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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

has spelling mistakes until i spellcheck it when i google doc it i do it then

draft 1


draft 1

on the reality what is the power to make and what things can know and only do it like that at this it happens how and all of this to know it is be that and us and there is also the creation of evertything real to be how it got to know how and play this while it is made of being nad having the creation so how we are features and start know how and this becomes play it being that on us and it is th ecreated of the real for all this so we be real for what is be all created and played that the power of deity has about it does create all things to also do it like this and how on us is what is created and have of the created and it is being how and know to do it and be all these real features for us and is all fantasies actions we use for this so while be in life now to use fantasies actions abiout this best there is beiong how whatever can be and is be created to be all real are all these featyres as we live now as a human and have all things that is created be these features and to leanr all best desires causes for it and thsi is madew iof we also become created in the new life have all features desires causes of best because features does be hpow it all this and play it and has real and how all this becomes created into the next of real and to be all these desires causes and made of features because of we are and it is created be features desires causes and made be thsi now but it also as how is created be this now form the power of deity that the power is always to create this as newe and real of more lives and how death and ruin is about the created is make the new and real for us and the real be what we were as each thing because we were the dieas causes of humans and bodies for it and had a woreld and all things in this as the body knows what best good to ever fantasy and play and learn this. Because in life now is what has it been for us it learn and be how us it happens best better and to be all fantasy action of what we be real with like this and thsi is made on us be features and how to know and do it with what is this that we are created for and there is just what to be of us and it of what is each action idea best better and to have at this what do it with so it all be real and then there is the every life and creation for this because of the created does be made of now what is in life to be everything and all best fantasdy action of what there is to learn and guided and played us with and all these features be real at us and desires of best ever making us it the most good creation and play of how while the world and body lives are real and all things it all this for us it be guided about what all these best actions ideas and things is be as us it to have and do with this all and how there is what is all these fantasies desires be us it and causes of this to always be how there is what to think and believe in every life now that we got to learn all this and also how the creation is all things and for it beign all things there are all these desires actions of best be us it and how there is all us it can ever know and have real for it all and it really about all berst and good and special ever so there can be just about what to know for this and happens so because it feel think like this in wishes and life then also the real for it be because creation is all things and there is what we feel think that is like uit as best ever can feel think and happen is all this to do with it to be real now as each thing bwecuase these beleifs and life of it is what is happen like it and this is the only best amazing way to feel think how and actually happen and be real for it of the most best special amazing and for it is all things to be real for thsi to happen it with and whikle there are all things to be real at us for this it really does be these dieas causes and things of all this is really the best better special and miraculous ever can be the feel think and action and real life of it because  body life is realises and desires and what happen and real for it now and then. And because these features and us beign alive toigether is going to make us and bne us it do it and be real because of what all these desires in each of us is about because of the dieas actions has happen us and guided us and what to expect be real and becaus eof how real everything is and does be and is be for this making us it in desires causes of the real like is features and life as thsi makes us it feel think and be this.
