Ladies of Misfortune

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Random women come together after receiving a call from someone they hadn't heard from in a decade.

Table of Contents

Danae Wolfe

Blood dripped down her face as she wiped the axe on her jeans. She had swong too hard, too many times, refusing to watch herself before t... Read Chapter

Edyta Carmichael

For two thousand dollars a week, Edyta Carmichael sat in her loft, feeling like she could finally breathe for once. All she had to do was... Read Chapter

Billie Jaymes

"Monopoly money is not going to get you a fucking lap dance." Billie threw the money back into the man's face before walking off the stag... Read Chapter

Quinn Meyers

The clicking of heels could be heard throughout the room as Quinn Meyers walked into the laboratory confident that she would be able to m... Read Chapter

Dinner Squabbles

Edyta came to a stop when she saw who was sitting at the dinner table. Quinn, Roman and his wife, Beatrice sat at the head of the table, ... Read Chapter

Night Before

Edyta walked into the cabin and kicked her shoes off at the door. She then pulled off her socks and made her way into the kitchen, stoppi... Read Chapter


Jaxsen pulled out the GPS from his phone and smashed it with the edge of the can until it was in pieces. He then put the phone together a... Read Chapter

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