Wall Coverings

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

In the need to cover drab open space, there are so many offerings.

Sprinkley needed to decorate, but had no idea what to do.
Edinburgh always has something... to what she had no clue.

In setting offsky, she was bound to find great deals.
Paintings caught her eye, parading upon artist easles.

The abstract, live action, stills and craggy hill.
Picking away at what would save on her bill.

Away she goes with filled trolly
Unaware of her hand picked folly

Stuck between what fits where.
Her friend Gemma had her pulling her hair.

After all, she just wanted to help.
 A wee hostile, Sprinkley was ready to skelp.

Gemma, critical of the oddly scribbled.
It looks of stains, as if something spilled.

Could it be from soiled tableware placement?
A used table mat would be a great embarrassment.

Touching a brown ring, noticing it a wee sticky.
In questioning, the fresh paint, it feels a bit icky.

Brown gravy it must be, just look at my finger!
With mixed feelings, the critique, a bit of a stinger.

What is this, it appears to be someone's bum?
Dinner Roll, is its name... what a naughty placed bun!

Did you get all these from one lot?
Real art, these are definitely not!

Look at this, its wallpaper in a frame!
Abstract created by some patterns of stain.

What is with this... wee people, like ants meandering.
Of all this, it does not match, woman what were you thinking?

Submitted: July 17, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Sluggy. All rights reserved.

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