draft 2
deity creates all things and what there is of this becomes about it on each perrson we have on us what is the created of body and life that on us is what deity creates that the human body is being on it all is a created of being all it human body and the person has all this human body and things for the body and world while what is real that deity creates and it is everything and there is from what of this that us people has as a body each and this body really becomes we have it be all the body we have each and the body also has all other things to be real and what a body life has. and the body life is beign what is all good better that it is for the body and each thing that what is for are body have real and think is real as best it be ever a body has and is. dream 5th july 2021 a woman came to meet me but i could not see her instead she did what the woman said about miracles happen next by not showing her body looks but a colour at me this time instead of black it was a cream colour then she told me with similar voice to her but a little more beauty kindness in her voice that sounded so sweet harmony and delightful tone of only a beautiful woman can speak with a voice sound like that is that she said 'nathan it is really ok and i am ok' and when she spoke i could feel her power of paradise and in the transfer of the dream having me with her then she promised me that i am going to meet a beautiful experience one of a great moment. dream 6th july 2021 i met a woman named laura she was beautiful slim and about 5 foot 5 inches tall with golden brown hair she took me in a bedroom and perfomred oral sex on me and said she loved me then after this we went outside and she had two female friends with her she met them after she fiorst met me walking us together past cathedral big buildings in a town it was a walk of love at first sight and romance all i could feel and think was love and care for her while seh made me and took me to look at and go where seh walked until seh met both her pretty ncute friends one was white but a dark whitye skin as if tanned and dark hair and taller and the other was short in height with white skin and the more yuong looking cutest looking but alura was the beautiful and the one i felt i deeply loved while she took me with her walking then after we went through a centre buliding they walked on and i hid behin a wall to go to the toilet then a black men came and said he is unhappy about something then he said it the police he not happy about and warned me be more careful so i not cause police come after me and i should not do bad to anyone then i catched up laura then we were in a room with other people and her friends but we both wanted to be alone so we hid behind the sofa and started hugging rubbing are body laying together that when i felt her slim curvy ass hips that were dressed in silk and we almiost made love but could not do sex as we were noty alone in the house but we stayed rubbing are body together on the floor as we knewe we shared deep love and care and the dream was going to end that how much we held each other softly sexually as we were deep in love. the deity as a creator thsat how iot creates everythiong there is of that look people be a body of what is created and deity has the power to create all things that iot has a creation created beign all things and there is the biody for yuo each be in life that what deity creates is everything is real how the real really is it body or thing and uses and has and exist with all things that have been real at it so how it does be what deity creates it really ios each thing and each thng also get to use and be real with what is each other thing that this howe real the deity has created creation and that what it be at us ansd means at us that we are a body life using what is real to be each thing and it be these things at us and also what is created on us is the body wqe are that the created is bodies and things and lives use as how there is the creation from deity at us that we use a body and life in this because we have a body and life and for and with all things.
draft 3
at the body is that you be the body and what is going to make yuo know feel play and have as best it all is that this what also the things does that at the body is the happen and beign of things that also these happen be it best that there is for the body all it can know feel play and have and be real like that of all best about it so tyhe bvody has all these desires features causes and conditions be these things and yuor body that a body has and does it with as the body has desires and what is real.
so while be a body and life there is what is made be real in creation that it this to know and happen because it is reral that yuo and these things is how be this like what is ideas causes and things while be a body and life that all these desires is also going to be all it things that are real at us and are body knows and desires what is this and there is also just that there becomes all these things and us is real together like because of what there is for us it know and do it like and there becoems all these thiongs and them do it with that this happens it at us while all this is as real as what is desires and to be it features that is are desires and features to have be real for this and at us. the person that it is a creation for you us them that deity is real at us of what you want and for that just to be how and it is as we know and it is happen and also there is things for this only happen with that these things has best to knowe and plasy and what be as it about all these dieas causes and things beign real and this has us madfe as a person each to have and desire this and be all these things at us that it is as real that it all becomes real at us and be everything to how what there is of all best to ever desire and have and it is just about this the fantasies be that ther eis to know about all best and the things and them to be real and this what happens at it and be what it all is as them and it because of ideas causes that we have to be wishes and the real life of it all and that what it does is like wishes actions and how this is tpo be real in are life to be them and things and evberythign real.
as the body is that at it are things to be like and do it that for the person is a life of ideas causes as much as fantasy and the real that this person is real like as there is them and these things to be this they are real for as a person that they are having and got all these fantasies to be this what it knows and happens and how it all these things and them to do it with and be all the real that they are a person about this is the reality fantasy we know about and have to be real as we are them and we have the them to happen it with and thiongs that in life there is this fantasy reality and causes and being it features that it be all this to do it aND BE LIKE IT AND IT IS THSI WE HAVE FANTASY AND BODY LIFE ABOUT for all these things be real at us and happen that we have actions ideas for it be thsi to do it like this at it and have it happen at us and it is made of every reality that has these things and dieas causes because in life we have the body life and ideas causes we beleive and want be this so it can be amd eof all it worklds realiites we live in beign earth and worlds so it all these things and it just be that it and us is these ideas actions and it is be these things and wishes be us and it.
