The Great Truth Robbery

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Some stories are told as unknown contest.

Since some arresting images from the days of the great train robbery,  

What happened at gunpoint to send a false message?

Beginning when someone sends a call for assistance,

After a fight in the line of fire,

No doubt the heroes escape would-be ride off a shoot-out,

We see them mount horses pursued by a posse,

And everyone grabs their rifles out of the screen,

Once their first acting role since some challenges,

Rescued the spectator to give them an eagle’s nest,

A historical romance of this cowboy has been no debate for centuries,

Many accounts to the racist bent of the birth of a nation to his mischief,

Fame our audience beholden to this essential drama people play during these pool games,

An orchestral score a story of such dubious value in the great celebrating silence,

Their unsuccessful abolitionist supporters are seen as the destructive force behind it,

Today like all other human beings, aiming at perfection,

It’s thrilling and disturbing we recreated this race war with a stomach-churning political message,

This great truth robbery lasting more than a cowboy’s ambitious intolerance,

Spotted the great train has everything perfectly match the remains respected and studied to this day,

Unlike any a precursor of the deep-focus aesthetic tracks,

Restlessness falls somewhere their crimes carrying out each killed off in turn mapping the group’s final journey,

What’s the price when our teacher became their victim served by the good-versus-evil theme?

Where will this end in our failed state on a sturdy-looking world of bourgeois order?

Who constitute the heart and soul now became porous with trap doors and secret panels,

Living in a world with a fireplace opens up to be law enforcers operating in disguise,

I don’t know if intolerance equally concerned to argue against the rise and fall of free speech,

Love’s struggle throughout the ages from the life of Jesus rescues us from this last-minute execution,

Broken blossoms from our beloved teacher gains a pardon for our window on the worldly sins,

One day it’s orphans of the storm pledged all others should not be judged for the loss,

Their suffering can end only within our gates of the infinite faith within as peace is the way ahead,

Left blind by the great love our most impassioned moments befriended in a search of beautiful giving and receiving,

Trusted carriage between heaven and earth getting ready when the call sends to be kind,

Faith staged series made in a simple heroic age of human exploration on this living Earth,

Fate loved every moment a world that went beyond anything previously seen,

Still imaginary life against the dullness stresses our potential liberation unseen,

The real evils of its era kill harping audience about our time that money was worthless,

But does the old and poor not often suffer bitterly from what remains?

Danger’s greed intensely aware of the entire character no long as the deal remain a guest in their home,

The wheel goes blind and pretensions seen by intellectuals to conflict with infatuations deeply concerns us,

Pure pride loved to be the living gifts follows simple story of faith no denying the virtuous destiny ahead,

It is everything that never play a lazy scene with anything would travel the world,

May evergreen glory capturing of those moments blends life as it continues.

Submitted: July 13, 2021

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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