Larry Slade is Full of It: Act 3, Scene 3

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

Vic the Prick is finally confronted by the woman he "ruined" some ten years ago.



VIC’s apartment, mid-afternoon. VIC lies on the floor, still passed out from the night before. We hear several loud knocks. VIC stirs, falls back asleep. We hear glass breaking.


ALEX (O.S.): Jane! 


): What? He wouldn’t give me a key.


JANE opens the door and enters. CHARLIE follows.


JANE: You two stay there.


JANE and CHARLIE approach the corpse. CHARLIE nudges him; minimal response. 


JANE: I told you he’s alive. It’ll take more than that to kill him. 


CHARLIE: Well, he’s not waking up.


JANE: Useless.


With that, JANE crosses to the kitchen, pours water into a big pot, cross back, and douses VIC with it.


VIC: What? Wait. Who died?


JANE: Get up. More company.


VIC: Round two, is it, Charlie? Well, I’m game.


JANE crosses to the kitchen, throws the pot into the sink, loudly, and grabs a hand towel. She crosses back and throws it at VIC.


JANE: Dry yourself off. 


VIC: Now I really want to know what’s gotten into you.


JANE: Just shut up, alright?


VIC: Alright, Charlie. Where did we leave off. You killed your kid, didn’t you?


CHARLIE: Okay, asshole. It’s time to get something straight. No, I did not kill my kid. I got drunk, I lost sight of her for a minute… and DYFS took her away, alright? Is that what you want to hear?


VIC: Any chance of getting her back?

CHARLIE: If I clean up, yes. 


VIC: Well, that’ll never happen. People don’t change.


CHARLIE: You didn’t.


VIC: Certainly not. And even if you do “clean up” as you put it, the damage will already be done, am I right?


CHARLIE: No, you’re not.


VIC: I think I am. Her mother’s probably been telling your precious angel her daddy’s a common drunk. 


CHARLIE: I’m not arguing. 


VIC: Or maybe she’s sucking another man’s cock.


CHARLIE: Not arguing. 


VIC: Assuming you could even get it up most nights.


CHARLIE: Not arguing. 


VIC punches CHARLIE right across the face. He doesn’t flinch. 


VIC: Well, if you’re not here to fight, what are you here to do? 


JANE: To show you something. And to see something. Alright, Alex, bring her in. 


VIC: Her?


Alex enters, slowly leading her mother. Long pause. 


MOTHER: Victor?


VIC: Grace?


MOTHER: I didn’t think I’d see you again. 


VIC: Yeah… I know. 


JANE: Why didn’t you ever visit her?


ALEX: Why did you tell Jane not to see her?


VIC: Obviously, I thought it would be best for everyone. All the women in this family are too damn sensitive. 


MOTHER: I’m still confused… told me they a fire. 


): You piece of shit! 


JANE: Did you do that, Dad?


VIC: I did. Yeah. Seemed easier. A clean break. 


ALEX: Oh yeah, that makes a lot of sense. 


JANE: Alex, stop. This isn’t what we came here to do. 


VIC: I think you should get the hell out. This game has gone on long enough. 


JANE: Just one more round. 


VIC: There’s more?

JANE: Oh yeah. 


VIC: Fine. Do your worst. 


JANE: Alright, Larry Slade. Here’s big fun. 


JANE removes a pistol from her jacket and carefully places it on the table. 


VIC: And just whom am I meant to shoot? The drunk who lost his kid?


JANE: No. 


CHARLIE: Asshole. 


VIC: The woman I ruined. 


ALEX: Which one?


JANE: No. 


VIC: Whom then? 


JANE: Who’s left?


VIC: You say it. 


JANE: Yourself, Dad. I want you to shoot yourself. 


VIC laughs; it starts off genuine but turns desperate. 


VIC: What did you say?


JANE: You heard me. 


VIC: I didn’t.

JANE: Fine. I said shoot yourself. 


VIC: Shoot…


JANE: Yourself.


VIC: In the…


JANE: Head. Now. 