dream 7th july 2021 i was placed on a long road in a summer time day first a black man named ninja walked toward me asking who is my dad then a mix race man of black light skin colour walked toward me asking who is my dad that them both and all men there want know who is my dad in the world then he told me look ahead of yuo on this road going all the way up there are a line of crowd of people in in a single line on either side for yuo walk between them as they want know who is yuor dad and who you are nathan then he asked me to walk up between them i did while they were behind steel barriers looking like humans of some kinds of people they told me we are happy you are walking between su line of people either side of you as now we knwo it is you and we thought it was you or we wanted know it was you and it is you.
draft 4
the person to have at them what they think feel to want be that thing and happen is that at you is the paradise and dreams that does it but that you also have a body life that you know and have about it the real and the life for it now a body can have real and fantasy for this but also the creations imaginations that are real because there is become dreams and apradise but how because these worlds become real at the human body life while human bodyt life has us know what have real as best and that dreams and life after death becomes about it reality of the best ever for the think feel and be it as how during earth life what know and want real for it be best ever is this life but dreams and paradise is becoem real as we enter these that dreams comes to are earth life showing us we have entered in the dream in the transfer and that the transfer is what enters us into life after death but before we die enter there the dreams has been perfect about best things so that has us go in paradise and to have dreams show the best and transfer into the dreams and when also enter in paradise the treansfer has us go at but also esartth life about the best feel think and happen is how and being featuyres.
that while we know amazing better things be the body life have it is that there is this to be in life but while it not real now the fantasy and the real for it is real how and thius has it be what to become real in this life and when not it be we kniow fantasies what is real and the perfection creation that has all these better amazing things are fantasy knows and want real is that what happens and is be given at us as how the apradise is real and enters us into it world because there is the next lives and worlds we have thsat has paradise to enter us at it given creation that is make what were the fantasies we had for the better best be all how to be real life at us as these fantasies has the apradise to live ion but also that earth world and dreams was these are the fantasies of what be real in life that is this better amazing of best we thuink feel and is real for it.
as what is real as best to be it paradise or earth or dream world as there is the best of feel think and be and happen is that a person is knowing and to be real for this that the person does have life on earth in dreams and in life after death to be paradise as they are madfe alive to have each life until they live in paradise and how during earth life dream life and lives live in when die is the best they realise and elarn to fantasy and be real for it that it does happen and think feel and be like it as things and they are in life knowing this niow and real for it because iof how all fantasies and featrues for thsi is be real with them and is desires they beleive because thye are created to use and become each body life how all these fantasies features causes be real in each life beign amazing best and it this they desire about in life that at this life and in this life is all best amazing that while we use body life sand next body lives to fantasy and want the real of this is that there is the real of all this at us made of earth life and dreams and wehn be alive in the other lives that how fantasies feelings and conditions actions of us it be best that the body life is be and have and knows that all this is at us of what is real as we hacve wearth creation body life and dreams and loife after death that the bodies in these worlds has all it moments of realise and leanr and feel action and beign what is best.
as at us is the real of best due to what is causes and beleifs for it being thoise things and is body life and it has been in life this what we have learn and the body is real to have this and be the body of this and be this in life now as fantasies causes and conditions while beign a body life and for it also to be created and have real in each life after death and then forever like what is best it does be an aklways to desire how and have real and thsi is made of become it dreams and new body life after death for each all of lives we have and that before this the earth life was desires we learn that what the best can be while earth body life is for these desires and things be us it. 
because in life there is what we get to know now and there is all of what to know best that earth creation is made of before we have paradise like what is best to learn andthere is the paradise to be it yet the bnest has bneeen what did we leanr in life tio be now we know this and it is features creations of earth of body life and things for this of how the features to be real and have us fantasy and play best si real in earth life for what we have ot fantasy and play and is be real in paradise that what therse dieas causes have us it be is thsi best for beign features that are mad eof us it be body lifge and have thiongs feel think happen best.
