Saturday in the 70's Part 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: James Cosby

Table of Contents


Saturday in the 70's Part 2 has diverse short stories as well as continuing some stories from the first book.  ... Read Chapter

Kung Fu Master 1977

It's a warm, overcast morning in the city of Shalom. A quiet, black-haired man known as Chim. He was wearing blue Yi-fu, white sandals. H... Read Chapter

Streetlight 1978

  It was the most glorious evening in 1977. A teen named Nicholas with dimples, chased big booty Judy down th... Read Chapter

Disco Man 1978

  It was a damp and dry morning. Disco Man, sported a white tuxedo, and dark loafers. He and Doctor Octopus were ... Read Chapter

One More Time Part 2 (1978)

  It's 10 pm at the bar and the pool tournament has just begun, Sonny, the reigning pool champion sat ... Read Chapter

Jones Family Reunion 1979

It's a sunny Saturday eventide at Dewalt park. This is the Jones family reunion. Randy Jones was shooting bricks on the baske... Read Chapter

Spanish Fever 1979

t's 1975, a sun-drenched morning in a small town called Glenna. Lucas was a bounteous, plumbing man, suffering from Spanish f... Read Chapter

Reggae Records 1979

It's a warm and cloudy morning. A shy teen named Jimmy was working at Reggae Records. He's stocking the shelves with R... Read Chapter

Saturday Wedding 1979

  It's a hot and hazy Saturday Wedding day. The flowers were blooming, bridesmaids and groomsmen wer... Read Chapter

Sex Worker 1979

It was 1979, one dark Saturday night. Ralph, a 29-year-old laborer, was in his blue two-door Cadillac removing his 16-year-ol... Read Chapter

Street Pimp Part 2 (1979)

    It's a snowy, overcast Saturday evening on Kane Avenue. Pimp Ronnie Love smokes his cigar and watches his 16-year... Read Chapter

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