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So i started this and i began loving it. then i hated it.

God enters the room
Wuz, good dude? God said.
Shit! You know life ups and downs. I replied unenthusiastically
Is this another cry for money? God said
Dude, you know money is everything.
Is it? God asks
Yo! your acting stupid right now,you know it is shit, you made it. Fuck! I hate when niggas act stupid.
God laughs.
I got emotional. 
He leaves.
The devil walks in 
Smoking a Newport cigarette drinking a coke.
Wuz good sin. The devil yells 
You know man life ups and downs
He looks at me and laughs
What got you down now my Nig? The devil asks
What's the point of Life? I asked
He threw up his hands n sings "get moneyy fuck bitches".
I smh here we go your a clown man. I was getting emotional again.
What got you down now my Nig? The devil asks
Man you don't know what's it like. Living like this worried about every corner. I kept rambling, I saw your brother this morning he just don't understand.
And you just don't give a fuck.
The devil looked me dead in the eye and said with a smile. Nig, I'm'ma get money regardless.
 The devil's leave 
In walk my nigga Ty.
Wuz good, Fam! 
He said wait hold up don't even answer Fam
Lemme guess. 
Yo, momma ain't give you a goodbye hug this morn
He laughs
All jokes aside wuz good Fam? You look down a lil.
You're always down but this is different.
Anyway check it last nite we went to the spot right. 
Nigga, there was so many bitches. I just wanted to take my dick out and slap  em in the forehead. Real shit my nigga thick joints too. 
Yo, I know yo ass was in here watching Netflix stop being depressed my nigga. There's mad bitches out side right now, it's hot as Fuck shit!
In the distance your could hear the faint sound of Sza "Good days" playing 
"Ahh, shit my nig here she comes that crazy woman of yours". "I gotta go, yo, good luck my nig, hit my phone later if you wanna go out, you know me bitches always on tap".
The crazy woman Shy enters. "Hi Ty,what y'all up too"? 
"I was just leaving, Shy" 
"How, you doing"? "Your looking good as always".
"Oh, thanks Ty". "
"You know, I'm blessed as always". Shy replied
Ty leaves
"Don't I get a greeting, Too"? I asked 
Damn, your so selfish it all about you right. Smh, S
hy replied.
It's always about you. You couldn't even greet me! Damn, did you ever think about that? I bet you didn't you never think about but yourself. Your so self fish
Ahhh, your stressing me out I need a drink. Can you go get a bottle for us? 
You know what, nvm I'm just going to go back out.
That crazy woman Ty leaves.
it was finally quite,but it wasn't. Trust paid me a visit.
"was up loser" ? was his greating
you got it on me don't you.
"be quite you don't know me". I replied
"hahaha, I Love you man".
in truth he knew me better than anyone.
My conscience Trust was with me since birth. i trusted his word over everything.
"You cant keep this woman you know this, she way too much, half the time she's bugging out over nada,We can do much better".
"I been told this stupid ass nigga, fck that bitch" The devil interrupted
I must have been in a daze
he continues with his entrance rant
"its LOVE that all this mudafucker be preaching".
"yo, for real, just yesterday he was in here talking bout buying a Ring". Trust chime in 
"A ring my nigga!"the Devil wide eyed but he knew.
" yo, you know she took this nigga money, bought a plane ticket to Puerto Rico she don't even invite him came back with hickeys all over her neck and told him this shit.
"Bae, Look at the all the mosquito bites I have on my neck,the mosquitos are so big in Puerto Rico".. 
They were having a ball at his expense it was an all to common faith.

Submitted: July 15, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Rikayon. All rights reserved.

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