so how there is going to become paradise that all features be of bodies things is that the dieas causes for it has been made of earth life dream life of what was best happen and fasntasy adn elanr of thsi in life and also all the features were real in earth life of what features are to be bodioes things that is be inside apradise how creation has these wporlds at us beingh salso dreams as we also had earth life and then how the real be in the life after death to be worklds until it is apradise we live in that it also is these dieas actions comnditions of all better best amazing special abnd cleaner beign that it was these desires in earth life and whag best is that it be how all tyhings and us is like this that also these things sare all resal what it each be and thsi is for ti all the best desires causes ever to be so in life it is thsi on earth of how when apradise be real and dream before this and during this is what was best to of guided us and been what creation is play and be as it things and feelings because how features be earth life to be everything is real it si what these desires causes of best better be to fantasy and play and have real e are body life and thiongs with you them and these those of the real of everything so how there has been what is best know how and happen and be it though it ruins dies when later but then there has been all thes ebest dieas causes and things be us it in earth life whiel earth creation is amd eof be all these things and how it is these desires causes to use and have and guides us while it be dreams and apradise features at us being dreams and paradise worlds of these two worlds we live in being dreams ghad on earth and wehn in the next new lives and wehn inside apradise we live as what is good better special has always been in life it si fantasy action and feeling how and is bodies things to be real as us it anbd with all of this with them and things that we need be real as it bodies things and dieas causes be us it are guided about and have be it because the body life now has been we have elarn and it is being thes ebest better good dieas causes and things of all best and how these desires of best becomes also whiel ti wqas earth creation for all the feel think and happen be it of berst be us it is that it creation of dreams and apradise  become sare worlds and body lives to be the real abnd acutal creationsd of earth and apradise be are worlds and body lives for the bets of ideas feelingsd actions conditions happen as us it be all things because the dream and apradise wolrds become real on us that it features is tiw orlds creation of dream apradise and what is best happen there we haver these desires causes we have elanr to be thsi play and we get to exist in dreams and aporadise for it worlds and desires of all best happen as the body des leanr and guided and be real for the best that ha sus it happen with and have be what it is and us it is best of all these dieas causes.
as before a dream and apradise be are world asnd life there is that earth life has us leanr best tyhaty each thing and us are how as a body and life and thingsand that what to desire sand have be it of this is real of that the dreams and parasdise be these things at us and it is fantasy action and feel of all best to use and have in life of be dreams and paradise because the fesatures desires causes be us it in earth life and these features be real in life and dreams and apradise so how all the best desires causes is always what to be guided for and be it as the wporlds lives we have are a life in earth and dreams and apradise and worlds for these desires features happen and guide us of what we are created for and have and be as thsi best us it is be that ti si these fantasies actions and things be us it.
as while be in life is that what we learn beleive thios has the happen and being it of all best to ever realise and happen as things and there is this as fantasy before we become the creation iof dreams and paradise and how in dreamns and paradise it happens and just be the real of best and features and how what to learn bekleive and happen and be things in life that earth life guides and has us it made of to be real for so us it is ideas actions and things of all the real and best so that how there are all ideas actions conditions and things of best bertter good amazing special clean is that the dreams and paradise and worlds of being all this is that it then be it creation on us and whart we are and have for thsi is what do all these ideas actions things be as us it of all best as it has been in life of earth that these were the features ideas actyions and feel be best better good because these are the features senses of the bodies things and how be this as ideasd actuions and things be us it and these ideas actions has us to be fantasy reality of all the real we have as earth life is made of be this as a body life and things and knowledge be us and it all and then the dreams and paradise worlds show us all this is beign us it because that these ideas actions and things in earth life and worlds of body lives has us it be like this as we are made of bodies ideas actions and things be us it that the body life is for of the best sand then we have this created and real that dreams and apradise and worlds is made of as it is a world and features oif the real the body life is and has to be best because these dieas actions feelings and things it happens us be this and have it all like this that there are all these best ideas actions things be us it as it is real for us to haver these dieas actions and things be that we are this and it also isd amde have it all be real as how fantasies guides us actions plays us and all these things be for the body life and the body be howe it is real as best for the best of howe it beign conditions actions feeling sideas and everything for this as a creation.
