This is a rather odd story, methinks, and probably the nerdiest tale about supernatural TTT that you've ever read. However, due to lack of enough time for now on my part, this third edition of it is still very incomplete and in need of much expansion and revision; I've written it in great haste and still haven't managed to get in much of the stuff which I'd wanted to. I may expand this my work greatly and do away with possible errors when I write future editions, but I make to guarantee as to when or even whether that'll happen, as I have a lot of other stuff to do. In the meantime, I hope that this humble third edition reaches its goal as best it can and you enjoy it and learn from it.

Speaking of you learning from me, I'd also like to learn from you: what you think of my work and my ideas which I've expressed or hinted at therein, what you think of the arguments put forth in it, and of any other constructive points you'd like to make about it. I'd welcome any well-meant feedback, so feel free to add well-intentioned comments. Ill-meant comments or feedback broadly, however, such as (without limitation) comments which are offensive, sexist, rude, racist, hateful, egg on to unlawful deeds or are in any other way bad-intentioned won't be tolerated.

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This particular version of my work TTT is the product of applying a key which I call "BeMgMnZnPPPPCCCECEEE1" to the third edition of TTT. Have fun decrypting it!

Can you guess the melody of the song that Brandon and his friends sang?

Correction: In one place inside the third edition, I mistakenly call it the second because I forgot to update that point.

Table of Contents

Part 1

DsMnCYCoNiSmRnHoNoRfOLvNiNEuZnPbPtEsUBDsFeScAgMoYbRuMdPtMtPaGeHMoCrTmTaEsTaNhHeBrArPrNbTmGdEs EsBhClBTeCuHoGdThBiLiRnScLiBrKrDySmCfAcCl... Read Chapter

Part 2

BhSrCdFlBhAuYbPCaAuBhAsNoDyCnNGdRuFmPuNaCrMnPtRfNZnPoSmNiMcXeErAcRfCdTlCaMcNeRaSiAcYbFlCaIFlMtHf FmSNeZnPtLrLvGeAlPtPmMdCuErRhFlAuPrBaA... Read Chapter

Part 3

TmVRaKrLrZnEsCmIDyAlGeRgCuBkPuFeCdAcMtBrMoYbHfPCrTaThSiTiLuBkCdBaONeRhSgNoGaBaRfLvPdCoAuUGeCuLu TaCuBeEuYSgPuTcSeWHgArSmAcEsZnPrUMtCoTs... Read Chapter

Part 4

CfIrRuSbLiMcLaSmLrVTmFrOgTsAsZnZnGaMoRaAtCaAuMgBeIrTlSNePrTaCnLvTcRhRgDsCrArWRgReSgInSmNoCeLrKHf LaVHeSeSnRnRnBkGdTcLrBkYbRaBPdWOTeMoUS... Read Chapter