Help Me Please

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

A short story between an Art therapist and her "patient".

"Where would you want to go before the end of the world?" Lilith asked, glaring intently at Adam.


"Wherever you want to, i-is that even a question?" He asked sheepishly.


Lilith, with her tight black blouse and military awards, her black mini-skirt, sharp Berret, and piercing green eyes, looked as if she would reap him right where he sat. Considering how frail and skinny he was, it would be an easy feat.


you, dummy, not me." She said, laughing, patting Adam firmly on the back.


"W-well, I'd always wanted to go to Paris." Adam admitted.


"That's better. Why did you want to go there?" She queried.


"I always wanted to see the Eiffel tower; I heard it was beautiful at Night." Said Adam.


"Would you like to draw it? It helps to deal with personal feelings, especially your feelings." She asked, looking anxious.


"Th-this won't be like last, will it?" He asked, looking sickly pale.


"Relax, last time was an accident. It happens with everyone here." She said, a reassuring look on her face.


" But the blood on our white uniforms, that not normal and with them disappearing-"


"Completly normal; it's all part of the process. Don't you trust us?" She said, smiling with a face that peered into his soul.


"N-no." He said nervously, nearly losing control of his bladder.


"Good! Then we can begin!" She stated.


She clapped her hands; where they sat in the dull white room, a large table with pencil crayons, pens, stencils, and all kinds of art materials appeared along with a gigantic piece of paper.


"Remember, there is no bad painting as long as it comes from the heart. Put all of your feelings into this work!" She said, beaming with pride.


Adam started the moment she finished speaking. He drew an outline of the Effiel Tower, its long spire spiraling high into the sky. He shaded it with the dark brown color, mixing it with a bit of red to give it a ghoulish vibe.

Afterward, he colored the background a pitch black that felt like a grim reaper. Adding to this, he painted several bright white stars. These stars, however, had beams of light running down to the ground, engulfing the background in a fiery inferno, casting a gloomy look on the city.


"Are you done?" Lillith asked.


"Yes, I am. It was a lot of fun; I needed this." He said, looking relaxed and happy.


"That's lovely! Just what we want. Thank you for all your hard work. The customers will appreciate it!" Lillith said, beaming with joy.


Looking confused, Adam looked at Lilith and asked: " What do you mean-"


Before he could finish, a giant press came down and crushed him onto the table, making him minced meat. Blood and guts; going everywhere, mainly on the paper. The blood and guts slowly moved and swirled into a human that looked just like Adam. The press also put a posted stamp in the corner of the paper.


Lilith picked up the paper, undeterred by the mess around her, and walked through the door behind her. The room she walked into had a giant window with a slot for the paper. On the other side of the glass below, it read " Real Human Postcard from Earth!"

Submitted: July 13, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Novice Ovice. All rights reserved.

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