as there are the dreams and apradise we enter in that these dieas actions does happen in there and be all the things for it and body life of what did earth life and the next worlds live ibn that dreams gave us on earth of the dieas actioind we beleive and use that this what is things and happen and is ideas for all this of the best.
as the dream and paradise enters usa at just what the dieas actions are of best as there is abiout this that in the earth life of test these dieas actions ghuiides plays us and does be about all best good better special and is it creation of features scewnarios and it be it abnd us is this as we are body life that is fantasies realiites for things and us be this best and the dreams and apoeradise is made of all these things that ideas actions play and entering in this we be body nlife and alien of these are the dieas actions we have learn in life and it is real as beign what is it features scenarios on earth and in dreams and worlds of paradise when we live there as it is all things and actions and ti be dieas for us it and to play these actions and be these features that we are body lives and these things and with them we are together dieas actions and lives of the best that it is the elarn and be it of how real thsi be us it is all this.
as before we enter a dream the earth creation has shown and been that us it has ideas actions that there is all thsi to leanr and knowing beign happening that it all is best so thast what the real and creation is then the real and creation is showign as a dream then paradise of other body lives have and because it is made of feature sof bodies things and people have learn best and thing shappen best in life what use and is be real and a dream and aporadise is like beign given life for what knows and has best that there is us it has learn in earth life dream life world lives the best we are and the real for this for how earth life is real at us about these desires featurews and that we also have dreams and apradise becoems worlds lives and there is things and desires about happen and be best that this has madwe us be body lives and ideas actioins of us it being playing best because the body life is dieas actions and things of everything best bneuing us it as a creation as it is these features desires beign us it as us and at us and at it and being it as creation is features desires and play and be of the best and i each life.
draft 5
the people get ot bne the created of what abody life is to go in be another world and life and it is happen about how have a new body live in as we had a human body that dies though it was a new body so we become alive and be given body creations and bodies live in because the human body was new and alive and we entered it by the deity power but all this body and transfer we went in to start have a new body live in and learn great things is that it died as a body. also the desire of ideas causes and features has made us and given us that it and us is real like this and there is all this to have real that it makes us it desire and diea action iof best and is real in life that if we live to have many body lives and forever it always be these desires play we be like and have as ideas actions and things because in life it now is all what has been thsio to learn and was it be us it as bodies things desires play. and that the created is what it to be and happen us like with this that it also is the created to be all these features desires to be there is the created to have be other lives as we have the created that makes things and enter us in that and how ideas causes and things has us be real that in life because there is all this to learn like know it be it and reat at us when there is about all these desires features to become what is all real and be us is this and itis this and what this does is to be what creation is as the creation is always made at us have as we have what to be made of new life for each next body life and what we desire and play about as best is to be that but also how in life now it really is what we are about as desires causes and things what we have learn and how we have body life that is fantasies actions how it this we know and it has all the happen and things for it be it. so how there is the creation to be the next world and life and what new is be given us and the real is have all things that this is going to make paradise because ideas causes of what us it has learn and be real for oif all best and the creation of the next real to be that perfect world is that npow we also are in life of what this makesa and guides us for to be real that the enter and life we have now is of the created of what is all real to be all thiongs and desires so there can be us it has all these desires causes and things be real and best because creation now is amde of and is and has the features desires causes of all best and real to guide it about how it and that is best and real because of desires and body lives and what these desires has us know and play and the real at us is all things so howe there can be everything that is real be the things and dieas causes of all best better amazing special and like it love it play it to be this with us and how while the creation is real of all this there is now that whatever is to be real and there is all the real there is all these things ideas actions makign us it be like this and what we are real for and is best while creation is on us it to be everythiong real now and there are ideas causes of best and these things at us it.
the mother it born the child helped it grow to be adult after it also was a body of different age ands size shape so it was always it human physiqwue it has to be then and the mother dies as how her body that born tghe children grown themn is the mother body has died and she has for them beign the mother born grown them befiore her and they die at which age and tghe mother is the body of a design in a creation a female to born grown a basby and ween it and the baby she has it grow to an adult and be a human body in the wolrd that has desires leanr play with things and she is the body of female and a mother that she born ween grown children into adults a role and duty of the female a mother and her body is of desing it is whatr born ween grown the baby into adults than look how the child has it food water and suppliments and things to help it body grow and have comfirt and play and what learn best a rold the mother does for the child and at it older age untiol they can support themselves and be obedient to their parents look i know and do what yuo shown us and did for us as bavies and growing bigger older and how we help you.
