2020: America’s Year of Losses

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Close to 600,00 deaths from Covid-19 are not the only things we lost in 2020.

2020: America’s Year of Losses

Our country witnessed many losses in 2020 due to the pandemic, the death total being the worst of them, but not the only devastating one.

Deaths and Losses to our economy

The following data is based on a report on Statista in July of 2021. The data is dated June 23, 2021.

Total death from Covid-19: 592,682

Age group 0-17: .05% of deaths

Age group 18-64: 20.42% of deaths

Age group 65 and older: 79.52% of deaths.

A report written by David M. Cutler, PhD and Lawrence H. Summers, PhD, in October 2020, estimates the economic loss caused by the pandemic to be $16 trillion. 60 million unemployment claims had been filed at that time.  Other problems mentioned in the report are depression, anxiety, and loneliness.  Was all of this necessary?

Children up to high school age had almost no danger of dying from the vrous, the death rate being close to that of being struck by lightning. Why were they robed of a year of their life and education? Why did so many of them kill themselves? Like so many other things we lost, it was tragic and unnecessary.

Our economy lost $16 trillion in 2020, what did we get for that money? 60 million unemployed Americans.

121,054 people of working age (18-64) died from the virous. 42,000 died in auto accidents. Was the cure better than the illness?

I was 84 in October of 2020 and aware that I was in the most dangerous age group. I wrote an essay at that time,” The politics of Fear” in which stated that I was not benefiting from the shutdown in any way. The point I was making was that the complete shutdown of our economy was unnecessary. I still believe that today.

Loss of life

471,304 death of people 65 and older is tragic. I believe many of them could have been avoided with only common sense. It was known from the beginning that this age group was the most vulnerable so resources should have been focused on them. Keeping them together in nursing homes was exactly the wrong thing to do. They should have been separated so they would not infect each other.

Loss of our small business

It is estimated that more than a third of all small business in the United States closed in 2020. The wall Street Journal states that there were200,000 extra closures during the first year of the pandemic. This is a catastrophe because small business employ 48% of American workers and account for about half of the new jobs created every year.


These are the facts of unemployment during the Covid-19 pandemic as reported by the Congressional Research Service:

In April 2020 14.8%, the highest rate ever recorded.

In March of 2020, the unemployment rate was4.4 %.  In April 2020, the labor force participation rate was 60.2%.

That was the result of keeping the age group from 18-64 from working.

Loss of freedom

The loss of our freedom was possibly the worst loss of all. Death and unemployment were everyday occurrences before March 2020, but being ordered to do things by our government employees was a totally new experience.  They acted as thought there was no Constitution and had never been one. They assumed the powers of dictators and had people arrested for trying to live a normal life. They used scare tactics to justify their taking control of our lives. They became addicted to their new powers and were reluctant to give them up.

Loss of self-respect

 When you force people to stay at home and not work it has a negative impact on their wellbeing.  Making them live off government “handouts” is very demoralizing. For many, it becomes a new way of life. For others, they will never find work in their field again, because they have been replace by imported cheap labor.  The big corporations, who were major contributors to the Democratic Party in 2020, are the only entities that gained from the pandemic. Their sales set new records.

The decline of capitalism

By making the public dependent of government payments to survive, Big Government was able to expand its powers and justify printing trillions of dollars with nothing to back them up but “good intensions.” It will keep offering a gullible public more and more “free” things with one hand and passing “hidden” taxes on them with the other hand.

Disregard for the law

Rioters and looters were allowed to run wild while police departments were ordered to do nothing by local authorities. In California shop lifting was essentially made legal by its legislature while people were being handcuffed and taken to prison for not wearing a mask outside in public. Local politicians disregarded the constitutions requirements that only the state legislators can change voting procedures.

Unsecure elections

Millions of votes were cast by mail in ballots. This caused weeks of delays in the outcome of the election and cast great doubt about its validity. Some states conduced an audit to verify their results.

The effects on our children

Our school age children were all set back a year in their education. Online schooling was proven to be a disaster for them. Collage students were prohibited from returning if they did not wear masks, even if they had been vaccinated.  Teachers unions refused to return to work even though it was perfectly safe for the to do so. When they returned they demanded to teach a re-written history.

The lost year

It was the year that time stood still. Nothing new was accomplished as we sat home watching our large and small screens every day. The tech giants racked in billions of dollars as we lived our lives prisoners in our homes by government decree. Even when it was proven absolutely unnecessary, governments did everything in their power to keep us there. It required a massive rebellion by informed people, ignoring the unlawful and unnecessary restrictions, to finally end this tyranny.





Submitted: July 13, 2021

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