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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic


to kill a mockingbird 

ready player one

ready player two

the great Gatsby

the giver

the third life of grange Copeland

the magnificent amersons 

the other side of heaven 

light in August 


that was then this is now 


complete works of HP lot

complete works of willame Shakespeare 

the bridge over the river

harry potter and the cursed child

don't you dare read this Mrs dunphrey

the shepherds crown

the face on the milk carton

a hat full of sky 

carpe jugulum 

winter Smith

a shall wear midnight

witches aboad 

all 4 dragon books

the mid wife's aprintacie

the long earth 

the turn of the screw 

wyrd sisters 

the scarlet I b I S 

wheel of time series 

the wee free men

equal rights

small gods 

herrison bergeron 

the bridge of the drina

the color of magic 

water Lily

hiperion book series


dune messiah

children of dune

god emporer of dune

 heretics of dune 

chapter house dune

fellowship of the ring book

the two towers book

return of the king book 

the hobbit book

1984 book

mistborn trilogy

game of thrones series 


Spock must die

star trek black mirror book pet sematary book 

all 10 percy jackson books

 wild card books 


house of leaves 

hunters of dune 

sandworms of dune 

the right side 

grave yard shift 

  legends of dune trilogy

the schools of dune 

prelude to dune

dune the duke of caladan

Paul of dune 

winds of dune

tales of dune

breach of peace


hotel du lac

the great divorce

the house of scorpion

twelve years of slave 

the pit and the pendulum 

sweet Thursday

Dr Franklin army 

unbroken world war 2 a story of survival 

the good earth

a handful of dust 

go set a watchmen 


stormlight archive


first law trilogy

kingkiler chronicles

out of the silent planet 


that hideous strength 

The Silmarillion

hunger games books

destination void 

the Jesus incepent


Submitted: July 17, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Brayden Jacobs. All rights reserved.

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I have, ashamedly, not read many of these. I loved the Giver, I had to read that one for school. I'm currently reading Perelandra, but I don't find it as gripping as the first one, which I loved. You've given a few good ideas to add to the reading list.

Sun, July 18th, 2021 5:49am

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