draft 6
the pleasure and what like for it is being this is the bodies thiongs that we are a body to have the real bodies things and also what to idea actions is this whta happens and think feel like it with these features and makes us play body life of all this and to have fantasy and action about how while it is a creation of featurers we also be and have what is best in creation that it is these desires causes being us that this has the real of what these desires causes and things be as best and real. and how during these desires it is these fantasies actions of the best to have as how there are visions ideas to have and be it and the body life and play of it all beign us itbecause it is these dieas about it all and makes us it be real how like it and the creation is features and we get to be all it best ideas actions for what we is have real and when have real and to always be this we have as ideas actions be what happen and is things and also it is always the wishes actions and things to desire about as a fantasy reality and also how this guides us it being how real it is as features on us beign body lives and with them and things have in life for the real be at us of what is the features and for thwese desires and play as there is the life and real of all ideas actions and things have but also be us as these dieas actions things be us make us be iot and have it all real as it all these dieas actions things haveand this makes us be real and is all p;leasures mirac,.es and sdafety and nicest cleanest about it all. becuause there is the creation of everything beig real at us that these featurews are at us to be dieas actions we fantasy and play like and about what we have real and is the real and is best that creation is mad eof features desires for it us be this of best as these dieas actions and things hap[pen as bieng us and it all as the body lives and thiongs that we are and use it has all it features ideas actions to learn and fantasy and play abnd be it creations of this and each life for lives we have added on are first life.
because what is at us and the real are all the featuyres of things and that the de4sires actionsd are all best how as good special it be and it all this to leanr and now is fantasy for it and as real all things be is that how there is everything of dieas actions we have that also be the real and that there is things and them in life it be this and happen with about how the best is desires causes and it features because at us is the creation making us it be this and it is all these dieas actions and things that is being creation and how at the creation it be all these dieas actions and things of best amazing better good because of how there are all things to use it like ideas actions. that how there is each and all things is the dieas actions about it besrt is thsi to guide us it as fantasies and play and how it all this to guide us and be realises for us and how it is all these featurtes and creations made for us and we live in these as each world and body life to have all real things and is best as there are all ideas actions and things be and have as best that it is a life of body and dieas actions that be a fantasy for us but salso the real of it all be things and themn us be these dieas causes best together as there is what know and have about creation as creation is amd eof all this and play this how there are all these dieas actions things for everythiong and be everything because it is these desires and play to have because the creation is amde of everything and it has tpo be causes adn be things of what are dieas actions and featurees it all belekves and sues and is best because creation is made of be desires and features and play that as there is the real to desire about it and play it like this with it because it is all these features desires and causes beign what it is and is made of us it be real.
because in life what all these features and dieas causes of it is be is at us of that what happens and knows and be real of best amazing and also this is fantasies realises and actions things for us play and be a body life and beleifs about and have ti real as thsi is the fantasy reality and all things how it is fantasies causes to be desires and use and real at us and it be this at us that each featurers is amde of causes it play and has as best and what we are made of as features that there is the best ideas actions os how it all these best desires causes and features to have and that it be this as thwese features and desires at us that this has at it all the best ideas causes and real thiongs for it as creation is being hoiw everything is to be real and have all the real of best and be the best because each things has and knows and becomes with to play it with and have the real of what is all best of this and is a guding learnign and bieng of creation we have that we are like all these ideas causes and features of best because there are these desires we leanr and we have a body life and there is each thing to have all people and things of best that at us is be real of the desires and play at us of what has been guided to us about what is fantasy realuity and things best be us and have to like as there is all the happen and guided that is real to be us and for us of play and things and ideas of all best.
