He said it was forever. I said yes. Why me? I’ve not committed any crime and yet there you have it.

My job helped me, but only survive. Not that I am complaining, some have it worse. He said he would fix all of that. The promise was very enticing and yet it fell flat. Why do I fall for these assignments? It must be something I did. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to take all the blame, just my part.

I came here because it is where it all started. Maybe if I sit here long enough, I will be able to solve this problem. It’s a bit cold, the wind is blowing and there is the occasional snow flake or two. But it gives me purpose. The problem will not go away on its own. I must resolve the issues and deal with the fall-out.

These hills have memories and no doubt will continue to inspire people like me to go the extra mile. The one and only way down from this mountain is to solve this inhuman problem before the sun sets.

He said, if I concentrated long enough, I could break the bonds that are holding me here. I really thought this was to be the last trip. I would be discharged and could live a normal life and maybe get married and have a family.

The last trip was long and very unsettling. The hosts were not friendly and wanted nothing to do with me. This trip has been totally different and I have actually enjoyed my hosts.

Why would he say this was forever? No one has ever been left abandoned like this. No way to get back and cut off from all communications.  The mother ship just disappearing. Poof gone.



Submitted: July 13, 2021

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