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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

"Ominous Glow" is short stories of different crazy cases i make up and write out in story form. each story will be around 12-20 pages long and each Case will be interesting. Next case is about a mirror that tells you your future But it gets a crack in it and that makes visions worse. so stay tuned. hope you enjoy this story and a new series i am making "Ominous Glow."










“CASE 1”

*Mary and I woke up from our slumber. It was around eight twenty am. *

*Mike yawned as he stretched and looked up at Marry.* his face went from happy to sinister real quick. “Marry was covered head to toe in blood. “Marry are you ok?” I asked stumbling over words. “Yes I feel fine… why?

*Marry looks down at the blood on her and on the bed and she lets out a horrific scream. *Mike puts his hand over her mouth.*

“Sorry but we can’t draw attention. You should check yourself to make sure before we jump to conclusions it’s your blood.” Mike says. “Mike if it was mine that is way too much blood to loose and I’d be dead.” She said snippy. “I know I do know but what *Mike looks at Marry and says “What did we do last night?” “I don’t know I have a headache.” Marry said. “Where’s the remote for the T.V.? Marry asks. “Check the drawer near you.” Mike says.

*Marry opens the drawer and screams in horror as a blood soaked knife was lying in the drawer.* *Marry quickly slammed the drawer shut.* *mike ran over and opened the drawer and freaked as he saw the knife. “Do you think we killed someone?” he asked horrified.

“I’m going to be sick to my stomach.” Marry said. “We need to figure this out fast. There is no way we killed somebody absolutely no way.” Marry says. Mike is in agreement. *Mike turns the T.V. on* *Mike and Marry are shocked as they see their faces all over.




*Marry dropped to her knees.* “We killed five people Mike how could we have done that? How?” “There’s got to be some mistake we couldn’t have marry. We’re not murderers. We’re not.” Mike said.

Trying hard to convince himself more. *Marry walked to the bathroom and froze as blood was all over the floor and in the sink. “We did we murdered innocent people.” Marry says. “How do we know they weren’t attacking us how do we know this wasn’t shelf defense? It wasn’t cold blooded murder it couldn’t be.” Mike says. *Marry grabs her cell phone.* “I have to call the police.” She says. “No don’t.

Mike says. *Marry looks at her phone and realizes all of her contacts have been erased accept for one number “Tonya.” And she checks her texts and there is one from Tonya. “Last night was LIT Come by my bar anytime. “The bar and Grill.” She said.

“Mike this girl named Tonya says we were at her bar last night maybe she knows what happened? We should go and visit her.” “Even if we did how exactly can we? We are all over the news we can’t go out in public like this.” “Shit. You are right.” *Marry calls Tonya.* “Tonya this is Marry and Mike from last night. We need to ask you about last night you see we are all over the news but we can’t go and see you because of that.”

“Ok I’ll send someone to pick you both up. Be looking in 10 minutes.” “Ok thank you.” Marry says. “Mike somebody is picking us up to bring us to Tonya in 10 minutes.”

“Ok we better hope nobody sees us while we are out.” Mike says. *Marry opens her suitcase and pulls out a hat and wears it and gives Mike a pair of sunglasses to wear. This will have to work for now.” She says. *10 minutes go bye and Mike opens up the door and sees a black SUV waiting. Mike and Marry silently open and close the door as they walk down the steps and make their way to the car. They get in and shut the door. *The cab driver offers them coffee.

*As they arrive at The Bar and Grill *Marry reaches into her purse for a tip and she sees a gun.* She urges mike to look he looks and puts his figure to his lip.* *Marry pays the man $5 and they get out of the cab and enter the bar. “Well if it isn’t the murderers. Tonya says smiling. “What did we do last night?” Marry asks. “Killed apparently” Tonya says. “Look I know how this goes here.” *Mike hands Tonya $100 bill. “Tell us everything. “Ok wow. So last night you two came in around 11:30 and wanted to get drunk.

 While you got drunk a few people entered the bar and wanted to dance with your wife. But you said no. they didn’t take no for an answer and they shoved you down and gave Marry a kiss.” “Gross.” Marry says. “Mike got up and punched the man in the face. And his friend broke a bottle and was going to stab you. But you grabbed the bottle from him and stabbed him multiple times.

His friend tried to run but marry tripped him and Mike went full throttle on him. A few innocent people walked in and well you guessed it mike killed them too.

But that doesn’t explain the bloody knife we had. “You didn’t let me finish. Marry went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife and she stabbed the bar chef to death you both threatened to kill me but fought you off. I did the only thing I could and that was get you drunk enough so you wouldn’t remember. I put you both in a cab when you were passed out and paid the cab driver to put you in bed.

So we did murder them.” Marry says upset. *Dale entered the bar.* “Oh god you again.” Mike ran at Dale and tripped him. “Please don’t hurt me.” “I’m not but you said not you again why did you say that?”

“You and your wife were at my party.” “What party?” Mike asked. “The bar tenders association party.” “For 35 years we bartenders get together one night a year where no public are allowed it’s just us. But Tonya brought you both and you both discovered our secret.

Well us bartenders didn’t take kindly and a bunch tried to get rid of you but Oscar had a knife he threatened you with. Tonya killed about six men. *Mike and Marry looked at Tonya. *Tonya had a gun in her hands.* “Yep and now I will kill you. You got me kicked out.” “Tonya it wasn’t their fault you murdered six people. Dale says.

*Now you.* Tonya fires the gun Dale and the couple escape and run into police. Dale explains what happened and police enter the bar and grill and arrest Tonya. Tonya would get life in prison and Mike and Marry would move back to New York relived that they were not murderers. Mike and Molly swore never to drink again if dale had not came they would have never known they were innocent and probably would have been arrested for a crime they did Not commit.”

Submitted: July 13, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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I am sad that your story is so short, I would love to enjoy more content. But what is there is well written.

Mon, July 19th, 2021 10:03pm

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