as it is all these things and the dieas causes that all things be and gided for and has real and these things be real at us and it these desires we have and what is the leanr and fantasy reality to be what wish but also it is these things and actions to be at us form all the real that there is also the real of everything to be at us of what is all the things sand dieas actions of best that has made us be a fantasy reality that what these dieas actions doe sit make sus be guided and know about all the best to be real and what else we is elarn and be guided and play with of best that it all this to be real at us and us be it of what the creations fearturees desires causes all be of best and it how creation has all it best be real with everything and with the best as ideas actions and things happen with and also be all about the best as there is these dieas actions and things that be real and is best that it happens and is and be at the acutal of it all as there is the each thing and the ideas actions form it and does it with this and the real of what is things and ideas actions of it all.
because life has at us what do all these things and dieas actions it play abnd knows and becomes at us of it all and this what is wishes actinons and things for us so it is the creation and desire at us and iot be so how creation and all it desirtes actions of best is what it all be and has and this makes us it to be these desires actions and things to play and beiugn the real us it is and is best as it all these best how is what us it be and has as we are the creation of we play and use and have and eprforms idfeas causes and have thuis as we use features to happen ideas causes with and us it be the desires and have of it of the real be things ideas actions and is all best how that ideas aCTIONS things all be.
draft 7
the human life of the person that when they die and live inside another life is they are whatever we can have best with them that there was in life before they died about things they did for us and what also did and can happen with them that they is be good at and real to do with us about the imagination feeling and beign it happen is because abouty what they did for us and had in life was best and it about all they and us can feel think and have happen and does be real for them and with us about how this think feel is about it because that is what to know and happen was real about it abnd all of what realise and have happen about it in life with themn when they next alive or during while they are alive with us because about the happen and what bto realise is the best miracvulous interesting natureal amazing brilkliant happen and what thety used and that made them think feel and naction this and how they had what in life to show this and all we can ever know how and have happen and what happens with them and things thye use and be like as a body and fantasy for it because these things we realise about them is they did and used that and they had the fantasy reality of ideas actions and body life about that that it happen and they used it happen and did it like that so thsi madfe them know how and play that and this also made us realise what it all about and is body life with them that to do that use that think that is how good special interesting it is and is beleuifs feelings and character of what they are and we be as people to wish and have real with you as it is best actions and things and desires that this is and happens about that what ideas actions and things be because yuo used and did these things and was a boidy about the feel think for that and played those things and it all about special and interesting and has all good dieas actions you were and these things were that yuor body belivbed and used of each good thing interesting thing.
because these things yuo used and beleived about it had yuor body and these things be and happen better interesting special and great and there is thsi about yuor earth and the next new body life you are now and when about yuo use these things and be yuor body and dieas actions and these things of how all safety interesting astounding brilkliabnt and right useful it is to be what bodies things is good at and feel amazing and doing these actions decisions with these things and beliefs that this what yuor body is beign in each life at us that because yuo use and beleive those different things yuo are all these good brilliant interesating ideas causes and things making yuo a good interesting eprson to use these things and dieas feelings causes that for us is the realises and actual life with you on earth and in the new life as these things is for ideas actions of the best be yuo and us as yuor body life uses tyhese things with us and ti becomnes real with you so we can be realises and feelings actions and these things with you as yuor body life is fantasy and using all these things and interesting better about it and are body each as it for us know feel and experience these things and us are about this as it is ideas actions feelinggs and how use these thingsa making us a better interesting body and life and also yuo hasve things for me realise and have the feeling wondering wishing and experiencing what is all interesting good better that the things you use and yuor body be like and what i use and be like as a body because there are all these amazing interesting special ideas actions and things we be and with it and us together so we are fantasy reality feeling and using all this best to be we are this character and like this at you as what we use and beleive and have real has you me also realise and feel experience and understnad how interesting amazing it is about yuo me them being all these ideas causes and things of best as we happen and use and know thsi that this shows the people to be in fantasy reality about what is real of amazing interesting form all how the body does it uses it knows it and things happen and used and be like and feel and has it be thsi real to feel think and realisae and body lives and things that there is also the real of the people and things to happen with to be about what were the realises feelings and actions and things of the amnazing you use and what happen wityh you and what i use as it has us seen we did this together and are body has all best desires causes and things that we be like with this and yuo to be realises experiences of these things and desires of fantasies and realises and what was real in life we userd did and known how and also wqhat we is do in life totgether that it all those things and has the body know and use iot and be a body of amazing and feeling and beign it is these things and dieas now happening because there does be we are a body life together and wqhat is happening now to realise and use and do it feel thionk it like how it these things and us happen to experience feel and fantasy this now and when as it happens again so thsi how are body together experiences we are these desires feelings things together of the amazing.