VIC: Well, that’s absurd. 


JANE: Is it Larry?


VIC: I’ve told you a million times--


JANE: But you are. He’s your hero. He finally did it.’s your chance. Do it now. 


VIC: And you want to see that? You want her to see that?


) It’s a’s a dream…it’s a dream…


JANE: She deserves to see that. 


VIC: And what about you, Alex?


ALEX: It’s time to put up or shut up, Vic. 


VIC: I see. And you?


CHARLIE: What the hell do I have to do with it?


VIC: I don’t know… I thought you might want to weigh in. 


CHARLIE: Weigh in? Dude. 


ALEX: You know what you are, VIC? You’re like one of those soldiers who gets caught, and like, they tell him to dig his own grave, you know? You know?


VIC: Yeah. I know. 


ALEX: And they dig just incredibly slowly and it’s painfully obvious they’re stalling for time. 


MOM: It’s a dream...It’s not real… It’s a dream… It can’t be… I’ll wake up... I’ll wake up...I’ll wake up. 


JANE: Pick it up. 


He does. 


JANE: Safety off. 


He complies. 


JANE: Pull the trigger. 


He tries. He can’t. He puts the gun down and crosses to the door. He puts his coat on. 


JANE: What are you doing?


VIC: If you’re going to be ridiculous, I’m leaving. 


JANE crosses to the front door. 


JANE: No. 


VIC: This is ludicrous. Out of the way. 


JANE: No. 


ALEX: Jane, isn’t this getting a little--


JANE: No, Alex. No, it’s not. He’s going to pull that trigger or he’s going to eat some fucking vegetables!


ALEX: Someone’s going to call the cops, you know. 


JANE: Let them. 


CHARLIE: Famous last words. 


JANE and ALEX: Stop joking. 


VIC: Just move. 


JANE: No. 


VIC: Move!




This continues for an uncomfortably long time. They push; they shove; they grunt. VIC starts biting he daughter, forcing her to let go of the doorknob. But just as he does so, CHARLIE jumps in to restrain VIC. VIC pokes at his eyes, stomps on his feet. VIC overcomes CHARLIE, but ALEX dives in. They all roll around on the ground. MOTHER, mumbling continuously until now, goes for the gun on the table. She picks it up and points. 


MOM: Get off them, you damn bastard!


ALEX: Mom! No. 


JANE: Do it!


CHARLIE: Shit! I can’t be here! My probation!


He runs to the door. 


MOM: No one goes anywhere. 


CHARLIE stops, but starts looking out the window when MOTHER gets distracted. 


): You take your hands off my daughters, you degenerate. My mother warned me about you! They all did! But I loved you. Why wasn’t it enough?


VIC: It was too much.


MOTHER: You were a damn coward! 


VIC: Sweetie, let’s talk. 


MOTHER: I talk. You listen. You had me locked away, you kept my children from me. 


VIC: You were a danger, honey. To yourself, to them. 


MOTHER: Stop it, now! You did that for ten years. 


VIC: It’s true--


MOTHER: And what about the fire, Vic? Eh? What about that?


): What about it? It happened.




ALEX: That’s not true. 


JANE: Be quiet, Alex. 


CHARLIE: Oh shit! I can see the lights. 


VIC: It is true! Burned to a crisp. Your precious babies. 


MOTHER: They’re right here. 


VIC: Illusions! All a fake! A fire! You started it! You killed them!


MOTHER: I did not. 


VIC: Shoot me. Just shoot me.


He repeats this. The lights can be seen from the windows Sirens can be heard. 


CHARLIE: Jesus Christ! 


ALEX: Put the fucking gun down, Mom!


: Let it play out, Alex. It’s the only way. 


Someone knocks on the door--loud. 


VIC: Shoot me, you stinking, rotten cunt!


She does. Then again. Again. Someone breaks down the door as they all stand, frozen. The door busts open. The room is flooded with light. 


Submitted: July 12, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Tony Chiba. All rights reserved.

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