Where Did All The Pretty Women In My Life Go?

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

taken from my book, "Beyond Free"

Where Did All The Pretty Women In My Life Go?


Dire explosions

Upheld weaponry

All fixed

Nothing to worry about

Just out $40

Oh well

'Least I can message more

like I said

"Maybe that's something I'd want to keep"

But like the rattling brains

My thoughts tend to escape

Over flooded with things to do

Life has put me in a better mood

The price of madness

My love for Megan

And VanillaEssence

I have to be able to message them

Can't do it often

Without Premium Membership anymore

But that don't make them whores

Don't get me wrong

I'm just being charged

To have a friendship with them

Kind of freakin' weird

Trafficking friendships

I mean, who does that?

I don't know

Maybe I can go back to one message

__per writing session

It's not like they respond the same day anyways

I'm just in shock

That life can go on like this

Why people even wanna be alive anymore

But I get it

They have kids and shit

Something I'll never have

Never even want

When the ball drops I'll be sitting on a bench

Because I'm not ready for a fireworks crowd

Not yet

It's too soon

I don't wanna die that bad

I definitely don't wanna go out in pain

In the middle of a book

I've got too much to live for

Even though some days it doesn't look like it

I can't let myself die like that

One of these years

__normality will be back

And I know we all wanna be here

__when it is time to live life again

I just don't know why we gotta wait

__for such a long time

This pandemic will go down in history

As the worst thing to ever happen

And this will never be something to laugh at

Though I know my last ex

__is probably still laughing

Psychopaths don't have a heart

I'm just glad I got rid of her

Just wish she would stop lighting fires

She's such a bitch if that's really what she's doing

But her life addicted to heroin must suck

So I understand

I just don't have any respect for her

I really don't care how the fuck she feels

She fucked up my bike really bad

Her, Bruce, and Shaggy

My bike will never be the same again

I wish I could cut off all 3 of their heads

But knowing me

I never get what I want

Or else I would not have

__not been with a pretty woman

____in over 10 years

I fear I never will again

I just can't earn the mirets for one again

As if I ever had before

Love just refuses to knock on my door

Maybe the ones 10 years ago before

__were not whores

But they're still gone

And that got me all fucked up

I can't find a pretty woman anymore

And I refuse to go back to

__my borderline retarded ex

____and all her madness

I know I deserve some one who can be faithful

She just can't

She's not able

She can't even stop wetting the bed

And I can't change

So nobody's putting anybody in my path

__ever again

I'm incapable of finding her, myself

And God won't help me

I guess He's still mad at my ass

__or something

Because I won't worship Him

__like a devout religious fanatic

____or something

I forsaken my religion

In a country where I should be free

__to not be tied down to

____whatever religion i was born into

But let's face it

There's no real freedom of religion here

Like America claims to have

Or else the secret societies

__that answer our prayers

____would not care if we become agnostic

So fuck it

It's useless

Nobody in the fellowship is gonna save me

I don't deserve any help

__in a world

____where nobody wants to help any one

I just don't see how they can help

__all the douchebags get a girl

And not me

It's like there's some kind of conspiracy

__goin' on

Am I supposed to ask fpr help

__or something?

That doesn't make any sense

Who am I supposed to ask?

Cupid is not a tangible person

Am I supposed to waste

__$100 on a dating site

____when I don't have a car

______nor a job

________to pick her up

_________at her house?

I live in a residential hotel

__form Christ's sake

I can't even fit a full sized mattress here

And I gave up beer

__so I can't go to a bar

And it's frowned upon to pick up on women

__at meetings

'Cause that's 13 stepping

And I can't work

__or I'll lose my insurance

____for going over an income limit

______that I am already just a few

________dollars under as it is

And if I get married

__I lose my income

So what's even the point in dating?

I must be still being punished

Fuck it


07-12-'21 #1

D. L. Cannon

Submitted: July 12, 2021

© Copyright 2021 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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