as the person is the body lives and has the things that when use it and what that does and means to us is special and better interesting as they use those things as things is how best ot has a person happen and know about these things to be a body of these interests and they are the body lives of live on earth and inside life after death about they have a body and what things use that makles them and us kniow feel adn be special interesting about it all as they are a person that uses those things so that is the reality and effect they have on us as knowign things it does be the seen it feel about it and that and know ios great things happen and what thye have interests in and play to make reality fantasy and nthings be them and it and us feel and play or seen to realise it about this fantasy reality of awesome.
draft 8
at the time of body life the person has all the features and creation as they be what is made and is of this fully as that is bodies things that they have a body life for this and how it is now have a body life and also after death have body lives so they always be made of what is features and creation be everything that there is at this for them be a body and life as alive and each thing and tyhe worlds and be biody lives in these for each life use and how there is for what was before to be the body life and what know abiouyt and play and have for that is also going to be forever from now into the future and now is what they know and play and have for it happern and be real and being body life for that as thgwe body has loads of games and things to play and be everything and they are a body of desires feelings and using it happen to perform with it and be the body fantasy reality of all these causes of games and best because the body life is what is this they and it be and how the body life is always to be alive as have each new body and while the body is living before it dies and before it ruins or is not better to be the body of best and playing now in the desires and games and with things of best and how the game happen. because the now is also going to be the future of what is the next body lives they are to be what to play and think feel about like what did before and also what new learn in life later that they played imagined and had be it all of games and best things happen because of what is real for the body life and every next body life.
because the body life is going to be that it is alive in the next life as we have a new body that how whatever the body is real like and be what to play and is games and things and are bdies ideas actions all happen like the games and tasks and desires and moments and helpful amazing as the body knows and has these events and charity to play and what is joy. Because what happens in life is that before was the body they were and all there was of time and things games ideas actions ferelings to be them and with to play and have the amazing and thrilling and contest and miracles and what the body need best that it was then and what tio always be in body life that these are all the amazing games and ideras they play about how the body is be each new body life and is becomes each event again and all the good to ever play because life and understnading and the real has all best ideas causes and miracles of desires and to be real to happen as there is who what has us in the life and wish of this to play and what bwe are like as a body life together.
as in life now is about what is all this real that has us think feel and play and do and have happen as everything best and the games and delight good while it also is to be real in future lives of new lives live in being a body for because the cxreation is what is the body life it is a body now and alive and also that we die and be a new body life for all body lives use that there is going to be other body lives we use and that in each life like the life we are now and in the next lives is what we learn as ideas causes ansd games and msake us and them better how to play it all like this and all these games and tasks is what be us them in each life as now is the games and ideas feeling sof what we all play and be like and wish abouyt that happens us play the games and miracles with and for you and have from you. because life has been made of what it all feel think and happen like of these fantasies and conditions and things and actions and body lives we be of all better safe brilliant and like it as what does be good best and how play the games and things best thast body life is is how it has us and them to realise and action and feel what is that about it all as amazing best that this has all the gamses and duty and things and dieas causes with the bodyt be stronger better newer to play and beleive all this before are body ruins weaknens but we know what is best and have to watch other humans be the yuonger newer bodies to play it and know avbout all best fantasy feel and real that we learn and experienced.
that what makes guides us feel think and action with and have of these actions ideas feelings be us and everything and with them who and things is that it all be what is ideas causes and feelings and conditions and features of best and real at us to do therse things desires ideas actions feelings and they have this as we are people playing life of great things and we get to experiencer this about the real make sus it be all of this.

Submitted: July 18, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Decasta N Green. All rights reserved.

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