These are a collection of Micro-Fiction.

Crickets an Epiphany

In the silence of the night, I was becoming perceptive to the sound of melody made by the crickets. The crickets were singing a hymn of devotion. It’s a musical lullaby. It is a poet’s franchise. It is a waltz of sounds. I put all my dreams to thought with the hope of achieving them. The crickets are a poet’s heart. Their echoes of sounds are an opera of fruition.

Epiphany about a Sunrise

Light is scattered as an epiphany in the clouds. Crimson, purple and orange are serenading as sounds of music. The sky is a poetic paradise. The sun is a dancing symphony of eclectic colors. The sun is a passionate poet.

The Nobel Prize For Literature

I dreamt of someone winning the Nobel Prize for Literature. On waking, I wondered to myself whether it could be me. LOL


Valerie was a British woman who came to our school on a teacher exchange program.  I wrote two poems for her in hand-crafted paper in calligraphy. She went back to England and had them framed. She later sent me the images of the framed poems. I am thinking that one day they will be auctioned at Sotheby for a handsome sum.  

Submitted: July 14, 2021

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