you to yours
May the devil take no pity on you and lay you down in the hottest part of hell
Let the foulest of demons rip you apart so you can scream in agony for all times
The agony you caused to my poor heart and may you feel it a thousandfold
The shame you had brought to my house hath bought you the vilest of poison
Being touched by you make my skin crawl with disgust but worth it to see you bleed
Render any hope this will end soon for it’s a slow-acting but painful poison
After this joyfulness deed is done I will bathe your filth from my body
I will remove you from my mind then place you where you belong in the trash
The sins of men they surrendered to bring only pain and misfortunes to their life
Pride, greed, sloth, gluttony, lust, wrath, and envy caused the 2 houses to fall into despair
The weakness of men that embrace their sins
but rejected the simpleness of love makes them fools
Follow not their path of thorns that will leave you with pain and regret
Choose the road that will lead you to Eden and paradise shall be yours

Submitted: July 12, 2021

© Copyright 2021 lughan. All rights reserved.

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