Assorted Tales

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

These are a collection of Micro-Fiction

Acrostic for Luck






I have developed the concept of Art-Key-Types from the Jungian Archetypes. Art-Key-Types are everyday nuances transformed into aesthetic feelings. It could be a sound of a bird, the murmur of a brook, the colors of sunset and so on. Art-Key-Types help an author in magnifying everyday objects and transforming them into aesthetic ideas and symbols.

Epiphany about Birds

Flock of birds floating in the evening sky are  a song of melodious music. Their feathers are whispering poetic words. There is a flow of powerful feeling. I gaze at eternity unveiling time on a mystic flight. How they serenade in beauteous abundance. How they frolic the earth as uninvited guests. Their music brings out an ethereal joy.  They are a music of love. They are heaven’s adorable creations. They are the epic of seasons. Their flight is a passionate ecstasy.

Epiphany about a Grinder

While at home, I started observing the working of a grinder. How, it was oinking like a pig. The grunting became a mesmeric music. The sound resembled Picasso’s cubes, noisy and fecund. Their music became a copulation of symbols.

Epiphany about a Butterfly

You muse of nature. You echo a melodious music so graceful in flight. You are an utmost delight of passion. There now you perch on a flower tasting its sweet nectar. You make all volitions come true. You winged, celestial delight, you creature of the dusk, you magma of love, in your wings as Keats says: there is Truth is beauty: beauty truth.

Epiphany about a Dragon Fly

You petaled wings, so adorable is your flight. You flirt in air with the quivering of a danseuse. Your flight is a nirvana of passion. You bring joy into a poet’s heart. You mystic bard, so eloquent and elegant in flight, you are an adornment of joy. You are an eclipse of feeling. You are a winged fantasy, an elixir of love.

Notes Upon an Imaginary Book

The Book is a song of music. The book is a self of mirrors. The book is a night of copulation. The Book loves women and wine and copulates with cigarettes. The book is a fusion of art. The book is a Bohemian rhapsody. The book flirts with romance. The book is a nuance of feeling. The book is an oasis in a desert. The book is rain pouring into an orifice. The book is a labyrinth of passions. The book is a fallen angel. The book is a brook that empties into a river. The book is carnal, earthly and sensual. The book is love given and got. The book is a musical fountain. The book is a volatile emotion. The book is sensitive to feelings. The book is passionate to love. The book is a cornucopia of esoteric wisdom. The book is a body-full of poetry. The book is a violin etching out a sonata. The book is a lover’s guide. The book is fictions of fiction within a fiction. The book is a story being told. The book is poetic passion. The book plays on her like the strings of a guitar. The book is alone and loves solitude. The Book is Karma, a paradox of making choices. This book is masterpiece of words.




Submitted: July 16, 2021

© Copyright 2021 anand bose. All rights reserved.

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